Dreadtober 2016 – Mission Complete

wh39kcontemptor-4Dreadtober is a nice way of saying “let peer pressure tempt you into painting something–even if you would rather be painting Genestealer Cult.”  In previous years, I never let this sway me, but this year I figured why not?  It’s a good thing to inspire people to paint things.  Most years, I would probably not be painting anything, so keeping the movement going so that I get off my duff and paint something is a good thing.  Sure, this year, it distracted me from what I want to do, but next year I’ll probably find myself twiddling my thumbs again in dire need of inspiration.

So, in case you haven’t been following my progress, my Dreadtober project this year has been a contemptor dreadnought with Kheres Assault cannons.  I’m happy to say that, as this point, he’s finished.

Well, at least he’s finished with the paint job.  The base will have to come later.

wh39kcontemptor-2As always, I went with a fairly classic 2nd edition scheme.  If you don’t know me, it’s because I started this army back at the beginning of 3rd edition after having played basically every army in 2nd edition.  I settled on Ultramarines as my army long-term because they were effectively the worst Space Marine army in the game.  Every other chapter got entire codices of special rules, and Ultramarines got one or two special characters (who were frankly, not very good).  I adopted the army as my own and started painting them up in the classic scheme.  And the rest is history…

I typically paint my dreadnoughts as 2nd company units, so they match the rest of my army.  For my contemptor, I figured he was fairly elite, and I wanted him to be a member of the first company.  With that in mind, I needed to have white accents on the model, but I didn’t want to eschew the yellow scheme entirely (after all, he had to tie in to the rest of my army someway, right?).  That’s where the yellow chest eagle came from.

I’m certainly pleased with him overall.  I could’ve done better in parts, but I have no problem saying that he’s at least table-top quality.  In fact, the only area where I find myself kicking myself is in the scroll work.

wh39kcontemptor-7Normally I would tackle scroll work with a Micron pen.  So, when I found myself finished with the purity seals and other parchment, I reached for my pen–but it was nowhere to be found.  Instead of using the 01 pen, I grabbed the next one in the box: the 03.  I figured, how much different can it be?

Well, as you can see, you can still read the letters, but they’re larger and more blocky than I would prefer.  I really should’ve waited until I could find the other pen (or even gone out and bought another).  But I guess it’s incidents like this where we learn these things).  Take it from me: a 03 Micron pen is not the same as an 01.

I also noticed that I wound up (apparently) gluing his knee pads on upside down.  When I was scouring the internet for color scheme ideas, it seemed that most (if not all) other contemptors have their knee pads reversed.  I know I tried that position when assembling him, but it didn’t look right.   I actually like the way this looks though, so I’m not at all unhappy with the finished product.

wh39kcontemptor-6So that will just about wrap up Dreadtober 2016 for me.  I know that there are some other magnetized weapons I could be working on (and maybe I’ll get those done before the end of the month), and I also wound up cleaning up my Deredeo as well, so maybe he’ll see the painting table before too long.

But for now, I’m really going to try to be focusing on my Genestealer cult.  Since I have this rule that models need to be painted before they see the table, I want to get a coat on those guys so I can start shaking things up in my local gaming group.


Genestealer Cult Test

wh39kculttest-1I tend to write blog posts in spurts.  So, in most times I have a bit of a queue for upcoming posts that just haven’t gone live yet.  To give you an idea of how big that queue is and how far in advance I’m working, I just found out that they’re due to release a new Genestealer Cult codex this Friday, September 19th.

The thing is that I’m just one guy and blogging is ancillary to my hobby experience, so I try to write two posts per week.  So, with my existing queue and normal schedule (I typically push out posts on Monday and Wednesday of any given week) this won’t go live until November.  By that time, I would hope that I’ve committed to a scheme (and likely done a fair bit of progress on the rest of my models). Continue reading


Dreadtober – Blocking in the Colors

wh39kcontemptorwip-1Well, it’s Dreadtober, so I figured I really should be working on a dreadnought (despite the fact that I really want to be working on my Genestealer cult).  My plan was to actually do a little bit of work on my dread and a little bit on my cult and that way I could alternate posts between them; however, because of the way Joe is releasing updates on the weekend, I figured it would be prudent to get ahead of the game.

What I mean by that is that his posts go live on the weekend, and I was planning on posting my updates on Mondays.  What that means is that when his post goes live, my post hasn’t, so any link I give him just doesn’t work until Monday.  While the point of this blog isn’t exactly to drive traffic (more so to inspire me to make progress and give me a yard stick that I can measure by over the years), it doesn’t hurt to have other people interested.  After all, when people come by and post feedback, it does help to keep me inspired (by the way, thanks to everyone who does read this blog and comment from time to time).

wh39kcontemptorwip-4Anywho, if he posts on the weekend and people click the link, they won’t actually come to my blog page–so I might as well do two posts this week and get ahead of the game.

I’m not exactly following the weekly breakdown, but I’m coming relatively close.  The first week was supposed to be about assembly; the second is about blocking in colors.  Luckily, that’s as far as I got when I started snapping pictures, so I guess I’m on par for the course.  The following week is supposed to be about working on the base (which I don’t plan to do at all–at least until I work up the gumption to base the rest of the backlog that has been piling up).  And the final week?  I’m supposed to finish painting.

I figure after blocking in the color this week, I’ll probably be finished with the model so I can show the “completed” figure (sans base) next week, and possibly end the month on some extra magnetized weapons.

wh39kcontemptorwip-5As for the color blocking, it’s not perfect, but you’ll get the idea of where things are supposed to go.  Anything that is deep red will be red, and anything that is orange will be yellow (this might seem weird, but I build up my yellows starting from Blood Angels Red, then Bad Moon Yellow, then an Orange Wash, More Bad Moon, and then topped with Sunburst).

Yes, I know those are older colors that aren’t made any more, and honestly I don’t have half of those pots these days, but I’m using the equivalents from Vallejo.  On occasion, I take it one final highlight mixed with yellow, but I’ve pretty much stopped doing that.  If you want to see what the output looks like, you can check out my Imperial Bastion or Aegis Defense Line.  I tend to get a lot of flak for going that bright, so I’m toning it down a bit.

Well, that’ll do it for this week.  Like I said, next week I expect to have this guy completed, and then it’s on to my cult!



Dreadtober – Contemptor Style

wh39kcontemptorbuild-1If you’re not aware of Dreadtober, I don’t think you’re alone.  I’ve heard of the term a couple of times over the past few years, and only last year did I really feel like I should be painting one when Greggles from Feed Your Nerd started an internet movement with the idea.   The thing is, I’m notoriously difficult to inspire, so even though I felt like I should be painting a dread, I didn’t actually get off my duff and do it.

Well, this year is going to be different.  Joe over at Broken Paintbrush took up the mantle and I threw my hat in the ring.

And why shouldn’t I?  I have a total of eight dreadnoughts of various types that need to be painted:

  • wh39kcontemptorbuild-21x Chaplain
  • 1x Contemptor
  • 1x Deredeo
  • 4x “Normal” Dreads

That doesn’t include the three that I have painted (Ironclad, Venerable, Normal), or the half a dozen various dreads I have for my Chaos army–that I’m sure will never actually see the table.

By the way, anyone want to buy some Chaos Dreads?

That aside, I clearly need to get off my duff and paint a dreadnought or two, so why not use this opportunity to actually get some work done?  Well, the number one reason I would avoid this (aside from general malaise) is that I want to be working on my Genestealer Cult, as they just got a new codex, but hopefully I can knock this out relatively quickly and get back to that project.

wh39kcontemptorbuild-3With so many dreads to choose from, I figured it really didn’t matter all that much which one I started with.  Since I’d already had a venerable painted, along with an Ironclad and a normal one, the obvious choices were between the Chaplain (who looks cool, but I doubt is any good in the game), the Deredeo (which is pretty fantastic–at least it was when Brandon played one against me–but mine has some warping on the guns, so it will likely take longer) or the Contemptor.

I went for the Contemptor, both for the reasons listed above and the fact that I’d already mostly assembled and magnetized it–plus primed and basecoated it as well (you can make it out in these pictures).  Then again, basically all of the other dreads were in a similar situation, but whatever, I’m painting the Contemptor!

Like I said, it was already primed and basecoated in blue, but when I went to go paint it, I realized that I had missed some steps.  Firstly, I had never assembled the missile launcher for the back of it (I had purchased one, but it was still sitting in the baggy–wh39kcontemptorbuild-4I think I avoided it because I just didn’t know what that bit was for–but it was entirely possible that I had looked at it and laughed openly about how dumb it looked and ignored it on principle).

Still, I had purchased it, so there was no point in not magnetizing it before I painted up the model, right?  So I got to gluing that together and getting it magnetized on the back of the dread.

Likewise, I realized that I had done nothing to put Ultramarine iconography on the model.  I suspect that’s because I didn’t have any brass etch remaining, but luckily I had purchased some for a Vindicator that I was working on, along with some of my Ultramarine flyers, so I tacked on a few Omegas and an Iron Cross on this guy and painted over them with some Gesso (Bob Ross Gesso, to be precise).

wh39kcontemptorbuild-5I then went over the base coat with some more blue and promptly forgot that this post was supposed to be entirely contained to modelling, so I started putting up layers of black and boltgun for the metals.  Oh well, a little extra progress never hurt anyone.

Frankly, I don’t think I’ll have many posts on this guy–maybe one more WIP post for painting, but I may also just have him finished next time I talk about him.   I could also see a post dedicated to basing him, but I’m not sure he’ll be based by the end of the month.  I do have a lot of other basing to do, so I’ll likely just lump him in when I base the rest of the stuff.  I doubt that will be until December though when things slow down a bit for work.  You never know though…

I guess time will tell!




Genestealer Cult, Ho!

wh39kcultprimed-2In a recent post, I explained why it was that I was painting my Ultramarine flyers and not something else.  After all, I do have a number of models just laying around collecting dust.  Long story short, it’s because it was deemed that these particular models would be the largest asset to me in regular games of 40k.  Second place in that category belonged to my new Genestealer Cult models; however, as they lack a proper codex, they’ll likely see the table less in standard games of 40k.

Besides, for them to hit the table, I basically would need to paint up all of them, whereas flyers I can field onesie-twosies.

So, with all of those flyers being completed, I found myself looking for the next thing to paint.  Probably the most logical next step is my squad of Deathwatch that I have been “working on” since the original rules were released for them back in 3rd/4th edition–especially because they’re already halfway painted up.  I could also be working on my Imperial terrain that has only managed to be primed at this point, or my Tyranid Bastion that desperately needs to see some paint…

But for some reason, I decided to spur off in another direction and work on my Genestealer Cult.  I’ve loved these guys since 2nd edition, though I won’t spend my time waxing nostalgia on the subject as I already did that in an earlier post.

Rumors are crawling around the internet that these guys may soon see a supplemental codex, and it would be nice to have them ready for play at that time.

wh39kcultprimed-1There’s some debate as to how I should paint these up.  Practically speaking, I want them to bridge the gap between my Tyranids and my IG (used as Ultramar Planetary Defense).  So, I know the basic color schemes, but the real question winds up being how do I handle dipping them?  I could probably go either way on them, but I’d like them to look consistently good with either army.  The best looking result might be to paint them up normal and them somehow get the dip to only apply to the fleshy tones on the model.  Given that I use house stain, that might be a difficult effect to pull off.

Perhaps I need to do up a test model to see how things will work?  I should have enough, seeing as I purchased the base boxed game (Deathwatch Overkill), plus two additional sets of these guys.  My friend, Brandon was goodly enough to assemble virtually all of them for me (we omitted the extra copies of the characters because it seemed less likely that I would be able to field multiples of those), so I just spent a couple of nights cleaning up the flash on them, and then primed them up.

So it’s not a whole lot of progress, really, but it’s enough to warn of things to come… I will go out on a limb and say that–within 5 years–I will have a painted genestealer cult force!