Hive Fleet Proteus



Dataslate file 57639.ex.zz
Security Level: Magenta Vermillion (circumstances worsening)
Access code 5x16rtn…
System activation and security clearance accepted

Welcome Inquisitor x3n58xxxxxxxxxxx

Hive Fleet Proteus analysis and report Formation of Proteus:

Author: Sir Edmund Grillox of the Ordo Xenos Executed heretic

The massive hive fleet that has been discovered forming on the edge of the Calixis sector that has been traced back to a traitorous and heretical Rouge Trader named only Alexandrus (Explorator who killed his original captain and took over the ship). When Hive Fleet Behemoth was stopped by the Ultramarines, samples of the fleet were stolen by Imperial Guard members of the 73rd Tallasar force (all members terminated during Tyranid decontamination or executed for potential corruption). Alexandrus came to possess the samples and transported them to Calixis where they were sold to a pit fighter named Irik Gahn with connection to the corrupted Eldar of the region. They were taken to an outpost and crime ridden world of Kinrilk in the Stygian system (Calixis subsector of Obscurus).

The Eldar and illegal traders were breeding the Tyranids for pit fighters enhancements, when one of the experimentation subjects, a now deceased rouge Psyker, who was altered and temporarily became part of the hive mind from what interrogation reports claim (all attempts to recreate the incident have failed).  After releasing the samples and assaulting the occupants of the lab.

It is believed that his fear of the Ultramarines being put into the Hive Mind caused the alteration in colors, but the Magus Biologis are unable to prove this. The situation went unnoticed due to the criminal nature of the world until it was consumed and a new Hive Fleet had formed. Local forces are so far unable to defend against the assault.

Description of Proteus:

The hive fleet is one of the first that has formed from within the confines of Imperial space and been physically altered by human means. It is believed that this was Alexandrus’s (capture or destroy order standing) doing since no capable parties were on the world that can be identified. Their coloring is blue underskin and yellow outershell caused by an increased hardness (the extant of other modifications is unknown). Red is seen as an identifier of the fleets origin in Behemoth.

The fleet has grown astoundingly fast and has spread to seven worlds in the area and is moving towards Synford forge world and if estimations are correct it will follow a path to Cyprian’s gate and so on hitting every populated world till it reaches Holy Terra. This threat is of the highest order and must be stopped without hesitation. Recommended course of action: Local Imperial Guard Units formed and called to hold until Adeptus Astartes intervention can be procured. Complete annihilation with no escaped samples. It is recommended that Imperial Guard Regiments be quarantined and sent off to front line elimination missions (the Ork or Eldar frontlines) immediately after with no contact to outsiders. This will guarantee none of them spread samples. Inquisitorial, Deathwatch, and Mechanicus aid in finding and eliminating Alexandrus.

– Background story written by Casey James Lark.


work in progress


work in progress


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