Some of the Best Posts You’ve Never Read – Old Stuff Day!

In celebration of Old Stuff Day, I’ve taken some time to comb through the blog to uncover some of my favorite posts since the site’s inception that seem to have had a disproportinately low amount of traffic for how spectacular they are (humility be damned!).As a blogger, you spend time on posts, and you’re never sure whether they’re resonate with your audience.  What you think is a spectacular post might not raise the eyebrows of your readers for various reasons: perhaps the title was ill-suited, or the timing was wrong, or really any number of reasons.  Some posts are quite different and can be almost viral from the moment they hit the page, but they’re soon lost in a sea of other blog posts.

Today is the day to celebrate these old posts: both to the popular posts who fade into the night as if cast members from “Different Strokes,” and to the red-headed stepchildren posts that nobody seemed to love (my apologies to the gingers in the audience).  So, I’ve taken some time to dust off some posts of both categories that I’d like to draw your attention to.  Without more adieu…

Making Mycetic Spores:


I’d have to say that this is my single greatest modelling achievement to date: making drop pods (aka. Mycetic Spores) for Tyranid forces out of discarded sea waste.  I’m still not 100% sure where I came up with the idea to use barnacles as Tyrannic drop pods, but I’m just pleased as punch with the end product.  Despite what I believe to be a great end product, they just never drummed up that much interest.

As a whole, I try to avoid the desperate plea for attention.  When posts flop unexpected, I pick myself back up, dust myself off and keep plodding ahead, but this time, it’s personal!

I know it shouldn’t be, but if people really don’t love these pods as much as I do, maybe that somehow means that my affection is somehow misplaced.  Please don’t tell me I’m the type of father that thinks his creations are beautiful while others sneer at their mishapen forms…

You can read how to make your own mycetic spores here.

My Eldar Falcon:

While it might not be my best paint job ever, this Eldar Falcon, holds a special place in my heart.  Probably because it’s the oldest fully painted model I still own.  I’ve been notorious in the past for starting an army, painting parts of it, and then offloading the entire lot to someone in order to play a different force.

Copyright Rob, Circa 1999

Yes, I was a dreaded army-hopper.  But I can honestly say I wasn’t hopping to the latest and greatest forces–I just was hopping to another army I hadn’t played yet (oh, and Harlequins… I kept hopping back to them for some reason).

That aside, this model is at least ten years old, and the paint job–while certainly not contending for any golden demons–still stands up for me.  I definitely see places where I could’ve improved, but I’m still content with the finished product a decade later.   Another reason I’m fond of this piece is that I loathed painting at the time.  People would offer me $90 to paint a single model and I’d turn them down simply because I hated it so much.  In hindsight, I was moronic, because that’s great money, and I was unemployeed much of the time, but being paid to do something you hate is well… unpleasant.

Anywho, this tank is painted in the classic Biel-Tan style (read: white & green with thorns), and since I couldn’t figure out wet blending at the time, it was done almost entirely with drybrushing.  I think my total time investment was around 20 hours, but it could’ve been more.  It’s been so long and my memory’s fading…

You can see the finished pictures of the tank here.

“Counts as” Tyranids:

My post on using alternate models, specifically those from Hordes’ Legion of Everblight, as Tyranids is another post that didn’t seem to get any traction.  I’ve read through it and the content is really fair at best, but I was completely enamoured with it for two reasons:

  1. Using my “l33t skillz” in microsoft paint and Paint Shop Pro, I was able to cobble together a picture of the Count (from Sesame Street) with a lictor’s talons.  C’mon… now that’s funny, right?
  2. I added a tacky “One… One tournament!  Ha ha ha ha… ” to keep up the theme.

Ok, so I’ve a horrible sense of humor and a twisted tendancy towards nostalgia (that alliteration is for you, Loquacious).

Nerf Necrons, Now!:

Until now, the posts presented have all been of “Woe is me, why does nobody love the blog” sort.  This one, however is an exception.  My post suggesting that Necrons are overpowered and need to be nerfed (or to the non “l33t,” toned down) has attracted more visitors and more replies than any other in the blog’s history.

In large part, I’m sure this has to do with the fact that the post is controversial.  It definitely bucks the norm of what the internet/blogosphere seems to think of the ‘cron codex in general.

Some people have inquired as to whether the post was a joke or not, and I can say with 100% certainty that I truly believe what I’ve said in that post.  I feel that the ‘crons have been overpowered since their inception back in 2nd edition, and hope that GW does something to tone them down in their next rendition.  Of course, that isn’t to say there’s nothing in the book that needs to be fixed.  Sure, I’ll agree that they suffer from low initiative (though I’m not sure I concur on just how serious a problem that is), but as a whole, I think they need more “nerfing” than “buffing.”

I recognize that I’m in the minority on this one, but if you have something to add to the conversation, please do so in the comments of that post.

Apocalypse and Blogging Tips Sections:

Before I had started the blog, I had played in a grand total of one Apocalypse game.  Now, I’m pretty regularly hosting 3-4 per year, and attending others to boot!

A (perceived) problem I have with Apoc games is the inherent imbalance in the forces.  Yes, I recognize that it’s intended to be an over-the-top sort of battle, but I still would like to see things fair and balanced.   With that mindset, and a personal prediliction towards house rules, I’ve started changing each game I host to include different missions and objectives with some success.

Some of my personal favorites include:

Despite playing relatively few games per year, I seem to have a lot of things to say about Apoc games overall.  You can puruse the rest of my posts on the subject by looking at the APOCALYPSE Category.

The other section of mine that isn’t a focus, but does seem to draw a bit of attention is the section on Website Administration.  This isn’t a section for me, but rather a category of posts intended to help fellow bloggers improve their sites as a whole.  In hindsight, it would’ve probably made more sense to call it something more obvious, such as “Blogging Tips…”

Honorable Mention: Guest Bloggers

The last section you should take note of is that is no longer simply about me.  I’ve enlisted the help of a few good volunteers to help keep the site fresh, and each of them deserves a mention in this post.  Though none of them have quite the number of posts I have, they each bring a new quality to the site to enrich the experience.  Whether it’s Tom’s recurring progress on his Keepers of the Flame force, Scott’s introspective look at the game, or Tony’s inspiring way of keeping the game fun, I’d encourage you to read into what each one has to offer.

Next year for Old Stuff Day, I fully intend on having several of them unseat my own posts as the most memorable to date.  Tony’s post entitled “The 40k Rulebook: Page 2,” is a strong contender already, and is a must read for anyone who plays the game.

Anywho, thanks for taking a moment to indulge me and my previous posts.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to celebrate some other blogger’s best works of the past.

Oh, and if you still don’t know what Old Stuff Day is, please, take some time to read this post on the matter and all will be revealed.  If you want to participate, don’t fret–the day is still young, you’ve still time to contribute a blog post of your own.  If you don’t have a blog, you can also participate by going to your favorite blogs, and dredging up a great old post of theirs and leave a comment.


15 comments on “Some of the Best Posts You’ve Never Read – Old Stuff Day!

    • Oh wow, hey Musk… I remember oogling your work 10+ years ago. When I
      checked out your link, I thought some of the models looked oddly familiar,
      and wondered if you were the same guy, but when you provided another link to, my suspicions were confirmed. Your army has so much
      character, I’m glad to see you’re blogging again (or at least that I get to
      see more of your “new” stuff).

      Thanks for the link!

      • I never left. Though I had to take some breaks for school and work. I just got tired of updating HTML by hand. Then to join From the Warp I had to start a dedicated painting blog, so that’s what Musk’s Miniatures is. My Diseased Sons army site is still there, I still update it. I can see the army on the shelves from here.

        Someday I’ll have a fancy digital camera and take some more high res pictures maybe. In the mean time I blog what I paint. I’m trying to paint more than Nurgle, I’ve done most everything, something like 100 Plaguemarines or Nurgle Renegades. I’m working on some Fantasy and historical stuff. I’m more of a painter and a collector than a gamer, I just don’t seem to have a gaming group anymore…

      • 100 regegades? Wow, that must be an impressive sight…

        I guess it would’ve been more appropriate to say that I’m happy to have
        rediscovered you (Although it looks more like you rediscovered me–but then
        again, this is likely the first time you’ve stumbled across me, so that
        wouldn’t really be a rediscovering, would it?).

        So, with that confusing line of thought, I opted simply to say “Glad to see
        you’re back!”

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  2. I guess I’ve been reading your blog for a while…

    I remember the article on spores. They are impressive. They don’t look how I imagine them / how I will try to make mine, but the idea (and the implementation) is great.

    The lictor picture is pretty cool, but I’m not a fan of the hordes monsters. Some hordes models I like, but they ‘tyranid-y’ ones look a bit fat to me.

    Playing orks, I find Necrons very hard (and dull) to play against, so I have a lot of sympathy for your calls to nerf them. Though I’d rather they got made interesting than weak.

    Apocalypse tips – I remember them! I wholeheartedly agree with your feeling that balanced and ‘controlled’ games are more fun and interesting than completely wacky free-for-alls.

    I thought you might also mention your ‘new blogger’ series – of picking old tunes and new bloggers and bringing them a bit of attention and publicity. I’ve really liked some of the blogs you’ve mentioned. I particularly remember the Khorne Squats of Angry Ghost!

    What a great idea this Old Stuff Day was!

    • Thanks.

      Glad to have regulars like you for so long visiting the site–even if you
      don’t contribute content. *cough*

      But seriously, I’m pretty happy with most of the recurring themes on the
      blog so far. As far as the NKOTB section, I didn’t highlight that because
      most average viewers seem to benefit more from the blogging tips. Though
      the new kids section could be seen as a benefit to the community as a whole,
      I think it more greatly benefits the blog that’s featured each month
      (although “greatness” is misleading, as I’m not sure my little blog
      contributes much to their success). Still, there have been some doozies…

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