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Batrep: Iron Warriors vs. Ultramarines (1850 pts)

For games this past week, traffic was a little light.  In fact, only one person showed up, and it was a teenager.

Now I don’t mean disparage teenagers in general, but I’m an old fart, and it’s kind of creepy for me to be hanging out with a teenager.  To make matters worse, I’d only met him a couple of times (he’s a friend of a friend of mine’s kid–that’s three degrees of separation for those that are counting), and I’d never met his parents.

The thing is, he’s a really cool guy.  He is a self-proclaimed “old soul,” and it really isn’t a bad moniker for him.  He’s certainly mature and intelligent, and though I thought it was weird the first time he came over, and I had my doubts this time, I’m happy he did come.  As luck would have it, his parents dropped him off and introduced themselves and that did wonders to help ease my worries.  Frankly, I don’t think I’d be cool enough with my kids if they wanted to go play toy soldiers with some grown man somewhere.

Anywho, in advance, we decided on an 1850 game and he brought Iron Warriors:

Mitch’s Iron Warriors:

  • HQ
    • Chaos Lord [Axe of Blind Fury, Mark of Khorne, Terminator Armour, Warlord] w/ Combi-Weapon [Combi-plasma]
    • Chaos Lord [Blight grenades, Bolt Pistol, Mark of Nurgle, Power Armour, Sigil of corruption, Veterans of the Long War] w/ Power Axe
  • Wh39kUvMitch (3)Elites
    • 3x Mutilator
    • 10x Noise Marines {Icon of Excess, 2x Noise Marine w/ Blastmaster, 7x Noise Marine w/ Sonic Blaster]
      Chaos Rhino [Combi-bolter, Havoc Launcher, Searchlight, Smoke launchers]
      Noise Champion [Doom Siren, Lightning Claw, Lightning Claw]
  • Troops
    • 10x Chaos Cultists [9x Autogun upgrade, 9x Cultists in unit] + Champion
    • 8x Plague Marines (Troops) (256pts)
    • Chaos Rhino [Combi-bolter, Havoc Launcher, Searchlight, Smoke launchers] w/ Combi-Weapon [Combi-plasma]
      Plague Champion [Blight Grenades, Bolt Pistol, Krak Grenades] w/ Combi-plasma & power axe
      3x Plague Marine [3x Blight Grenades, 3x Bolt pistol, 3x Boltgun, 3x Krak Grenades, 3x Plague knife]
      2x Plague Marine with Special weapon [2x Blight Grenades, 2x Krak Grenades, 2x Plague knife]
      2x Plasma Gun [2x Bolt pistol]
  • Fast Attack
    • 3x Chaos Bikers w/ 2x Melta & Sarge w/ P.fist & Combi-melta
    • Heldrake
  • Heavy Support
    • Chaos Land Raider [Dirge caster, Searchlights, Smoke Launchers, 2x Sponson mounted Twin-linked Lascannons, Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter]
    • Chaos Predator (140pts) [Lascannons, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, Twin-Linked Lascannon]

I’m not a fan of Predators in general as I think they’re kind of fragile, but with the new changes to vehicles and having AV13 on the front, it might not be bad at all.  Otherwise, the only thing in his list that I think is just bad is the Mutilators, everything else seemed pretty decent (though clearly not spammy min-maxed).

Ultramarines Defenders

  • Wh39kUvMitch (1)HQ:
    • Librarian in Terminator Armor w/ Stormshield (Divination: Prescience, Forewarning, & Scrier’s Gaze)
  • Elites:
    • Ironclad w/ Flamer in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
    • 7x Legion of the Damned w/ Plasma Cannon & Plasma Gun inc. Sarge w/ Power Axe & Plasma Pistol
    • 5x Terminator Assault Squad w/ Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields
  • Troops:
    • 5x Scouts w/ Combat Blades inc. Sarge w/ Combi-melta in Land Speeder Storm w/ Flamer
    • 5x Scouts w/ Sniper Rifles
    • 10x Tactical Marines w/ Lascannon & Plasma Gun
  • Fast Attack:
    • 5x Bikes w/ 2x Melta inc. Sarge
    • 1x Attack Bike w/ H. Bolter
    • 1x Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta
  • Heavy Support: 
    • 3x Centurion Devastators w/ Grav-cannons & Hurricane Bolters inc. Sarge w/ Omniscope
    • Thunderfire Cannon
    • Whirlwind
  • Fortifications:
    • Aegis Defense Line (no gun)

I wanted to play with Centurions again, and Brandon taught me that I wanted to have someone with a stormshield in the front, so I went with his Librarian strategy.  I contemplated taking Tiggy, but that really made it instantly feel too much like our planetstrike game.  Most of the other inclusions are pretty general inclusions in my marine lists.  The only real new thing I tried was using the Legion of the Damned that I’d painted up (though not yet based) recently.

Mission & Setup:

Wh39kUvMitch (2)For mission, we got the one where you accrue additional strategic asset cards based upon the number of objectives you control per turn.  That comes with a recommended deployment of long table edges, so we diced off and Mitch won the first turn.  He opted to deploy first and take the first turn.

For Warlord traits, Mitch rolled up one extra strategy card on the first turn, while I went with the strategic table and got Conqueror of Cities (can’t argue with Stealth: Ruins and move through cover: ruins, can you?).

I failed to seize the initiative and play commenced immediately with Mitch taking the first turn…

Turn 1: Iron Warriors

Wh39kUvMitch (5)The first turn was almost wholly uneventful.  Mitch took the first turn, but didn’t have much shooting in his army.  In fact, the only real guns he had to bring to bear were those on his land-raider and his predator annihilator.  Both were firing largely into units that had 3+ cover saves for being in the ruins (and in one location, a 2+ cover save, thanks to my Techmarine).  He did manage to put a single wound on my Attack bike w/ multi-melta from some stray shot, and otherwise, I think the only damage he managed to do was to pop a marine or two out of a tactical squad with his cultists’ autoguns (despite the fact that the tactical marines had a 2+ cover save!

Otherwise, he did manage to surge up and cover up three objectives (which was great, since he didn’t start on top of any), and score one objective right off the bat.

Score: Iron Warriors: 1 vs. Ultramarines 0

Turn 1: Ultramarines

On my turn, I was largely focused on moving forward and pushing things off of objectives.  I’d played this mission before and knew that a big part of winning in involved getting a bunch of cards for more attempts to get ones that I could accomplish.  I did wind up starting on top of two objectives, so that gave me a little leg up, but pushing him off of objectives wasn’t going to be easy.

Wh39kUvMitch (14)In addition to advancing my forces, I wanted to make sure I could deal with some of his nastier units.  In my mind, that included his Slaneesh marines (I hasn’t played against them before, but the weapon stats that he gave me made me sure that I didn’t want to deal with them firing at me.  I also wanted to stop the Land Raider because I figured that mutilators didn’t sound tough when they were out of assault, so stopping the raider would help out with that.  Lastly, I wanted to put my drop pod near his cultists–not because I thought they were terribly scary, but in order to stop him from holding that objective every turn.

What I did manage to do was to weaken a few of his squads, and push another off an objective to score it for myself, while also managing to kill a couple of characters for another point.  When added to first blood, things were looking pretty good from where I stood.  I did leave a couple of melta guns playing around in my backfield, and I hadn’t really touched the Slaneeshi squad, but otherwise, I was relatively content with my first turn.

Score: Iron Warriors: 1 vs. Ultramarines 2+1

Turn 2: Iron Warriors

Mitch wound up drawing up some cards that incentivized him to destroy multiple units–in particular a vehicle of mine.  So, he wound up refocusing the chaos bikers to take pot-shots at the storm (despite the fact that it had Forewarning on it for a 4++ save), but between him, a nearby rhino, his predator, and his chaos lord, all they managed to do was strip a single hull point off it in the shooting phase.  He also charged in with both the bikes and the lord, but didn’t manage to do that extra required hull point of damage, so it was able to sneak out of combat in the following turn.

Wh39kUvMitch (14)On the other side of the board, his mutilators disembarked and poured into a multi-assault against an attack bike and my assault terminators.  Mitch had never used Mutilators before (nor had I faced them), and come to find out, he’d never faced assault terminators either.  So, I wound up accepting his challenge and deflecting all of the blows with my storm shield, and then we ate the rest of the squad when swinging back with the thunder hammers (can mutilators really be only toughness 4?).  So, on his turn, I managed to achieve points for “slay the warlord.”

Where Mitch did have success was with those Slaaneshi marines.  I kept forgetting that they ignored cover throughout the entire game, and their firepower was terrifying to most of my units (ST8, AP3, ignores cover–can that be right?).  This turn, they destroyed both of the melta-guns out of my bike squad, which practically speaking, neutered them for the rest of the game.

He wound up earning two victory points for holidng objective 5 and for destroying a unit of mine (an attack bike).

Score: Iron Warriors: 3 vs. Ultramarines 2+2

Turn 2: Ultramarines

Wh39kUvMitch (18)In my turn, I had resolved to kill off those darned pink marines, but wasn’t able to do much damage.  I wound up firing several units at them (including direct hits by  the whirlwind and thunderfire cannon), but between some saves and feel no pain, I did almost no damage.  I would’ve loved to hit him with the centurions, but I was busy killing off those melta guns and chaos lords (by the way, at this point, I was still firing the salvo weapons as if they didn’t have slow-and-purposeful–doh!).

My terminators did a number on the landraider in assault, and I was able to clean up some of the smaller straffing units, but I hadn’t closed the distance enough to take care of his long range shooty.

The good news was that I had three “claim objective X” missions for the turn and was able to secure an additional three points.  The downside?  I got way out of position and wouldn’t be drawing many objectives next turn…

Score: Iron Warriors: 3 vs. Ultramarines 5+2

Turn 3: Iron Warriors

Wh39kUvMitch (23)His dragon came screaming onto the board with a vengeance and managed to template a full combat squad of marines, but failed miserably when rolling to wound–killing only one marine.  At least it was my plasma gun though.

Otherwise, he took some pot shots at my units around the board, but his army was getting down to just a few units at lower than normal strength, so he didn’t have the remaining firepower to deal with my forces.

He earned two victory points for securing objective 4 and for destroying a vehicle of mine in the shooting phase (I’m guessing it was that landspeeder storm that only had one hull point left.  It’s difficult to junk away three lascannon hits…).

Score: Iron Warriors: 5 vs. Ultramarines 5+2

Turn 3: Ultramarines

Wh39kUvMitch (27)My legion of the damned finally showed up, but weren’t able to do all that much.  Between them and my bikers, I had killed all but one sSlaneeshi marine (and I opted not to fire my plasma pistol on my sarge–figuring it was best to charge in and potentially be protected from that dragon’s baleflame attack.  And, as luck would have it, both of us whiffed in assault, so I was tied up.

My dread refocused his attention on the squad of chaos cultists that had been bringing Mitch in a steady stream of objective cards and won combat, then chased them towards his board edge (subsequently earning me a point for “behind enemy lines”).  Otherwise, I took a few ineffective pot-shots against his predator, and tossed out a flurry of shots from centurions into the dragon (causing two hull points of damage).

Score: Iron Warriors: 5 vs. Ultramarines 6+2

Turn 4: Iron Warriors

Wh39kUvMitch (29)At this point, Mitch cried no joy–took one last shot with his dragon (nuking a tactical squad in the process) and called it a day.  From the score alone, he wasn’t losing my much, and it would’ve been possible to come back, but with only five models on the board and a hand full of less than ideal objectives, he decided it wasn’t worth it.  We instead, took the rest of the time to talk general strategy and trade some models.

Final Score: Iron Warriors: 5 vs. Ultramarines 6+3

What I Learned:

  1. Centurions have slow and purposeful.  I knew they could move and shoot, but I spent half the game firing my salvo weapons at their inferior profile.  Gotta know your rules!
  2. Slaneeshi weapons are great.  Disgustingly so, but he apparently paid almost 400 points for that unit, so it should be pretty solid at that price.
  3. Having mobility is still huge.  In these games, having fast units that can hop around and snag objectives is great. I wouldn’t say that it’s strictly required, but it definitely helps a lot.
  4. Hanging out with teenagers isn’t all bad. Yes, I still think it’s a little creepy for a grown man to “play toys with kids,” but I think that’s a healthy way of thinking. Still, even though many teenagers come across as punks, there are definitely some good eggs, and this is one of them.
  5. I have to play with my LotD again. I just didn’t see them do enough to be able to tell one way or the other if they’re any good.

Coup for IOS – Free

Earlier this year, I bought a few lightweight travel games for a vacation I had planned.  Most of those games were at least mild successes, including one I reviewed called Coup.  Well, on occasion, I do searches for games I like on my iPhone to find their digital counterparts, and I wound up stumbling across Coup for IOS (which apparently had it’s own kickstarter campaign).

CoupWhen I saw it was free to play, I thought that I had snuck in during it’s initial launch and was truly getting something free, but it turns out that they monetize through in-app-purchases.  You can still play the game for free, and have virtually all of the functionality.  You don’t get to use the classic card style graphics, have limited chat functionality, and can’t scope out your opponents win/bluff percentages without forking over cash, but none of those are necessary to play.

What you do get is a clean port of the game to the iPhone.  The only thing I can see that’s missing is that it you can’t take “Foreign Aid” (Which is where you can take 2 coins, which can be blocked by a Duke).  Other than that, the game seems a perfect port from physical to virtual.  It also says that you can’t simply block a captain, but you have to state whether you yourself have a captain or an ambassador, but that might be part of the original rules that we glossed over.

So, if anyone out there is interested in playing a game, feel free to look me up:

username: wh39999

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Dimachaerons and Spores, Oh My!

wh39kSpores (2)I wound up painting up some bugs recently, including some Carnifexen that I’d posted earlier.  I arbitrarily separated them from this post in an effort to spread the content out a little bit, but only just now realized that I had a defensible reason for doing so:  All of the models in this post are of Forgeworld origin and are resin, whereas the others are GW and plastic.

Not that anyone reading this blog is doing so for my scintillating segways, mind you…

I owned a set of spores already, so I already had a dedicated painting scheme for them (though they don’t seem to have ever gotten posted, so I’ve nothing to really refer to).  Rest assured, they look much like those pictured here, but they’re dipped and based, so they look quite a bit better.  Actually, if you look at the photo above you can see one of the finished models standing next to the rest of the pack.

wh39kFWLeaper (3)As for the Dimachaeron, I didn’t have any before, so I just winged it.  The scheme is pretty standard for my bugs: blue and bone with some sort of accent.  I didn’t know what color to paint his various innards, and figured that it would look better if it was a variety, but since it’s going to be dipped anyway and that’s on the inside of his chest (therefore it’s where you won’t see it and it’s also where the stain will be congealing), I opted to keep it simple.

His “squad markings” are blue dots, which is something I took to on some of the larger bugs (namely the Hierophants and Tervigons).  I prefer the effect over the generic lines that I’ve done on most of the other bugs, but I do use a few lines on the tail and head to keep it consistent overall.

Feel free to poke around at the thumbnails below to see some larger images…

wh39kSpores (1)  wh39kFWLeaper (4)  wh39kFWLeaper (2)  wh39kFWLeaper (1)



wh39kSHTerms (23)

Space Hulk – Ultramarines Style (cont’d)

wh39kSHTerms (9)In my previous post, I started writing about the terminators from the Space Hulk board game that had been converted to Ultramarines.  This is merely a continuation of that post.

The thing is, that I think I said about everything that needed to be said there, so I’m not sure what I’m going to talk about here.  Hopefully my stream of consciousness style of writing finds something to grasp onto…

Ok, so in the last post I mentioned that Joe did the conversion work on these guys and that he doesn’t play much.  What I didn’t say is how much I paid for this service.  That didn’t really come up because I–quite frankly–haven’t paid him.

You see, I’ve known Joe for about twenty years now–I even lived with his family for a spell.  While we’ve never been the closest of friends, we do have relatively similar interests and personalities, so that when we do get together, we wind up bonding quite well.  Since we know each other so well, there’s a lot of inherent trust there.  wh39kSHTerms (11)So, when I expressed interest in him doing some conversion work (something he already loves to do), he jumped at the chance.  At the time when he was picking up the models/bits from me, the topic of payment did come up, but he insisted that we’d come to a meaningful arrangement eventually and so we did the deal in good faith.

This is where I should warn you that you should never enter into such a contract: especially among friends.

I’ve been burned by these contracts too many times, as have friends of mine.  I’m sure everyone has such stories, and the reason why is because they’re everywhere.  wh39kSHTerms (13)My most recent example of such a deal is when I traded models to a friend to have him paint my goblins  (for the record, this one hasn’t gone totally south, and there has been some level of progress, so I’m still optimistic that this will work out).

The deal with Joe though?  Well, that’s still up in the air.

Another thing I didn’t mention about Joe is that he has an absurd amount of Space Marines.  Well, maybe I did mention it, but what I might not have said is that he’s looking to get rid of them.  He’s been toying with the idea of selling them for a long time (since he never uses them) and I’ve talked with him about buying them on occasion.  Most of the stuff is older (though he still has quite a bit of new stuff) and the lot includes a very diverse selection of marines of all sorts: Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Crimson Fists, “Golden Eagles” (a chapter I had made the fluff for originally, and he took it to a whole ‘nother level), etc.

wh39kSHTerms (15)And it’s not just a smattering of each force. I’m sure he has enough models for every force to consider them a fairly large army.  It’s always fun to hear him casually toss about numbers in conversation:  “Oh, you want dreadnoughts?  I have 20 of them…”  That isn’t an exact quote, but a general idea of the magnitude.  The dude has A TON of stuff.

So, when he came back and returned the finished Space Hulk models, he also came with an idea of how I could pay them off.  His suggestion: help me sell my stuff.

Realistically, it’s a fairly eloquent solution.  I get to use his expertise in modelling, and he can leverage my experience/ebay account to sell off his models.  It’s really a win/win.  So then, what’s the problem?

wh39kSHTerms (17)I’m lazy.

You see, I really don’t enjoy ebaying.  I really like the thrill of buying models cheap and knowing that I can make a profit off them.  I also kind of like the end result when I actually make the profit–but everything in between is kind of a pain in the arse: storing models in my garage; taking pictures; creating the listings; dealing with buyers; and actually shipping off the goods all take more time/effort that I’m willing to put into it.

Yes, on occasion I wind up looking past that and having ebay sales (like this one or that one), but I’m still sitting a huge mound of space marines of my own that I need to sell.  I can’t work up the level effort required to post my own sales, when I know that it should result in several thousand dollars–why would I want to do the same level of effort and get “nothing” out of it?

Of course, I am getting more than nothing out of it.  I’m getting his services, and I’m also getting to help a friend.  The thing is, I’m at the point in my life where having a little extra cash doesn’t mean much to me (not that I’m calling a few thousand dollars “a little extra cash,” mind you–I’m referring to whatever the monetary equivalent for his services would be).  wh39kSHTerms (19)So, I’d far prefer to pay him in some sort of reasonable cash settlement than to go through the motions to actually sell all of that stuff for him.

Over time though, maybe I’ll break down.  I really should reach out to him and try to square this up.  Maybe if he agrees to break all of the lots up, write descriptions, and take the photos, I can put it up using my ebay account and help him with packaging or something?    I guess time will tell.

The silver lining?  Well, in addition to getting some nicely converted models, I also wound up with a decent story that filled up the majority of this free-style rambling post with pseudo-relevant information.  Now, I only have two more photos to go before I can say this post is long enough.

wh39kSHTerms (21)Why oh why didn’t I include more photos in the first post?

I guess I can spend the rest of the time actually commenting on the models, eh?

As I said before, the bits largely came from various spares I had laying around, including some ultramarines icons, Forgeworld shoulderpads, and various metal Ultramarines bits I’d collected over the years.  Most of the latter came back when GW actually sold bits online (how long ago was that?), and I saw potential in having another cool base from Marneus or the like.  Heck, most of the various metal bits come directly off the current Marneus model or his surrounding bodyguard.  I also wind up picking up large lots locally from time to time, so when they have cool bits, I’ll often keep a few for myself–including anything Ultramarines related.

In my original post on these models, I think I might have said that he also used brass etch, but in retrospect that’s not the case.  I remember looking around for mine, but I couldn’t find it.  So, he wound up taking the models and leaving some open areas where brass etch might fit (though I think most of them he filled in with green stuff).

wh39kSHTerms (23)I have to say that his sculpting ability has really improved over the years.  Granted, he’s not at the level of Jess Goodwin, but for a casual hobbyist that doesn’t play (or seemingly paint), and a father of six kids that doesn’t have time to himself, he’s doing pretty good.

I really like the overall feel of the models.  Granted, the dynamic poses are already great, but the abundance of inverted Omegas on them really pleases me.  Sure, there are things that aren’t exactly to my liking: I don’t tend to like the giant icons on their backs, or loincloths in general, but I’m really pleased with them overall.

So a big thanks to Joe for his help on this one.  One day, I’m sure we’ll work out a proper payment.  ;)

And, by the way, there are some more thumbnails of the backs of all of the models below.  You can click on any of them to see a large photo (likewise, any of the “larger” photos in this blog post can be clicked on to see an even larger one).

wh39kSHTerms (10)  wh39kSHTerms (12)  wh39kSHTerms (14)  wh39kSHTerms (16) wh39kSHTerms (18)  wh39kSHTerms (20)  wh39kSHTerms (22)  wh39kSHTerms (24)


Wh39kApoc2014 (19)

The Arctic Warlord

I know that I said my next post would be a continuation of my Space Hulk Terminators post, but after I wrote that post, I had to bump it to next week because another local gamer had started a blog and I wanted to give him a little shout out.

Now, I’m under no delusions that I have a massive following or that the mere mention of his blog in one of my posts will skyrocket him to fame and fortune–but I figure that even if one or two people swing by, that can help him get a leg up in the blogosphere.  Hell, anything I can do to encourage the hobby locally, it’s worth it.  Lord knows I haven’t really found another gaming blogger here since Cole’s short stint in blogging back in 2010.  Whatever the case, you can see this blog here:

The Arctic Warlord

Wh39kApoc2014 (2)The guy goes by the name of Vilicate, and is pretty well renowned in these parts as a tournament player.  In fact, he goes into that during his first post, going so far to say that “playing in tournaments is pretty much [his] favorite thing to do, period.”  I know he does put together some pretty tight lists and does well in most of the tournaments he plays in (I believe he even took second place in the only tournament I’ve ever played in with him.  Who was it that took first in that tourney, Danny?…)

But seriously, since I don’t play in tourneys, I don’t get to see him that much.  And, to date, I’ve still never played a complete game against him.  The one game we did start, he had to leave early during, but I am looking forward to playing against him one of these days.  Oh wait, that’s a bit of a lie: he was at the Fall of Morrsleb Apocalypse battle I ran last year, but that’s not exactly the same as a “normal” game of 40k.

Wh39kApoc2014 (19)Without playing him much, I can only go on my social interactions with him and what I’ve heard from others.  What I can say is that he really seems to know the rules.  I guess as a competitive player he really needs to learn them (not that I don’t), but he plays fast and doesn’t need to look much up.  While he’s competitive, I wouldn’t put him into the Win At All Costs (WAAC) label that some people throw about, and he seems genuinely amiable to play with.  He also paints well, and very quickly, and clearly has entirely too much disposable income to put into this game (I don’t believe he has any army as extensive as my bugs, but it seems like he owns about every army in both WHFB and 40k.

Since we haven’t played all that much, I don’t have many pictures of his armies, so I’m just going to throw in a few pictures from the last Apoc game we played in.

Anywho, his blog is brand new so there really isn’t much in the way of content just yet, but if you’d like to go take a gander at it, you can see it at the address below: