Apocalypse: The Battle for Tartarus Prime

A planet once rich in natural resources, Tartarus VII was long hailed as the gem of the sector.  But it had been millennia since those days.

Now, the planet resembled more of a wasteland prison.  Gone were the days when the manufactorums pumped out standard template constructs for the mighty Adeptus Mechanicus.  Now, these disheveled factories fill the air with soot while churning out bastardized creations: mere shells of what they used to be.

When the taint of the cult had infected the planet, all protection from the Imperium had been lost.  Though the inhabitants had managed to squelch the alien uprising long before the arrival of the Imperial fleet, the army of man can never be too careful…

Those who somehow managed to survive the virus bombing lay dormant for years underground.   When the air was no longer putrefied and life crept back onto the planet, they crawled out from their shelters and tried to cobble together some semblance of their former greatness.  Unfortunately, they no longer had the protection or resources of the Imperium–nor could they reach out to request aid, for fear that they would come back and “finish the job.”

Despite their efforts to begin terraforming the planet again, the inhabitants knew life could never be the same.  Their once great planet now consisted of a large battleground where disparate forces could come wage war in such a fashion so as not to harm their own planets.  Lumbering behemoths and champions from every race across the multiverse came here to do battle and further destroy the landscape.

The ground shook quietly beneath their feet; a new band of challengers had arrived…..

The below rules will be used for our upcoming Apocalypse game on June 3rd.  The base rules were taken from last Apoc game, those indicated are new for this specific game. Continue reading

Warhammer 39,999: The Logo – Revisted (Feedback Requested)

I often forget about just how long I’ve been maintaining this blog.  It doesn’t seem remotely reasonable that I would’ve started this whole shindig back in 2009, but I did.

As a result, how long ago changes were made to various things always come as a bit of a shock to me.  I’ve been toying around with the idea of having an official logo created for the blog for a while now.  Just how long, I can’t rightfully say, but since I last updated the logo of the blog back in 2012, you can safely assume that it’s been more than five years.  Frankly, I suspect that my aspirations of a blog specific logo go back as far as the blog itself.  The earliest inspiration I can think of was when I did up a few test banners for Maunderings of a 40k Gamer back in 2010 (a contest which I won, by the way, though never got my prize for!!!)

In all fairness, that’s because I was both a little too ambitious and a little too lazy to get things going.  It wasn’t through any fault of Dvernings.

Anywho, I started rekindling an interest in Magic: the Gathering over the past few years, and have been following a number of folks on Twitter related to that aspect.  One of the guys that I follow there is called “The Proxy Guy” who does some pretty fantastic renders of various magic cards.  Well, he happened to tweet out to someone letting them know that he’s also an artist available for commission work, so I shot him a message to talk pricing and availability, and we agreed to some terms.

That’s where you come in.  I gave him some baseline suggestions about what it was I wanted, and he came up with some ideas to work from.  My original content requests were:

The logo I had in mind was a play on GW’s old second edition logo.  Obviously having the 40,000 replaced with 39,999. But also aged. Cobwebs on it, cracks in it.  Maybe one end of it broken off.

From that, and a little banter back and forth, these are the options he came up with:

I’ve asked some friends for their opinions, and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what is the best solution.  From top to bottom, I’d number then 1-4.  Which one(s) do you like the best, and why?

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve them?  I’m going to forgo leaving any of my own personal thoughts on the matter (Short of saying that he is a pretty fantastic artist), so as not to taint your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!


Looking for Flexible Dirt Roads / Rivers

I’ve heard a few whispered rumors of people making roads and rivers out of silicone or caulking, but am having trouble finding examples of them done in a 28mm scale.  From what I hear, these roads are all super durable, can be painted (assuming you purchase “paintable” caulk), and look great.  The problem is that my Google foo doesn’t seem to come up with any examples at the scale I play at.

I can find a bunch of examples from other mini-wargamers that play 6mm or 15mm games.  Some of the more likely prospects include:

They all follow fairly similar methods.  Most of them use some sort of base because they claim that the roads like to “curl up” on them.  I’m guessing that this would only be more prevalent when scaled up to 28mm.

Right now, I use some felt cut out into road-like shapes, and it’s pretty ghetto.  I also went out and purchased two sets of GW’s “urban road” sets a while back.  They do look pretty perfect, but the problem is that they don’t seem to be at all uniform.  I would expect that they would come out with standardized lengths for each section of road, but from what I can tell it all seems to be almost random in length.  So, you can’t just cut them to 1′ or 2′ sections, because they won’t all line up.

I also happened into a bunch of molds for the FW road set that my friend went nutty making.  The problem with those is two fold though:  I don’t care to go through the effort to make them, and I would really need to make them out of rubber or something similar to ensure they would be flexible.

I want roads that are fairly uniform in length and width and can be repositioned in a variety of ways.  I also like to use hills and such, so it would be nice if the roads could adapt to the terrain.  For that reason, I think silicon roads are the way to go, so I figured I’d seek out advice before I just jump in and try to figure it out on my own.

Thanks in advance…



BatRep: Hive Fleet Proteus vs. Orks w/ Empyric Storm Cards (1487pts)

My goal has been to get in twelve games per year for basically as long as I’ve had this blog.  It’s not exactly an exciting goal, but it takes an extra level of effort above and beyond just casual gaming.  Well, this year I have been keeping up with the goal–at least so far, so with the end of March approaching, I scrambled to get in another game.  As luck would have it, we have a State holiday in March.

Not that I’m a state employee, or that I even get the day off, but I had some extra “use it or lose it” time accumulating, and opted to take off a day that coincided with Brandon’s day off.  We managed to throw down with a game of Silver Tower, and also a game of 40k.

Rabbit trail: I’m not sure why I never write about Silver Tower on the blog…  But this entry certainly isn’t going to be about that, it’s going to be about the battle report..

Hive Fleet Proteus

  • HQ:
    • Tervigon (Domininon, The Horror)
  • Elites:
    • 1x Hive Guard
    • 1x Hive Guard
    • 1x Pyrovore
  • Troops:
    • 15x Hormagaunts
    • 15x Hormagaunts
    • 1x Mucolid Spore
    • 1x Mucolid Spore
    • 1x Mucolid Spore
  • Heavy Support:
    • 1x Biovore
  • Fortifications
    • 2x Vengeance Weapon Batteries w/ Battle Cannons
  • Formations:
    • Neural Node:
      • Maleceptor (Dominion, Psychic Overload, Psychic Scream)
      • 3x Zoanthropes w/ Neurothrope (Dominion, Warp Blast, Spirit Leech, & the Horror)
      • 3x Zoanthropes w/ Neurothrope (Dominion, Warp Blast, Spirit Leech, & Psychic Scream)
      • 3x Zoanthropes w/ Neurothrope (Dominion, Warp Blast, Spirit Leech, & Onslaught)

We had decided in advance that we were going to play a game with the Battlezone: Empyric Storm cards as I had recently picked them up.  When we thumbed through them days earlier, it was pretty clear that the cards were pretty heavily psyker focused, so I had joked about making an army consisting entirely of Tyrants, Tervigons, Maleceptors, Zoanthropes, and Broodlords (running triple CAD, of course).    While that seemed like an interesting army that I would like to try sometime, I figured it wasn’t something I wanted to run this game.

So, the day before the game, I found myself flipping through the formations that I had never run before and came across the Neural Node.  It had a bunch of Zoanthropes (which I like), and they were all in squads of three (which Brandon also seems to like to convince me to play), so why not go with that?   Sadly, that ate up about half of my available points, so my actual CAD was fairly limited.

I knew I didn’t want to go with a flyrant, because that’s a crutch to ‘nid players.  Frankly speaking, Tervigons are the only halfway decent viable alternative (of course, I’ve run all of the other options, and will continue to do so, but Tervigon is the most solid secondary choice).   I included my now necessary Pyrovore (if anything, I’ll at least be the world’s foremost authority on why they suck), and some Hive Guard to help handle vehicles.  Well, that was after I decided not to include any Genestealers, so my troops were all fairly small and frail.   The Vengeance Weapons were based upon a quick search on my blog which seemed to indicate that the last time I’d used them was in late 2014–can that be right?

In the end, I had 85 points left, so I threw in a few mucolids and a biovore (always well worth his 40 points) and called it a day. Continue reading

Batrep: Hive Fleet Proteus vs. Nurgle Themed Chaos

I’m a little behind on my goal to get 12 games in per year (which, for the particularly astute of you out there averages out to one game per month).  So, when I had a day off that coincided with a friend, and we were able to sneak in a game of 40k, I was delighted.

Hive Fleet Proteus:

  • HQ:
    • Deathleaper
    • Tyranid Prime w/ Lashwhip, Bonesword, & Scything Talons
  • Elites:
    • 3x Zoanthropes w/ Neurothrope (Dominion, Catalyst, Warp Blast, & Spirit Leech)
    • 2x Lictors
    • 2x Hive Guard
    • 2x Hive Guard
    • 3x Pyrovores
  • Troops:
    • 3x Tyranid Warriors w/ 2x Deathspitters & 1x Venom Cannon
    • 3x Tyranid Warriors w/ 2x Deathspitters & 1x Venom Cannon
    • 3x Tyranid Warriors w/ 2x Deathspitters & 1x Devourer
    • 10x Hormagaunts
    • 6x Genestealers w/ Broodlord (Dominion, The Horror)
  • Fast Attack:
    • 3x Raveners w/ Rending Claws
    • 3x Raveners w/ Rending Claws
    • 4x Raveners w/ Rending Claws plus The Red Terror
  • Heavy Support:
    • 1x Biovore
    • 1x Biovore
    • 1x Biovore
  • Fortifications:
    • Promethium Relay Pipes

Continue reading