About Me

I started 40k back in ’92, when I was in high school.  All of my friends were already into it, and I was stuck on AD&D skirmishes.  I just couldn’t make the leap to warhammer because my passion at the time was goblins, and GW’s variant were so darned goofy looking.  Ironically now, those classic goofy looking models are dear to my heart, and I can’t believe they’ve made their greenskins evil and scary.

That aside, my miniature wargaming career has mostly been true to Games Workshop, and more specifically 40k.  Though I’ve dabled in Warhammer Quest, Necromunda, Man-o-War and Warhammer, only 40k has stuck around through the years. 

I’ve played virtually every available army except for Tau, & Necrons (oh, and Dark Eldar–sort of).  The time my army switching was in full-swing was 2nd edition, so it’s logical that the armies that didn’t exist at that time are the ones I’ve never played.  A more detailed approximation of the armies I actually have owned can be found here.

As of right now, I own a few armies, and one day I plan to create army pages for each.  Right now, they’ll have to settle for a bulletized list:

  • Chaos Renegades / Lost & the Damned
  • Eldar (Biel-Tan / Exodites)
  • Imperial Guard
  • Ultramarines
  • Tyranids

Having basically played the gambit, my fascination for unstoppable armies has waned.  Now, I’m more interested in using units that are more “balanced,” even going so far as to play units that are largely thought of as “inferior,” in hopes that I can find some tactical advantage to them.  Largely, I fail at this, but I have fun doing so–and that’s ultimately why I play the game.  Truth be told though, I often enjoy talking about the game as much (or more) than playing it…

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