Fall 2015 Ebay Results

EbayBurstAnother round of eBay auctions have completed and, as always, I’m going to do a little wrap up for my record-keeping.  I had a total of 76 auctions available this round, all of them were Eldar related, all started at $.01 and all wound up selling (big surprise).

The best sellers really should come as no surprise: things that are great in the Eldar codex (jetbikes and tanks) and old Armorcast stuff that’s in great shape (I couldn’t believe that the falcon grav tank went for $76–nobody locally wanted to buy it at $25!).  Other things that I found fairly surprising were that old style guardians (From circa 1990) still sell relatively well–which isn’t so surprising, but their arms alone sell for more than the guardians do!

Things that didn’t do well include:

  • High quality painted models (they never do–at least not in this format)
  • Weapon platforms (all four auctions for 2-3 guns with full crew ended under $10 each)
  • An old school farseer sold for $15.27.  That same model with four extra warlocks attached to him sold for $17.50

What I wound up selling was:

  • 1 Bitzbox
  • 101 Guardians
  • 16 Rangers
  • 199 Aspect Warriors
  • 1 Heavy Weapon Sprue
  • 22 Wraithguard
  • 19 Weapon Platforms
  • 4 Warlocks
  • 36 Jetbikes
  • 2 Farseers
  • 10 Phoenix Lords
  • 3 Eldrads
  • 11 Vypers
  • 5 Warwalkers
  • 2 Avatars
  • 5 Wraithlords
  • 4 Falcons
  • 3 Armorcast Scorpions

Doing the math, that comes up to $4085.47 in retail cost.  My historical goal of selling is to get 60% of retail (but that’s probably not terribly realistic), so my “actual target” in the past has been more like 40% of retail value net.   So how did I actually do?  Not bad, but not quite that amount.  See the number below:

  •  ebay-logoEbay sales: $1915.52
  •  Auctions Paid: $1759.48
  •  Outstanding Auctions: $156.04
  •  Ebay Listing Fees: -$34.2
  •  Ebay Final Value Fees: -$256.94  (13.07%)
  •  Paypal Received: $2132.35
  •  Shipping Collected: $312
  •  Paypal Fees: -$74.45  (3.48%)
  •  Shipping Total: $275.66 + ??? (to be determined)

So the final auction price was 46.88% of retail, so it’s almost 50%.  I’m attributing the lower total this time to the excessive cost of Eldar models by GW.  Seriously, they’re asking almost $7 per aspect warrior combined with the fact that most of my models are the older style.  So, I’ll never make the 60% goal, but it’s possible I’ll be able to pull off the 40% MSRP net goal (as long as shipping comes in under $261.32).

[Edit: The first wave of shipping (for all auctions except four) came in at $249.08, so it’s unlikely that I’ll hit that total, but it’ll be close).]

By the way, if you’re doing the math on the numbers below, things won’t add up.  This is because not everyone has paid yet, so I’m extrapolating the outstanding unpaid auctions into the total.  (For the record though, after just one day, all but four people have paid in full, so that’s pretty great).

In total, I’d say it was a successful round of auctions though.  I didn’t do the math in advance to have a target in mind, but my initial rough estimate was that I’d pull in between $1000-1300 for this round, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it almost crack $2k.

So, I’ll be shipping out most of these tonight, and my goal is to try to bust my hump this weekend to put up another round of ebay auctions next week.  The goal?  Epic & Battlefleet!

2 comments on “Fall 2015 Ebay Results

  1. That’s awesome! Congrats! So quick question what motivated you to sell the army? I know some recommend keeping painted models as you don’t get your money or time back and later editions of the game might be more satisfactory.

    And another question, why are the eBay and PayPal fees so high? Holy cow you’re losing a ton of money to them. At what point would it be best to look at barter town or such?

    • I wound up selling this army because I bought it for that purpose. I don’t know that I ever made a blog post about purchasing this particular army, but I bought it off a long time friend with the intent of selling it (normally I pick through and keep anything I want, but I don’t think he had anything that I felt I needed to keep–in fact, I had some excess elder sitting around my place that I added to it. Though, truth be told, I couldn’t get rid of it all, so I kept some in the hopes that I would have an exodite army one day).

      As for Ebay, their fees have steadily gone up over the years. Not only have they increased their percentages, but they also now charge that percentage on shipping too (so that tends to mean that I lose money on everything I ship as well). 13% for ebay and 3.5% for paypal are about what they have been for a while though (if you look back through my previous posts, you can see this is holding steady for at least the last couple of years).

      I used to do bartertown quite a bit (back in the 90’s), and poked back around it a few years back, but it didn’t seem like anyone was really buying things: everyone seemed to want to trade for things (and I really don’t have much of wants list). Before I sell anything I post everything to my blog and to a local 40k facebook group to give followers/local folks first dibs at things. The problem is that I generally use eBay to set the prices–starting all bids at $.01–so I don’t know what to charge, so I generally ask 50% of MSRP to those crowds. I sell a bit here and there, but nobody wants to buy the whole lot unless it’s completely bargain basement prices. I’ve tried to sell online via oldhammer groups, etc. and have gotten some interest, but again I have to set the price, and it’s piecemail. I like the convenience of getting rid of everything all at once.

      Yeah, I wish there was another solution that worked, but this seems to be the best available at the moment. If you want to buy armies at a time, let me know though. I still have IG, Grey Knights, Space Marines, Epic/BFG, and Tau to sell. I’d also part with my painted ‘Nid army for the right price. 🙂

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