Frugal Gaming – 2017

Though I had a slip-up last year, my frugal gaming goals are back on track (largely because I zero out my totals at the beginning of each year).

For consistency reasons, I’ll continue to categorize each transaction into one of the following categories:

  • 40k – Essentially anything covering GW’s IP.  I don’t really play other games, but I’ve been known to purchase/trade/sell things like Necromunda, WHFB, etc.  This will all get lumped into that category.
  • WHFB – I know I said otherwise above, but after Cole’s painting deal, it’s become obvious that I need to track this separately–at least for this year.
  • MTG – Magic the Gathering
  • BG – Board games & the like
  • COMP – Computer Games (to include iphone or other digital editions)
  • Other – The generic catch-all.


  • -$16.57 – (40k) 48x Daemonette Arms for Genestealer cult conversions
  • -$300 – (Other) Bought a bunch of Star Wars X-Wing stuff off Derek along with his misc. Age of Sigmar models (except the dwarves)
  • +$60 – (Other) Sold a large ship and two smaller ships to Brandon.  Like my earlier deal with Derek, I just took him at his word on what they’re worth.  Gotta put these up on ebay soon.
  • -$10 – (MTG) Bought another Berserk off face book
  • -$16.57 – (40k) Bought 28x arms for Slaaneshi demons to be used on my genestealer cultists as claws.
  • +$20 – (40k) Sold an older “Grim Reaper” model I was originally going to use as a Mortarian stand-in on the facebook oldhammer group.
  • -$5.07 – (40k) Bought 3x “59” sized drill bits for use pinning models with paperclips from the local hardware store
  • -$30.96 – (MTG) 4x packs of Chronicles from Ebay (had to spend those ebay bucks)
  • +$26.63 – (MTG) Ebay Bucks.  These were actually earned buying mostly 40k, I’m sure, but I used the bucks to redeem the Chronicles packs for future draft nights…
  • -$43.90 – (40k) 4x Black Primer & 4x Sealant for models.  Was originally going to get just one can, but it was on sale

Not my most stellar of months, but the bulk of spending is restricted to buying archive models from Derek–which are sure to pay off when I eventually sell them on ebay.  Of course, it’s now been three weeks and I keep forgetting to post them up for sale…

Starting cash: $0.00
Change in cash position: -$316.44
Remaining Balance:  -$316.44


  • -$30.95 – (MTG) Impulse by from TCG direct 4% off sale: 1x Oath of Gideon for 0.25 each, 1x Dubious Challenge for 0.2 each, 2x Call the Gatewatch for 0.29 each, 2x Call the Gatewatch for 0.3 each, 3x Oath of Gideon for 0.25 each, 4x Deploy the Gatewatch for 0.86 each, 4x Oath of Chandra for 0.17 each, 4x Oath of Jace for 0.38 each, 4x Oath of Liliana for 0.17 each, 4x Whisperwood Elemental for 0.45 each, 4x Den Protector for 0.65 each, 4x Forbidden Orchard for 2.2 each, 5x Empyrial Plate for 0.15 each, 12x Exotic Orchard for 0.19 each
  • -$23.71 – (MTG) TCGPlayer 8x Foil Heartless Summoning & 4x Diminishing Returns from TCGplayer
  • -$73.57 – (BG) Amazon order of a bunch of family style board games – Liguria, Chef Alfredo, Push a Monster, Coraxis and Co, Going Going Gone, & Banana Party
  • -$14.33 – (BG) Warhammer Conquest: Legions of Death expansion (Amazon was running a sale where I got -$8.63 off my order, so I bit the bullet)
  • -$43.09 (BG) Seafall – legacy game I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing, but then Ebay gave me a $10 discount and I bit.
  • -$20.09 – (MTG) Ton of random crap from TCGPlayer, mainly 4x Shardless Agents & 1x Sinkhole, plus other cheap crap
  • -$14.97 – (BG) Anno 1503 board game

Starting cash: -$316.44
Change in cash position: -$205.74
Remaining Balance:  -$522.18


  • +269.88 – (Other) Sold the rest of the Star Wars X-Wing models on ebay.  Total final value was $364.50 and I lost almost a third of that to Ebay, Paypal and USPS.  Egads!
  • -$92.50 – (40k) Triumvirate of the Primarch & Empyric Storm Cards from theWarstore
  • -$116.51 – (MTG) 29 packs of Fifth Edition for an upcoming draft
  • -$35.94 – (MTG) 6 more packs of Fifth Edition (only one more to go!)
  • -$6.44 – (40k) Block of 36 red dice for wound counters — I always seem to run out
  • -$153.48 – (MTG) 30 packs of Weatherlight for an upcoming draft
  • -$48.45 – (BG) Spinderella, Orcs Orcs Orcs, London Markets, & Dragon Valley from Amazon.  I’m not sure if I should count these as 3/4 of them are really for my kids, but it’s inspiring them to get into board games, so why not?
  • -$11.99 – (BG) Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms from ebay
  • -$40.98 – (40k) 2x sets of Vanguard Veterans from Ebay.  Originally $27 per set, but ebay had a flash sale.
  • -$50 – (MTG) 4x starter decks of 5th edition for an upcoming sealed deck

Starting cash: -$522.18
Change in cash position: 
Remaining Balance:  –


“The Money Pit” image copyright Universal Studios??