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Painting with a Grain of Salt

Wh39kSalting (2)With my recent acquisition and assembly of both the Munitorum Containers and Promethium Relay Pipes, I figured I’d paint these up as terrain instead of fortifications.

The distinction is subtle, but it basically comes down to whether I paint them in bright primary colors to match my Ultramarines, or if I weather them in a more subdued tone so that they blend into the background with the rest of my buildings.  I opted for the latter because I intend to use these as terrain for the most part, though I may wind up painting some of the containers in a fashion so that they match my ultramarines–at least partly…

Anywho, one trick I pulled off with my buildings that I liked was when I used salt as a weathering effect.  I won’t go too much into the process, as I’ve already described it in detail in an earlier post on weathering with salt.

I wound up weathering all of the pipes and containers, but only some of the ammo crates and barrels (I guess I figured at least some of them should be in good shape). Wh39kSalting (3) I made sure to do at least half of both in some sort of damage though, to keep things fairly dark and dingy.

After painting them with rust and salting them, they’re now awaiting their final coats.  I’ve decided to go with gray containers because it’s fairly drab and I have a can of spray paint (along with a matching paint pot, thanks to the bases on my Zombicide figures).  I expect that I’ll paint up the ammo crates in a green scheme to match those I’ve already placed inside my buildings, but the barrels, I’m not sure about.  I think I painted my older ones green as well, but they could be just about any color, and I do like the striped effect that GW got with their barrels.  Maybe I should mix these up a bit?  Maybe a dark yellow?

What do you think?

WH39kPromethium (1)

Prometheum Relay Pipes

WH39kPromethium (1)Since I was doing a War Store Order for the new Munitorum Containers anyway, I figured I’d also include the Promethium pipes set because it was one of the few terrain kits I didn’t already own.   Not that I intend to purchase/use them as a fortification much (seriously, who uses flamers?), but it might make nice random terrain for a battle at some point.

The kit consisted of 8 sections of pipe: three long ones and five smaller ones, each coming in two parts.   In addition, another sprue of fourteen end-caps was included so you can cap every pipe.  The end-caps are a nice touch because it means that every pipe has sealed end so that it isn’t necessary to connect all of the pipes to each other.  Of course, if you use those caps, it also means that you can’t ever see through the pipe and shoot down the entire length of it either–but how often would that ever happen?

The caps come in various styles/designs so that they don’t all look alike either. Some look like a standard door/hatch, some appear to be a grate/filter, and still others look like turbines.

WH39kPromethium (2)If I had a complaint about this kit, it’s that it’s really long and straight.  There’s only one option for a T-connection (and that’s on one of the long/straight pipes) and there’s no option for a four way, or a π shaped connector.  The kit is relatively cheap though, and I suppose you could buy a bunch more if you so desired to recreate the Alyeska pipeline (which I don’t, mind you).

I’m not sure what color I’m going to paint these.  The GW kit is pretty heavy on the brazen brass, and that’s not exactly my style.  I’m not sure if I go with a silver pipe, or do something like a black pipe with silver trim.  The former is more like my overall style, but the black pipe might look rather cool.

Any thoughts?

WH39kContainers (1)

Munitorum Armored Containers

WH39kContainers (2)I know that I should be painting my other models, but there’s something compelling about terrain to me.  Maybe it’s because it’s clean and simple and doesn’t require the same level of detail as the models in my armies?  Or maybe it’s because I can use these models in every game, regardless of what force I field?

Whatever the case, the lure of terrain was too strong.  When GW released the new Munitorum Armored Containers, I snap-purchased two boxes of them from the War Store.  It was an easy decision for me because I have basically all of the other terrain kits for 40k, so why not buy these too?  Really the only thing I had any thought to give on it was whether I should buy two or three sets (because, let’s face it, having a single set doesn’t make for a really cool looking shipping yard).

As you can see, I settled on two set (six total containers) because it doesn’t make sense for me to break the bank on a game I play so rarely.

At $50 ($40 after discount), these are really not such a bad deal.  GW has been increasing their prices over time so that a single character clam shell is going to run you $30 by themselves, so getting all of this plastic for $40-50 seems like a screaming deal.  Personally, I justified them by comparing them to a drop pod.  I figured each container would be about the same size as a pod, and a single pod costs $37.50, so these are a good by, right?

WH39kContainers (3)In retrospect, a drop pod is a bit bigger than each container, but I think the comparison still holds up.

The plastic on these seems more bendable than other kits I’ve used.  I’m not sure if they used a different plastic on them, or if they’re thinner, or what.  Once assembled, it didn’t seem to make much difference, but they were noticeably wobblier than their predecessors.

Some of the sprues seemed poorly designed.  In particular, the pieces that connect the floors/roofs to the rest of the sprue were wonky.  They weren’t the same sort of connection that you’d normally see, and they were oddly spaced on the model, so cutting them out was a little tedious.  However, once they were sufficiently cleaned, the models all fit together easily and stood upright when gluing them without aid.

The kit also came with a bunch of ammo crates (they’re hollow with no bottoms) and a bunch of barrels (which came in two parts and had to be glued together–presumably to save money on plastic.  I would’ve liked to have seen the barrels come as a solid piece (I think they used to come that way, no?), but I can understand why they made that decision.

The only other issue I had when I was assembling them was that I managed to somehow loose one of the little eagle heads on the top of the containers.  I’m not exactly sure how or where it happened, but several fruitless searches came up empty, so I was forced to cast a replacement out of green stuff.  Luckily, I had purchased some of those reusable plastic molds earlier this year, so this gave me a good opportunity to try them out.  WH39kContainers (1)The end result is a reasonable approximation (though it came out a little too thick).  Without knowing it, you’d be hard pressed to spot it though.

I’m quite pleased with the look of the models.  I wound up sinking magnets into the top so that I can remove the storm bolters as needed.  I originally contemplated putting magnets on the bottom to help them stack, but with the way they’re designed, they sit nicely on top of each other without need for magnets.

Now, do I go ahead and paint them up (neglecting my armies) or should I get back on track for the upcoming Apoc game?

Wh39kSprayingBloo (2)

The Makings of a Smurfy Army

Wh39kSprayingBloo (3)I’ve been putting off painting up my Ultramarine vehicles for a while now.  Part of it, I’m sure is because there are enough of them laying around that I know it will take a fair bit of time, and part of it is general malaise towards painting in general, though I’m sure some small part of it is also because of a fear of the unknown.

I’ve tried airbrushing models before.  Sure, it worked great with my buildings, but I had a horrible time trying to get it to work while base-coating bugs from years past.  I don’t think I ever did a post on that, but somewhere between the thickness of the Ultramarine Blue paint and the airbrush I was using (Which seemed to get clogged constantly), it didn’t go well.  By holding the airbrush in such a way that it wasn’t sealed to the paint canister, I did manage to successfully basecoat those bugs–along with my arm–and the rest of the garage to boot.

Wh39kSprayingBloo (2)With an impending Apoc game on the horizon, I’m trying to use this as inspiration to get off my duff and make some real hobby progress though, so I wound up ordering more replacement paint, plus some Golden Airbrush Medium off of Amazon and finally broke down this week and sprayed the majority of extra stuff that I had laying around.  This didn’t include the models that I haven’t yet assembled, those that are assembled but still need some finish work (clean-up, magnetization, or brass etch), or any of my buildings–but it certainly seemed like enough stuff to keep me busy for a while.

In total, that’s six flyers (you may recognize them from recent posts on cleaning them up), three drop pods (that I picked up as part of a large lot ages ago and just never bothered to do anything with), four dreads (no idea where these came from), and a couple of rhinos–plus more dreadnought arms than you can shake a stick at.

As of the time I’m writing this, I have exactly one month plus one day to prepare for the Apoc game.  Of course, it’d be folly to assume I could finish all of this in time, so hopefully I can at least knock out a bit of it.  It’d be nice to get a flyer or two done….

Wh39kSprayingBloo (1)Of course, if I don’t finish in time, I’ll probably just revert to playing bugs.  Those are pretty much fully painted, and are easy to field (terribly so if I include a couple of Hierophants).  That’s a cop-out though, so I’m going to sincerely try to make some progress on these in time for the game.  I know that they’d go quickly if I just used the airbrush to paint them all, but then they wouldn’t look consistent with the rest of my force, so I’m going to stick with hand-painting them.  Perhaps that’s a mistake?  Almost certainly, in fact, but that’s my mistake to make!

Before I go, I thought I’d leave you with one last photo–just to show you that some things never change…  Despite having fixed the mixture of paint (by the way, that airbrush medium was great–though it didn’t take a lot of it, seeing as my base mix for blue is almost half ink anyway), I still managed to coat my entire hand blue.  This time, it wasn’t the hand holding the airbrush though, and was instead the hand holding the model.  I think it looks positively smurfy!

Wh39kSprayingBloo (4)


Wh39kFlyerUpdate (2)

Windshield Repair & Pimping My Ride

Wh39kFlyerUpdate (1)I’m not the fastest mover when it comes to hobby progress.  Yes, that’s an understatement, but I like to think that I fairly consistently make progress on things–even if it’s at a snail’s pace.

I would like to be done painting my flyers, but something always comes up.  This last time, what came up is that I just happened to read my own blog.

In my recent post about cleaning up my flyers, I spoke about how I put various pieces of brass etch on them and cleaned up some issues with them; however, the cover image for that post shows the canopy covering the windshield is clearly broken.  I have no idea how I missed that so many times while cleaning up the models, taking pictures, etc., but clearly I did.

Wh39kFlyerUpdate (3)So, I wound up going back to clean that up.  It wasn’t a big repair: I just molded up a wad of green stuff in the spot and pushed it into approximately the right size/shape.  After it dried, I went over it again with an X-acto knife and cut it into a uniform shape and scraped it to blend in with the rest of the model.

While I was working on it, I figured I’d replace the front-ramp with some rear rhino doors I had laying around.  You see, I placed an order back in … well, now that I think of it, I can’t rightfully recall when I placed that order.  I know that I was playing with Monty and Moe back then, so it had to be at least fifteen years ago.  Egads, I’m old.  Anywho, back then, we all pooled up and placed a forgeworld order.  I ordered enough rhino upgrades to basically kit out an entire company.  Flash forward a decade or more later and I’ve obviously not used them all (nor do I think I ever will), so I might as well throw a little more bling on these things, right?

Wh39kFlyerUpdate (2)The down side is that I had to glue them shut because I just couldn’t get them installed without breaking it all apart, or doing some terribly weird drilling/green stuff work.  I wasn’t ever planning on painting the insides though, so no harm done.

When I glued them in though, one of them wound up being recessed a little more than I wanted.  This is because there was no pin on the bottom to stop the resin from falling back into the hull.  The end result is that it’s ever so slightly at a different angle than the surrounding chassis.  I suppose I could fix it, but it could prove difficult to get to, given it’s position.  I might be able to poke at it from the rear with a rod and hope that it comes out cleanly, but since it’s relatively minor and I don’t want to break it, I think I’ll just leave it as is.

So, maybe now I can finally get to painting these things, eh?