Deals from Derek

Wh39kDerkCrap (5)Editorial Comment: I was going through my drafts and found this inventory laying around unpublished (though I’m not sure why–perhaps I was looking for photos?)  Whatever the case, most of this has since sold thanks to posts like this, but I figured it would be worthwhile to post it for historical reference–plus I bothered to write it, so why not post it?

Back in February of this year I wound up buying “all of the 40k” models from a long-time friend of mine that was getting out of the hobby.  We both knew he had more at the house, but that was the bulk of what he had for sure, and I didn’t have the heart to buy everything.  After all, if he had no more models, what incentive did he have to come back and play with me one day?

Well, he broke down and wanted to sell the rest in an attempt to make room at his place.  This is something he’s been threatening to do for a few months, but last night he wound up showing up at my house and making good on that threat.  He wound up tallying it up and this is what he said he had:

Army Description QTY
BFG BFG misc shuttles and mines ?? (bunch)
Eldar Armorcast Eldar Tempest Grav Tank 3
Eldar Armorcast Eldar Falcon 1
Eldar Armorcast Eldar Phantom Titan 1
Eldar Loose Falcon Tank Hulls 5
Eldar Warp Spider 22
Eldar Swooping Hawk 11
Eldar Dire Avenger 17
Eldar Striking Scorpion 7
Eldar Dark Reaper 29
Eldar Fire Dragon 17
Eldar Howling Banshee 5
Eldar Exarch – Warp Spider 5
Eldar Exarch – Swooping Hawk 1
Eldar Exarch – Dire Avenger 3
Eldar Exarch – Striking Scorpion 4
Eldar Exarch – Dark Reaper web of skulls 2
Eldar Exarch – Dark Reaper 2
Eldar Exarch – Fire Dragon 2
Eldar Exarch – Banshee 2
Eldar Guardian – Plastic 21
Eldar Warlocks 5
Eldar Wraithguard 21
Eldar Wraithlord 4
Eldar Eldar Vypers 10
Eldar Eldar Jetbike 15
Eldar Eldar Jetbike Shrieker 5
Eldar Eldar Shining Spears 3
Eldar Eldar Rangers 5
Eldar Eldar Scouts 2
Eldar Eldar Farseer 4
Eldar Eldar metal guardians 13
Eldar Eldar Storm Guardians 8
Eldar Eldar Hvy Wpn Platform misc 3
Eldar Maugen Ra 2
Eldar Fuegan 1
Eldar Kharandros 1
Eldar Jhain Zor 1
Eldar Harlequins – misc 30
Eldar misc Eldar hvy wpn platforms and crews 5
Eldar Eldar Warwalker 1
Eldar Asurman 1
Eldar Baharoth 1
Grey Knight Grey Knight Terminator 3
Grey Knight Grey Knight Terminator Captain 1
Grey Knight Engiseer 2
Grey Knight Grey Knight SM Psycannon 1
Grey Knight Grey Knight SM 16
Grey Knight Grey Knight SM Incinerator 2
Imperial Guard Armorcast Baneblade 1
Imperial Guard Armorcast Reaver Titan 1
Imperial Guard Armorcast Random Weapons 4
Imperial Guard Stormtrooper 15
Imperial Guard Stormtrooper plasma gun 3
Imperial Guard Stormtrooper meltagun 3
Imperial Guard Stormtrooper flamer 1
Imperial Guard Inq Scriber assistant 1
Imperial Guard Servitor 2
Imperial Guard Priest with 2h Chainsaw 1
Imperial Guard Stormtrooper Lieutenant 1
Imperial Guard Psyker 3
Imperial Guard Cadian AC Weapon Team 3
Imperial Guard Cadian mortar team 3
Imperial Guard Cadian Missile Launcher team 2
Imperial Guard Cadian Hvy Bolter Team 1
Imperial Guard Cadian Lascannon team 4
Imperial Guard Stormtrooper painted metal 7
Imperial Guard Stormtrooper painted metal w meltagun 2
Imperial Guard Stormtrooper painted metal sgt 1
Imperial Guard IG w Lasgun 76
Imperial Guard IG Lt (pudgy) 3
Imperial Guard IG Sgt 7
Imperial Guard IG Comm Trooper 3
Imperial Guard IG w meltagun 3
Imperial Guard IG grenade launcher 1
Imperial Guard IG w Plasmagun 3
Imperial Guard IG w Missile Launcher 1
Imperial Guard IG w Flamer 7
Imperial Guard IG Sentinel (basic) 6
Space Marine Rhino 2nd edition loose 2
Space Marine SM Missile Launcher 1
Space Marine Dark Angel dreadnought w power fist and plasma gun 1
Space Marine SM w meltagun 1
Space Marine SM w plasmagun 1
Space Marine old plastic terminators 4
Space Marine old SM heresy armors various marks 6
Space Marine Land Raider 1
Space Marine Rhino 1
Space Marine Predator 1
Space Marine Misc SM Terminators 12
Space Marine Misc SM 68
Space Marine SM Scout shotgun 5
Space Marine SM scout sniper rifle 5
Tyranid Old carnifex 1

Making deals with him is great because there is 100% trust there.  I had no need to go through what he brought over in boxes because I’d seen most of it over the years, and have made enough deals with him to know that he’s trustworthy.  I had a general idea of what was there (I saw a couple of armorcast titans, I know he had Monty’s old Grey Knight army, and my old metal cadians.  I know he had a big box of metal/plastic eldar that was loose and another similar box of marines.

So armed with a little awareness and his inventory, we settled on a price.

It should be noticed that he has a really unique way of doing things.  During the inventory process, he glossed over a bunch of things: as an example, he showed me a bag of eldar models, but he only counted them as two farseers (which were contained in there), but he didn’t coutn everything else in that bag.  I guess the reason was some combination of:

  • He didn’t know what the models were called
  • He wasn’t sure if they were complete
  • He didn’t want to go through the effort

After taking the time to do up a spreadsheet with model counts (in some freeware Mac based spreadsheet program that seems to really suck–more on that in a minute), he then did some crazy internal math to come up with an arbitrary number.  He spouted off some logic like:

  • Wh39kDerkCrap (2)50% off for the armorcast stuff
  • $1 each for basic models
  • $2 each for wraithlord
  • $2 each for jetbikes
  • $4 each for shining spears

And that list went on… He had this grand numbering scheme worked out, except that it was in his head and he didn’t use the spreadsheet to track it.  I asked him to do so while I was cleaning up the garage, and he told me it came out higher than the estimate–then 20 minutes later, it came out lower than the estimate.  I’m guessing spreadsheets aren’t his strong point.

This is especially true because his spreadsheet tallyed up to 319 models, but taking that same list and pasting it into Excel, I’m now coming up with almost twice that: 605 models.

So normally I buy armies for about 10-20% retail, thinking that should be able to resell them for 40-50%, and make a nice little profit.  The thing is, this time we didn’t have a retail number to go on, just a raw model count.  I figured the armorcast is the bulk of where the profit is to be made (but maybe if the Eldar stuff is in good condition, there’s some real profit there as well).  Anywho, his first asking price was $718.  I thought that was potentially possible, but a sticking point was that much of the stuff he had loose at $1 each left no profit in those models.  Based upon previous sales, old plastic/metal terminators and the like wind up selling for $1 each, so after fees, I’d actually be taking a hit on them.

My counter was to say that I know that it’s a good deal for me to buy at $.50 base for each model, effectively taking $150ish off the top.  I’d do $550 in a heartbeat, but I wasn’t sure if I would do $700.  Note: I didn’t say I wouldn’t do $700, I just wasn’t sure if I would go that high.  He suggested we meet in the middle at $600, which made me wonder if I’m sticking it to him on the deal.  This was all a completely open transaction.  I new that I’d do $600, but I wondered if I shouldn’t be paying more.

Wh39kDerkCrap (7)In the meantime, our conversation rambled onto a host of different subjects and would periodically drift back on topic.  I remember distinctly that as we drifted back on topic, he haggled himself down to $575–all while I’m trying to haggle myself up from $600.  It’s definitely a unique experience.

He gave me his perspective which was to say that this is obviously far less than he originally paid for it, but so much of it he never played with at all.  It’s now just taking up space in his house, so getting it out of there was almost more valuable than the money he’d get for it.  He just wanted to be rid of it.  He also reminded me that he’s fine with me making money on it.  He said that he “didn’t care if I made $1000 or $2000 on it” and that he’s happy to get it out of his place.  That helped ease my worries, and we just agreed on $600.

So now this stuff is sitting in my garage, awaiting someone to come whisk it all away.  Will that be you?!

Editorial Comment: I was going through my drafts and found this inventory laying around unpublished (though I’m not sure why–perhaps I was looking for photos?)  Whatever the case, most of this has since sold thanks to posts like this, but I figured it would be worthwhile to post it for historical reference–plus I bothered to write it, so why not post it? The stuff marked in red is sold, but the rest should still be available–for the most part.


5 comments on “Deals from Derek

  1. Depending on just which versions they are, there are a bunch of the Guard I might be interested in. I run the old metal Cadians from 2nd-early 3rd Ed. Also interested in the 2nd Ed Rhinos, and the Fex if it’s the old-old (2nd Ed) one. I couldn’t find an email contact on here, sorry.

    • There are about 100 older metal cadians (very few heavy weapons, mostly the lasguns, plus a number of leaders and special weapons). The ‘fex should be the old Rogue trader era screamer-killer, and not the goofy looking other metal ones from 3rd edition that had plastic arms.

      All of these models have been painted. The majority of the cadians to a tabletop standard, but some of them are pretty rough, so I’d advise stripping most of them. If you want to make an offer let me know…

      • Going off the list there, I’d be looking for:
        Cadian AC Weapon Team 3 $20
        Cadian Lascannon team 4 $30
        IG w Plasmagun 3 $9
        IG w Flamer 4 $12
        Rhino 2nd edition loose 2 $30
        Old carnifex 1 $10
        IG w Lasgun 42 $84

        Prices are based roughly on what I could find in successful eBay sales. Some of them had really low volume (I could only find a single 2nd Ed Fex), or really high variability, so these may or may not actually be reasonable.

        The total comes to $195, so maybe round it off at $200 with shipping (US, lower 48)? Can you, as the blog owner, get my email address out of the comment information, or should I post that up here? Figure we should probably move it to email. Thanks!

  2. I’ve loads of drafts that will never amount to anything, big rambling pieces about how to improve White Dwarf – yep they did that [or did they?], to bring back starter games – they did that too, always nice if you find a way to recoup the blogging effort, nevermind the ebay transaction!

    • It’s sad because I wind up forgetting that I have the drafts in progress, and then I eventually wind up rehashing the stuff in another post, but not doing them justice.

      Oh, on another unrelated note, I finally bit the bullet and purchased one of those Gormiti playsets. We’ll see the scale for 40k in a few weeks.

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