Old Stuff Day – 2017

Old Stuff Day was meant as a way of dusting off nostalgia from the past and presenting it to a new audience of bloggers.  You see, blogging as a medium is relatively thankless.  The pay is atrocious, and the fame is fleeting at best.  So, when you come up with a great post, it lives in infamy for a couple of days at most, and then generally slinks back into the shadows.  I started this holiday in the thought that I could bring out some of my older stuff and maybe breathe a little life into it.

This year though, Old stuff day is six years old.  No… wait… that can’t be right.

Ok, when I started writing this post, I swear that Old Stuff Day was only five years old.  That being a nice “even” number, I felt like I could go back and reminisce about what I’ve done; however, it actually seems that this is the sixth year.

Oh hrmm, I guess that does mean I have five years of posts to go back and reflect on, doesn’t it?

Anywho, this year, instead of looking back at specific posts, I thought I’d harken back to “Old Stuff Day” posts of old and see how they’ve progressed over the years on my blog:


This is where it all began, and includes links to view:


I changed up my strategy for 2012 and instead of posting my own old stuff, I went ahead and focused on some older content from other blogs, including:


In 2013, I switched up the format a little bit more and highlighted some blogs that I liked that had received little fanfaire.  These included:

At first I thought it was ironic that of all of those, only Dwez still posts, but I see that my goal back in 2013 was to highlight some blogs that didn’t post all that much at the time–so it should be no surprise that most of them are still defunct.


A year I seem to have missed posting entirely, but I did write a post a few days later harkening back to my progress in painting Tyranids over the years


This year lead me back to my own blog, where I had some newer content to highlight:


My most recent endeavor, that mainly involved me rehashing things I had already brought up in previous years.

In total, that’s not a bad lot of posts.  Methinks I should start accomplishing something else great though so I have something to recap in 2018…



6 comments on “Old Stuff Day – 2017

  1. Thank you for this summary/blast of the past post. I admit, there is so much content out there, that often miss something cool or it all happened before I started blogging. Accordingly such a post is most helpful and I shall go now and read a choice selection of your older posts. Maybe I should do something like this as well, once in a while.

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