Frugal Gaming – 2015

It’s hard to believe that I’ve managed to keep track of my hobby spending since 2009, and that I’ve been largely successful at not spending all of my money.  Thank heaven for such little successes.

Last year, my goal was to be in the black by the end of the year, and I failed that–even after playing some creative games with cash at the end of the year.  My goal this year will be the same: don’t lose money by the end of the year..

To make things a little easier to digest, I’ll also try to categorize each transaction into one of the following categories:

  • money-bags-game40k – Essentially anything covering GW’s IP.  I don’t really play other games, but I’ve been known to purchase/trade/sell things like Necromunda, WHFB, etc.  This will all get lumped into that category.
  • WHFB – I know I said otherwise above, but after Cole’s painting deal, it’s become obvious that I need to track this separately–at least for this year.
  • MTG – Magic the Gathering
  • BG – Board games & the like
  • COMP – Computer Games (to include iphone or other digital editions)
  • Other – The generic catch-all.

If I get a wild hair, I’d also like to go back into my previous years and categorize all of that spending as well.


  • -$4.78 – (MTG) 8x all of the common duals in Khans of Tarkhir + misc cards (jeering instigator, frontline medic, etc.).  Somehow I had an $11 credit on that site?
  • -$35.38 – (MTG) SCG – 4x Cathedral of war, 4x Elvish Archdruid, 4x Elvish Champion, 8x Isolated Chapel, 1x Prophet of Kruphix, 4x Seachrome Coast, 4x Tempered Steel, 4x Terminus
  • -$35.74 – (BG) Zombie Dice, Hive Pocket, & AEG Love Letter from Amazon.  I wanted some light travel games for an upcoming trip.
  • -$44.54 – (BG) Coup, Mr. Jack Pocket, & Bang! the Dice Game from Amazon.  More of the same from above.  I also wanted to get Ticket to Ride the Card Game, but the price was effectively MSRP.
  • -$18.90 – (40k) More magnets from Amazing magnets.  This time it’s 1/8″ x 1/8″ rods for Carnifex arms…
  • +$0 – (40k) 3x Vypers, 5x Jetbikes, & 14x Guardians w/ Weapon Platform.  Sold at roughly 60% off retail because I sold it once on ebay and it bounced back to me.  Just wanted to be rid of it.  – FLakey local buyer never showed up or paid despite scheduling pickup four times.  God, I hate that.  Was originally slated to buy for $70.
  • +$50 – (40k) Misc books bought as a lot back in 2013
  • -$124 – (40k) Stormraven, 2x Storm Talon, 3x Basilisks, magnetized Leman Russ, & 22x “dwarf IG” from Sean.  Some of them were just far too good of prices to pass up, others (like the flyers) were reasonable, but I only have some poorly painted flyers and refuse to strip them, so maybe this lights a fire?
  • +$100 – (40k) Sold a Warhammer Fortress & a Siege Tower.  Technically, this is WHFB stuff, but I’m guessing that I originally purchased it as 40k, so the credit for the sale should go against that, and not WHFB.
  • -$1000 – (40k) Most of Derek’s Space Marines, Tau, & BFG

At first blush, this looks like I’m starting off the new year on the wrong foot, but that’s only because I haven’t accounted for my Ebay auctions just yet.  As of this moment, the auctions have all ended, but I haven’t received all of the payments and so I can’t be sure what the final profit was.  I’m guessing that it’s somewhere just south of $700 net (after shipping and ebay/paypal fees).  So, while I’m barely in the hole at the moment, I’ll be out for February for sure.

Unless I do something stupid, of course…

EDIT: Oh, the irony.  I typically don’t finalize a given month until it’s over, but it was the 27th of January, and I thought what are the odds that I’d actually spend more money before the end of the month.  Well, my friend Derek was looking to get rid of models on the cheap, and it happened.  Expect a post to come on that shortly…

Starting cash: $0.00
Change in cash position: $1113.34
Remaining Balance: -$1113.34


  • +$631.06 – (40k) Orkish Ebay Aftermath.  Selling the rest of my leftover Orks.  One day, maybe I’ll go back and try to figure out how much I actually sold the lot of them for.  That might be a fun experiment.
  • -$16.48 – (MTG) 3x See the Unwritten, 4x Rattleclaw Mystics, & 4x Chord of Calling from a local player
  • -$4.99 – (COMP) Galaxy Trucker Pocket for iPhone (WARNING: The pocket version works only on the iPhone, and not on the iPad, as opposed to the version of Ticket to Ride which works on both).

It was a relatively light month for purchasing.  Coupled with the ebay sales from last month, that helped move things towards the black.  It’s obvious to me that if I hadn’t spent that spur-of-the-moment $1000 on Derek’s warhammer stuff that I’d be well in the black at this point, but I’m optimistic that purchase will help me achieve it by the end of the year (despite no actual sales to date from it).

Starting cash:  -$1113.34
Change in cash position: +$609.59
Remaining Balance: -$503.75


  • -$11.82 – (40k) Purchased three cans of spray primer
  • +$1000 – (40k) Sold all of the BFG stuff I’d picked up earlier in the year.
  • -$21.19 – (MTG) 4x Deranged Hermits from ebay
  • +$170 – ($40k) Various Tau & IG blisters along with a (severely underpriced) copy of Space Hulk
  • -$20 – (BG) Pandemic: Outbreak, Uchronia, Agent Hunter, and Havoc & Hijinks

It’s amazing how one good sale can swing the results of previous months so drastically.  The problem here is now I feel that I have some liberty to go out and spend because I’m in the black, but the good news is that there’s really not anything I can think that I’d want.  I’m sure that’ll change over time, so in the interim, I really should be listing the rest of the outstanding stuff I have on ebay.  Sell! Sell! Sell!

Starting cash:  -$503.45
Change in cash position: +$1116.99
Remaining Balance: $613.24


  • -$8 – (40k) Returned a Tyrrannocyte and picked up a Toxicrene from Hobbycraft.  Brandon originally bought the first model for me on Xmas.
  • +$15 – (40k) Sold 2x Lascannons to Brandon
  • -$26 – (MTG) 4x Ponder, 4x Brainstorm, 3x Urborg, 1x Temple, 1x Raging Ravine (from DiRoma–local)
  • +$500 – (40k) Sold Liber Chaotica books to Jerm.  The price was lower than I would’ve normally asked, but he’s a really long term friend, and I know he’s not simply going to sell them for profit.
  • +$88 – (40k) Sold 5x GW/Pistol cases to Brandon.  He originally offered pay $80 for two, but I thought that was too high, and I also wanted to get rid of them all to clear out space
  • +$338.58 – (MTG) “sold” a bunch of magic cards to The Warstore for credit, including 3x Sliver Legions that I bought in 2013 for $52 for 4.  No complaints there.  Was originally $366.60 but they knocked off $30 due to condition.
  • +$330.20– (MTG) “sold” a bunch of magic cards to Channel Fireball.  I had good experience with them in the past and they’re reasonable with shipping charges.Was originally 367.25 by they knocked quite a bit off for “slightly played” cards that were fresh from the pack.  They particularly dinged cards that were higher priced.
  • -$19.18 – (MTG) Shipping for the above card lots
  • -$5.14 – (40k) Two 2×4’s from Lowe’s for dipping apparatus
  • -$16.99 – (40k) A gallon of Castol Super Clean from Ace — allegedly a great stripping medium
  • -$58.40 – (40k) 1x more Toxicrene from Hobbycraft
  • -$60 – (40k) Paid Joe for cleaning up my Terminators/a bike librarian.  I also threw in two board games: Uchronia and Havoc & Hijinks
  • -$75.50 – (40k) 5x Lictors, 1x Deathleaper, a Forgeworld Terryn upgrade kit and some bases from Miranda Irene
  • -$20 – (MTG) 4x Mutavaults.  3 are allegedly in NM condition one is scuffed up.
  • -$2.99 – (COMP) Suburbia City Building Board game on IOS (never heard of it, but it rated high and it was on sale…)

Can’t complain too much about making money in a month, though I did a fairly steady trickle of cash outflow throughout to offset one major sale.  I still haven’t sold the bulk of stuff I picked up in January, but then again, I’m sitting on some stuff for a few years now.  Just gotta get inspired to sell stuff.  It’s bound to happen sooner or later, right?

Starting cash: $613.24
Change in cash position: +$310.78 (+668.78 in trade)
Remaining Balance: $924.02


  •  -$10.32 – (40k) Castrol Super Clean from Walmart (generic brand)
  • +$16.99 – (40k) Returned Castrol Super Clean to ACE from last month
  • -$129.67 – (40k) 6x Lictors, UM dread, 5x Razorback turrets, Gravehaunt goblis & house Terryn upgrade kit
  • +$100 – (40k) Sold DV chosen/sorcerer/hellbrute, 12x Plague Marines, 5x FW Nurgle Terminators, 3x Metal Juggernauts, & a stack of basing supplies to Albert
  • -$12.57 – (40k) 2 cans of Krylon black and 2 cans of sealant (flat).  I don’t have an immediate need, but they were on sale.
  • -$32.55 – (40k) More amazing magnets (split an order with Brandon)

Aside from the random splurt of lictors, I think I did pretty good this month.  Of course, I also spent $50 on other stuff that I have no immediate need of, but I’m sure I’ll wind up using them in the future.  And I’m still well on the positive side of $0, so I can’t chastise myself too much…

Starting cash:  $924.02
Change in cash position: -$168.12
Remaining Balance: $756.90


  •  -$13.41 – (40k) Minwax Polyshades
  • -$6.99 – (Comp) Pandemic on IOS
  • -$6.99 – (Comp) Eclipse, New Dawn for the Galaxy on IOS
  • -$150 – (MTG) 1x Bloodstained Mire, 3x Flooded Strand, 7x Polluted Delta, 3x Windswept Heath, 2x Wooded Foothills from a local
  • -$220 – (MTG) bulk from the same guy
  • -$140 – (MTG) High value singles from the same guy
  • -$120 – (MTG) 6x Voice of Resurgence (the only card worth anything from Dragon’s Maze–has to go up, right?)
  • +$26.30 – (MTG) Sold 8x Lanterns of Insight for $15.99 per playset.  After ebay/paypal/shipping fees, that came to $26.30 in final value
  • -$67.60 – (MTG) Bought Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Mutavault, Soulfire Grandmaster, Stifle, 3x Deathrite Shaman,Underworld Dreams (legends), 2x Windswepth Heath  (Do I fancy myself as some sort of MTG financier this month?)
  • -$121 – (MTG) Bought 2x Kozileks –$18, Ulamog – $14, Foil Ulamog, $25, 1x Hurkyl’s Recall MM15 –2.5, 1x magus of the abyss – 0.3, 1x kazandu tuskcaller – ROE – 0.3, 1x soul of ravnica – 0.3, 1x chief engineer – 0.45, 1x rancor – m13 – 2.3, 1x obscuring aether – 0.12, 3x astral cornucopia – 0.2, 2x altar of the brood – 0.2, 2x bloodsoaked champion – 1.5, 2x empty the pits – 0.6
  • -$22.75 – (MTG) – Foil Emrakul pre-release from ebay
  • +$200 – (40k) Sold Chenko, Tarrantula, Rapier, Inquisitor, Vindicaire, Techmarine, Inquisitor in Terminator armor, Terminator Librarian, Chaplain, Solar Macharius x2, Rapier Laser Destroyer, Direct Only Techmarine, Eversor, Rhino, Razorback, & Predator (All new in the blister) to Collin (local)
  • -$3.99 – (COMP) Battlore: Command for IOS.  It got good reviews and was on sale.
  • -$41.54 – (MTG) 2x Serra’s Sanctum’s from Ebay thanks to a $10 off coupon!
  • -$69.86 – (MTG) Foil Primeval Titan, Elesh Norn, 2x Daybreak Coronet, 3x Blinkmoth, Ulamog from TCGPlayer
  • -$90 – (MTG) 3x Voice of Resurgence, 3x Chord of Calling, 1x Urborg, 1x Elesh Norn
  • +$60 – (MTG) sold 53 German FBB lands
  • +$150 – (MTG) sold a FBB Scrubland and 5x FBB grizzly bears
  • +$71.98 – (MTG) Sold a FBB demonic tutor and other random cards — I actually lumped the price of shipping for this and the above two lots together into this — $*.02)
  • -$0 – (MTG) Bought a ton of crap from ABUgames and spent all of my remaining credit

Ok, for some reason I flipped a switch in my head and suddenly became a MTG financier–something I’ve been intentionally avoiding in the past.  The good news is that I did actually sell some cards as well, so although the trend line is down, maybe I can dig myself out at one point?  Not my proudest moment, but I’m hopefully that it will pay off in the end, and I did manage to stay on the positive side even after all the spending

Starting cash:  $756.90
Change in cash position: -$565.85
Remaining Balance: $191.05


  •  -$225 – (MTG) Another bunch of cards from Alvin.  I’ll have to do a list, but it’s mostly fetch lands and such.
  • -$109.75 – (MTG) from facebook – 1x mirran crusader, 1x stifle, 2x Fulminator mage, 3x wilt-leaf, 1x ulamog, 2x kozilek, 1x daybreak coronet, 2x blinkmoth nexus
  • +$25 – (MTG) Selling FBB walls, a serra angel, and other misc stuff to a guy on facebook
  • -$60.04 – (MTG) Serra’s Sanctum x3
  • -$108 – (MTG) 4x Promo Emrakul (foil) from facebook
  • -$103.19 – (MTG) 1 Risen Executioner 2 Obscuring Aether 3 Ghostfire Blade 2 Damnable Pact, 1 Kruphix, Bloodstained Mire, Flooded Strand, Windswept Heath, 2x Polluted Delta, Hurkyl’s Recall, Apocalypse Hydra, Promo Emrakul, Thoughtseize
  • -$34.32 – (MTG) 2x Monastery Mentor, 1x Mutavault, 1x Hurkyl’s, 1x All is dust
  • -$55 – (MTG) 1x Wilt-Leaf Liege $5, 4x Galerider Sliver $9, 1x Progenitor Mimic $2, 4x Waste Not, $6, 6x Ghostfire Blade $0.60 (2 free), 3x Hall of Triumph $0.90, 1x Bloodsoaked Champion $0.50, 3x Phyrexian Negator $0.75, 1x Sliver Hive $1.50, 3x Polymorphist’s Jest $1,50, 2x Scuttling Doom Engine $1, Eidolon of Countless Battles (foil) $1, 22x Various Foil Ench Creatures $4, 1x Creakwood Liege, 1x Risen Executioner, 1x Ephara $1, 2x Iroas $2(2) $4, 2 Phenax $2(2) $4, 1x Xenagos $2, 2x Pharika $1(2) $2, 1x Mogis $2, 2x Karametra $1(2) $2, 1 Kruphix $2, 2x Heliod $1(2) $2, 1x Thassa $4
  • -$85.68 – 4x Armed/Dangerous clash packs pre-order from Amazon
  • -$26 – (MTG) 2x Mutavault & 1x Blinkmoth from facebook.  I overpaid
  • +$21.46 – (MTG) Sold a bunch of FBB walls and such, plus a Serra Angel and other misc cards.
  • -$120 – (MTG) Bought 1254 bulk rares and 95 bulk mythics from Scott B. on facebook
  • -$71 – (MTG) bought 1x Fulminator, 1x Elesh Norn, 1x Kozilek, 1x Cryptic Command, & 3x bonefires of the damned from Graham T. on facebook
  • -$6 – (MTG) 2x Blinkmoth nexus from Norm!
  • -$69 – (MTG) 4x Fetchlands, 1x Kozilek, 2x blinkmoth,  2x Anger of the gods from Gilbert M on facebook
  • -$31.20 – (MTG) from Gerald B (facebook) 1x Hurkyl’s Recall – MM15   (1.45), 1x Bloodsoaked Champion – Khans (.6), 1x Descendant’s Path – AR (.26), 1x Green Sun’s Zenith – MB (5.5), 1x Nylea, God Hunt – Theros (2.71), 1x Beck///Call – DM , .16), 1x Ghostfire BLade – Khans (.14), 3x Serum Powder – Darksteel (1.51), 1x Clifftop Retreat – Inn (3.47), 4x Isolated Chapel – INn (.75) , 1x Woodland Cemetary (3.47), 1x Rootbound Crag (.75), 1x Vault of the Archangel (.45), 2x Reforge the Soul (1.28), 3x Mardu STrike Leader (.24), 1x Damnable Pact (.14), 2x Mardu Shadoswpear Full art Promo (.10) — This is the kind of crap I buy when I’m not thinking about it.
  • -$28 – (MTG) 3x All is dust, 4x Blinkmoth Nexus from Facebook (Houston N.)
  • -$120 – (MTG) 1254 bulk rares + 95 bulk mythics
  • -$215 – (MTG) 1254 bulk rares + 61 bulk foil rares + 345 bulk common/uncommon foils + 2x Emrakul
  • +$100 – (40k) 30x IG guys, 16x Dwarf “squats”, and a basilisk to Steven
  • $15 – (40k) 1x Chaplain on bike –sans fairing–to Mitchell
  • -$600 – (40k) Another huge lot of crap from Derek
  • -$335 – (MTG) 7x Fetchlands, 1x Foil Kozilek, 1x Emrakul, & 19 Deathrites from Joe H.
  • +$500 – (40k) Capt AlRahem of Tallern x 1 ($15) = $15, Capt Chenkov of Valhalla x 1 (–no price on GW site.  I assume as Al’Rahem above – $15) = $15; MK1 space marine (3 man blister) x 1 ($15-28 based upon recent ebay sales of identical blisters) = $20; Predator MK4b (new) x 1 ($57.75) = $57.75; Scout Squad (5man) x 3  ($25 each) = $75; Space marine land speeder(old) x 3 ($30) = $90; Space Marine Battle Company x 1 ($941.25-minus one rhino) = $941.25, +20 metal scouts
  • -$112 – (MTG) 1 EMRAKUL MM2, 4 Deathrite Shaman, 3 Isolated Chapel, 4 Rootbound Crag, 3 Sunpetal Grove, 3 Drowned Catacombs, 3 Glacial Fortress M11, 1 Blinkmoth Nexus Mm2, 2 fulminator mage, 1 monastery mentor, 2 see the unwritten, 13 opulent palace, 7 nomad outpost, 13 mystic monstary, 1 spirit of the lab, 2 sandsteppe citadel, 8 frontier biovac, 1 phrexian revoker, David S.
  • -$110 – (MTG)  FTV – 20 from Kevin J. (twitter)
  • +$350 – (40k) Reaver Titan with arm swaps to Steven C. locally
  • +$324 – (40k) Phantom Titan, Iron Priest, & 6x Servitors to Erik B.
  • -$73.95 – (MTG) 4x Serra’s Sanctum on ebay

Ok, so not my proudest month.  In fact, I think this might the most I’ve ever spent in a single month.  Of course, $600 in a 40k army I don’t need doesn’t help that total, but who am I trying to kid, Magic was definitely the big outflow of cash this month.  The month looks horrible when you see the total, but then when you consider that I sold almost $1300 in 40k this month as well, it’s atrocious.  That’s almost $2k spent in magic cards!  Egads… maybe I do have a problem?

Starting cash:  $191.05
Change in cash position: -$1362.95
Remaining Balance: -$1171.90


  • -$8 – (MTG) 2x Daybreak Coronets from Facebook
  • -$105.24 – (MTG) 12x Abbot of Keral keep (inc. 4x foils) from TCGPlayer.  The deal kept getting worse as it was apparently in the middle of some sort of buyout.
  • -$31.92 – (MTG) 8x Abbot of Keral Keep from Card Kingdom
  • -$60 – (MTG) Blinkmoth Nexus, Hinterland Harbor, Foil Hinterland Harbor, Foil Tasigur, Foil Fulminator Mage from David S. (Facebook)
  • -$30 – (MTG) 5-7000 commons/uncommons from a local
  • -$82 – (MTG) 1x Cryptic Command, 1x Noble Hierarch, 1x Mutavault & 1x Emrakul
  • -$68 – (MTG) 2x Cryptic Command, 1x Voice of Resurgence
  • -$175 – (MTG) The rest of Alvin’s friend’s cards
  • -$243.28 – (40k) Bunch of Forgeworld crap I don’t really need.
  • +$44.51 – (40k) sold 10x Fire Dragons and a Farseer blister on Facebook for $50 minus paypal & shipping fees.
  • +$63.48 – (MTG) sold 4x Deathmist raptors on twitter
  • +$100 – (40k) sold 20x Cultists, 2x Obliterators, 1x Mauler Fiend, 10x Plague Marines (w/ FW upgrades) and Typhus to Albert
  • -$103 – (MTG) 3x Noble Hierarch & 1x Cryptic Command from MM15
  • -$85 – (MTG) 2x Noble Hierarch (1 foil) & 1x Voice of Resurgence from James (Facebook)
  • -$148.50 – (MTG) 4x Noble Hierarch, 11 Invisible Stalkers, 1x All is Dust, 4x Soulfire Grand Master, 2x Grimoire of the Dead, 3x Progenitor Mimic from Jeff G. (Facebook)
  • -$36.03 – (BG) 7 Wonders from Amazon
  • -$21.99 – (BG) Ticket to Ride: Card Game from Amazon
  • -$42 – (MTG) 4x Mutavault & 1x Deathrite from Graham T. (facebook)
  • +200 – (40k) Tactical Squad, Dev Squad, 13x Terminators, 7x Scouts, 2x Techmarines, 3x Psykers, 2x Armorcast Reaver arms, & misc hand weapons to Todda
  • -$145 – (MTG) 3 foil promo emrakul 66, 1 Elesh 11, 2 Daybreaks 10, 2 Foil tasigur 60 from David S (facebook)
  • -$88 – (MTG) 1 Aluren $2, 1 All is dust foil $6.25, 2 ancestral knowledge $.75, 1 chord of calling $6.75, 1 crypt of agadeem $ .25, 2 deathrite shaman $5.50, 1 erobos 2.75, 1 genesis hydra $1, 4 heartseeker $.40, 1 hornet queen $.75, 3 invisible stalker $.50, 1 isolated chapel $1.50, 3 mutavault $11 , 1 skirsdag high priest foil $.60, 1 squirrel wrangler $.75, 1 thoughtseize $17 from James Hall (facebook)
  • +$30 – (40k) Balrog to Ethan (local)
  • +$80 – (WHFB) Sold 12 Squigs, 6 fanatics and a Squig Gobba to Everret’s friend (local)
  • +$90 – (40k) 4x Bikes, Land Raider, & 2x Whirlwind Turrets to Phil (local)
  • -$5 – (40k) Admission to AKBB

Again, not my proudest moment, but at least it’s an improvement from what I spent last month (to be confused with actual progress).  No surprise, MTG was the big kick-in-the-pants again this month.  Since June I can’t seem to stop spending on that infernal game.  I’m certain that I’ll still come out positive by the end of the year, but I really need to pump the breaks on the spending.  Sadly, most of my “investments” haven’t had time to “mature,” so it’s not a good point to sell them.  So, I’ll just sit on them for a while longer and allow 40k to subsidize MTG for the year.  I do need to stop spending so willy-nilly though.

Starting cash: -$1171.90
Change in cash position: -$870
Remaining Balance: -$2041.90


  •  -$153 – (MTG) 5x Thoughtseize, 4x Mutavault, 2x promo Glistener Elf, 1x Nykthos, 1x Urborg, 1x Gravecrawler, 4x Abrupt Decay, 3x thought scour, 1x Savageborn Hydra, 2x All is Dust (WW), 1x Promo Emrakul, 1x foil invisible stalker from Josh (local)
  • -$42.64 – (MTG) Noble Hierarch & Foil Splinter Twin
  • -$9.63 – (40k) Deredeo arms and extra shipping for replacement parts
  • -$24.84 – (Other) WH39k domain renewal for two years
  • -$22.04 – (MTG) 1x Serra’s Sanctum from Ebay
  • -$12.48 – (MTG) 1x Seachrome Coast, 3x Blinkmoth Nexus

Ok, so it’s my fifth month in a row with negative cash flows, but when you compare it to the previous months, it’s actually quite low.  Maybe I’m just making excuses for myself (especially since it was more MTG spending that did me in), but the good news is that I did finally get off my duff and start selling some stuff on eBay.  Those auctions won’t end until the sometime in October, so the profits won’t be realized until then.  I’m hoping to make about $1k, so that effectively makes this month a positive swing, but if I’m going to break even by the end of the year, I’m going to have to setup another lot of auctions in the immediate future as well.

Starting cash: -$2041.90
Change in cash position: -$242.59
Remaining Balance: -$2284.49


  •  -$12.48 – (MTG) 4x Dragonmaster Outcast from Kevin on Facebook
  • +$1565.52 – (40k) Sold (almost all) of the extra Eldar I had laying around.
  • +$55 – (40k) 3x Dark Vengeance Bikes, 2x Bikes on Sprue, 1x Bike assembled and painted, 1x Inquisitor & 1x Tigurius to Steven C. (local)
  • -$.99 – (COMP) Ticket to Ride: Switzerland for IOS

Well, that counts as positive improvement.  I’m not out of the hole yet, but it does represent my first month of positive cash flow since April of this year (and my highest total since October 2013).  There was still some nominal spending (though virtually none on Magic cards) but the obvious helper was the big auction of Eldar stuff for the month.  I’ve already listed some more auctions for Epic/BFG stuff that will show up next month, and I plan to sell off some magic cards.  Between the two of those, that should certainly put me into the black this year…

Starting cash: -$2284.49
Change in cash position: +$1607.05
Remaining Balance: -$677.44


  • +$752.72 – (40k) Sold a bunch of Epic/BFG stuff.
  • +$56.22 – (40k) Sold 2x Epic Tyranid Swarms on Ebay for $35 each
  • -$86 – (MTG) 4x Thoughtseize, 2x Blinkmoth, 3x Splinter Twin from Quinn (local – Facebook)
  • -$21.12 – (MTG) 1x Serra’s Sanctum (ebay)
  • -$22.56 – (BG) MTG Arena of the Planeswalkers Board Game Special Edition from
  • $657.65 – (MTG) Buylisted a bunch of cards to MTGDeals $664.80 – $7.15 to ship.
  • $59.06 – (40k) Sold another 2x Epic Tyranid Swarms on Ebay for $35 each (lower shipping this time)
  • -$4.58 – (40k) 4x Superglue from Freds
  • -$119.49 – (MTG) 5x Commander 2015 Decks
  • -$122.98 – (BG) Nations, Zombicide, & Zombicide: Prison Outbreak from Amazon
  • -$33.99 – (BG) Zombicide: Toxic City Mall from Amazon (both this and the one above were in Amazon’s B2G1 free sale, and I put in some Xmas presents there as well).
  • -$10.49 – (40k) Superglue from Hobbycraft
  • -$3.94 – (40k) Additional Primer from Freds
  • -$0 – (MTG) Used credit from the warstore earned earlier this year to buy the following:
    • Zombicide: Angry Neighbors
    • Zombicide: Rue Morgue
    • Zombicide: Lost Zombivors
    • Zombicide: Gaming Night Kits 2, 3, & 4
    • 6x Paintbrushes
    • Warhammer 40k psychic power cards, SM datacards, & ultramarine ID tag

There’s a lot of red this month, but the big push of an eBay sale combined with a buylist of cards to MTGDeals really helped me step into the black by the end of the year (well, as long as I don’t spend $400+ next month).  The biggest investment this month really is in Zombicide merchandise, but luckily most of that was done in store credit at thewarstore, so it didn’t hit the books.

Starting cash: -$677.44
Change in cash position: +$1100.50
Remaining Balance: $423.06


  • -$21.98 – (BG) Zombicide Dog Companions & Gaming Night #1 from Amazon
  • -$23.98 – (40k) Gormiti Fire Mountain playset to use as a Tyranid fortification
  • -$19.11 – (MTG) 7x packs of Khans from Walgreen’s 40% off sale (got a bloodstained mire to pay for itself)
  • +$32.42 – (BG) Great refund from Amazon! Can’t say enough good things…
  • -$34.12 – (MTG) from TCGplayer, 12X Elemental Bond, 8X Goblin Piledriver, 4X Helm of the Gods, 4X Sanctum of Ugin, 4X Chief of the Foundry, 4X Dark Petition, 4X Day’s Undoing, 4X Felidar Sovereign, 4X Herald of the Pantheon
  • -$10.95 – (BG) Zombicide Game Night #4 – Mr. Phal from eBay
  • -$5.71 – (MTG) 3x Kaseto, Orochi Archmage & 2x Risen Executioner
  • -$5.00 – (40k) Quartermaster for Army Builder
  • -$1.98 – (Comp) Bought Small World 2 & another game called Splendor from Days of Wonder
  • -$4.89 – (BG) Rusty Primer for Zombicide models
  • -$1.49 – (BG) Gray paint from Michaels for Zombicide Models
  • -$11.29 – (BG) Clear sealant for Zombicide models
  • -$64.99 – (BG) Dewalt DWST08225 from Amazon for Zombicide
  • -$17.99 – (BG) Sheriff of Nottingham from Amazon

Not the most enterprising of months, but with a goal of simply having more than $0 in the account, I’m actually incentivized to load as many costs as possible into this year rather than wait until next year.

Starting cash: $423.06
Change in cash position: -$279.79
Remaining Balance: $143.27

Image Credit:  It’s from a math game called Money bags.

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