Saving Money on Ebay Auctions

I know that I’m supposed to be working on “hobby related content” as detailed in my blog post last week, but I didn’t want to lose this information, so I thought I’d throw this up now–since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I expect blog traffic this week will be down significantly.

Each time I wind up holding ebay auctions, I like to go back and post how I did, but I wound up handling my auctions a little differently this time and thought I’d speak to that.  So rather than just spout of the numbers from this past set of auctions (which I will do for historical reference at the bottom of this post), I thought I’d go into a little detail about what I changed for this particular round of auctions and how successful those changes were… Continue reading

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Legion of the Damned – Based

Wh39kLotD (7) (Medium)In keeping with the theme of easy wins, the natural progression from me to step up from Centurius was to go back and rebase my Legion of the Damned squad.  I started assembling these guys back in 2013, and it was a full year later before I started painting them.  Now, it’s been another year, and I’m finally getting around to basing them–so that sounds about my standard pace for models.

Wh39kLotD (5) (Medium)Since the models were already painted, I just had to base them.  In order to show you just how little effort I’m willing to call hobby progress, I’m going to be honest and tell you that I didn’t even do the bases.  Those all were done back in 2012 when I was basing my IG at the time and did up a bunch of spare bases for future projects.  I just had to reach into a draw and pull out the appropriate bases for each guy, chop off their tabs, drill pin-holes and glue them in place. Continue reading

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Looking for Easy Wins

So it’s come to my attention that my hobby progress has slowed as of late (which is a nice way to say that a friend of mine noticed it had come to a complete halt).  I talked about it in my last post about Centurius, so I decided to keep my motivation going and line up some easy wins.

Of course, it’s not exactly true to say that all hobby progress has ground to a halt.  I tend to refer only to 40k when I’m talking about hobby progress, and while it’s true that I haven’t played a game since September or painted a model since August, I have been holding regular game nights on a fairly consistent basis.  The thing is that not everyone plays 40k (or even RSVPs).  Couple that with last minute cancellations, and we seem to always have an odd number of players or someone that isn’t a 40k player (or just didn’t bring an army) with us–so it falls by the wayside.  I try to include everyone when we game, so it means that I play less 40k.

And that probably has quite a bit to do with the fact that I’m not interested in painting/modeling as of late, but I have been gaming–just not the sort of thing I talk about all that often on the blog.  Some of the games I’ve been playing include:

  • Warhammer 40k: Conquest
  • Zombicide
  • Evil Baby Orphanage
  • We Didn’t Playtest this at All (if you can consider that a game)
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Chaos in the Old World

easy buttonA couple of those involve GW IP, so that could loosely count, right?  On top of that, I’ve been working diligently on keeping my Frugal Gaming goals on track (and I’m happy to report, that I’m squarely in the black for the year–with just over a month to go).  I’ve also done a smidge of painting–though it wasn’t miniature related:  I wound up picking up beds for my kids and they insisted on having them a different color than they came, so I wound up spray painting them.  They lasted about a month before the paint started to scratch through–oh well.  Maybe we can turn that into a recurring fun project where we paint the beds different colors over the years?

The point of all this is to recognize that I have certainly hit a lull, and I’m going to try to work in some easy wins to get back in the habit.  That means that you’ll probably see new hobby related content through the rest of the year.  Some of it will be entirely new to you, but most of them will likely be long ago WIP stuff that I just never quite finished.  Things like squads that have been painted up, but never got based or models that I started and never finished (like this vindicator from 2009).

First up will be the rest of my legion of the damned squad–and that post will hopefully come out next week.


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Sergeant Centurius

Wh39kLotD (2) (Medium)Last year, I wrote a series on my struggles to paint up my Legion of the Damned squad (who, according to rumors, may not be in the Space Marine codex at all for 7th edition).  Anywho, I wound up finishing the paint job on every member of the squad in December of 2014, but for some reason, I never posted any pictures of Centurius.

Logic (and my fading memory) seem to indicate that I didn’t post his pictures because he wasn’t done at the time, and I only painted him soon after; however, that was six months ago and I apparently have never posted a picture of him, so I figured I’d do so now.

Before doing this, I took the time to base up the rest of the squad (another post on that soon, as I had some models that have been lacking in bases for far longer that have finally been updated).

Wh39kLotD (1) (Medium)Anywho, this is my Legion of the damned sergeant (or at least one of them).  I really like this model more than most probably do because he was a classic model from the days when I first started playing (or at least not too long after) and he was a really rare find back in the day.  Of course, then he had a series of special rules that are seemingly now gone (or maybe they’re buried in the LoTD supplement?)

Whatever the case, I had a good time painting him up and I opted to paint his skull green because I couldn’t remember what the classic ‘Eavy Metal paintjob looked like, but I did recall it was distinctively colored and figured he already had enough orange/yellow with the flames.

I actually wrote this post in June of last year, but I’ve been sitting on it because I’ve just been too lazy to go take pictures of the “completed” model (well, he wasn’t based yet).  I guess this says a bit about my hobby progress as of late (which is to say, none).  It came to my attention that one of my regular readers (and rare commenters) messaged me to see if there was something wrong with the blog–which he figured because I hadn’t posted anything as of late).  So, I figured it was time to stop whoring out my ebay auctions and finally get to some real content.  Of course, I wanted to ease myself back into the fold, so I opted to go with a model that was practically done.

Wh39kLotD (4) (Medium)So, I just wound up basing him (and seemingly chipping part of the paint on his foot–now that I look at it–so I’ll have to go back and touch that up).  Hopefully this inspires me to get back into the fold… I guess time will tell.

As always, feel free to click on the pictures for a larger image–and thanks for stopping by…

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The Cost of a Tyranid Army

Wh39kHiveFleetProteus (7)Something I’ve been threatening to do for a while now is to tally up how many points of Tyranids I have and how much money I have invested in it.  Tallying up points will be easy: I just have to force myself to sit down and do that.  Coming up with pricing should be even easier though, as I can do that without having to dig all of the models out.

Well, that’s partially true.  I can come up with a current value, based on MSRP.  Sadly, I wound up buying a lot of things used or for otherwise less than MSRP, and I’ve purchased over the past twenty years or so, and prices have increased dramatically over that timeframe.  I also didn’t have my frugal gaming project in place at that time, so I have really no means of going back to get an accurate number.  Because of this, I’ll never know what I spent on the army.

So, armed with a list of my models (built from my last full inventory in 2012 and adding any models I’ve painted since then–I think), and using the current pricing from GW’s and Forgeworld’s websites, this is what I’ve come up with….

Wh39kHiveFleetProteus (14)Some things should be said before I continue:

  1. I know that talking/writing about money makes people squeamish.  I’m not doing this to brag or to throw it anyone’s face.  I’m inspired out of sheer curiosity.
  2. I do have a lot of bugs (virtually all of them are painted), but keep in mind that this has been one of two armies I’ve collected over the past 20ish years.  Most people don’t stick to one hobby for that long, and certainly not one army (rest assured that my Ultramarines aren’t nearly this comprehensive)

So, onto the inventory… Continue reading