More Painted Stormtalons

wh39kstormtalons2-3For a recent Apocalypse game, I had aimed to paint up all of my flyers and drop them all on the table at one time.  I figured this would be a pretty big deviation from previous games, as I’ve never fielded a flyer before, so this wouldn’t be anything my opponents would be expecting.

Truth be told, there was some debate as to what models I’d be painting for the game, or even what army I’d play.  All I knew originally is that I was going to play one of my two armies (Imperials or Tyranids) and I wanted to use this game as an excuse to paint up some models.  My original thought was that I’d either paint up some Ultramarine vehicles, Imperial Fortifications, or possibly some Tyranid models (most likely my Tyranid Bastion, or some Genestealer Cult figures).  I think I was leaning towards the cult honestly, but a friend of mine convinced myself that they would see the table less frequently than other units, and that my flyers, would be more likely to see the table in general games, and it would add another dynamic option for me when I play my marines (who have relatively few vehicles at their disposal normally).

wh39kstormtalons2-1So I went with the flyers to start off with.  The storm talons were smaller and so they got tackled first.  Perhaps the smarter move when doing these things is to paint up just what I plan on using in a normal game and then moving on to another type of unit; however, that’s not how my brain works.  I’d much rather paint up all of a particular type of model/vehicle before I start working on another type.  With that in mind, I actually painted up all four Storm Talons before I moved on to the Stormravens (despite what my order of blog posts would seem to indicate–when I get a backlog like this, I just like to mix things up to include a little variety in my posts).

You can find the first two Storm Talons I painted in my earlier post on the subject, followed shortly thereafter by a post on my first Storm Raven (expect the second storm raven in an upcoming post as I’ve completed that too by now).

wh39kstormtalons2-2These models aren’t practically that much different than the first two.  Sure, there are some subtle differences as to the paint job, or the positioning or types of brass etch that I put on each model (for instance, each of the four has some sort of emblem on the right side of the tail that’s different:  an imperial eagle, iron cross, omega, etc.), and each has a subtle difference on the number and length of the broken antennae (I spoke about this in the previous post), but they’re essentially the same models.

The only real difference is that a number of them (one from the last batch and one from this) have their weapons glued in place.  In this case, the model with Lascannons on it, has them firmly cemented on.  Perhaps I could’ve snapped them off and done up some putty work to cover the breakage, but I figured it was best to leave them in place.  Besides, both the lascannons (in this post) and the missiles make for good choices, so I don’t feel slighted that these are glued in place.

Oh, for those that are wondering, one of the other flyers had it’s missiles glued in place as well.

wh39kstormtalons2-4Since they came used, I didn’t have all of the appropriate weapon options for all of the flyers, so I couldn’t use the same style of missiles for all three flyers (excluding the lascannon one, obviously).  But I don’t foresee that being a huge issue.  As long as I can tell my opponent that all of them armed with missiles are using XYZ rules, that should be adequate, right?

So that just about does it for my flyers.  I do have one more post to come on my other Stormraven, and I need to eventually work on the bases for these, but for now I think they’re playable (at least I hope they are, seeing as I’ve actually played multiple games with them).

More to come on both of those at a later date…




Batrep: Imperial Knights vs Ultramarines (1799 pts)

Last weekend I wound up playing against Brandon and what turned out to be one of the worst beatings I’ve ever taken in my entire life. Don’t believe me? See it for yourself at this blog post.

So, when El Sambro (name changed to protect the innocent) challenged me to a game against his Knights, I was naturally a bit skeptical; however, I figured it couldn’t be worse than last week, so dutifully obliged.

He had replied to the group and then email prior to the game that he could potentially take four nights. I thought he was joking. Even if he wasn’t, it was unlikely that I was the one that was going to be facing him. Whatever the case, I built an army to take on all comers. So, it wasn’t designed to fight against nights, but when he said that he was serious, I looked at my list and thought “I think I could probably do this.”

So, it wasn’t designed to fight against nights, but when he said that he was serious, I looked at my list and thought “I think I could probably do this.”

And so the game began…

El Sambro’s Imperial Knights (Household Detachment):

  • wh39kvknights-2Knight Warden as his Lord Baron (WS 5 BS 5) with the Mark of Omissiah (It will not die) meltagun upgrade and twin autocannon upgrade.
  • Knight Errant w/ meltagun upgrade.
  • Knight Paladin w/ twin autocannon upgrade.
  • Knight Crusader w/ rapid fire battle cannon upgrade, ironstorm missile pod upgrade
I have never faced a knight before in a game–nor have I ever really watched a game with one of them, so I had very little tangible experience with them.  Granted, I’d seen one on the table-top before, and even played against them in Apoc, but in the experiences I did have, I don’t think I’ve ever shot at (or been shot at by) one of them.  Long story short, I didn’t know what I was up against.
That was partly why I was willing to play against them.  Granted, I would’ve preferred to face a list that had just one of them, but that’s not what my opponent brought.  In all fairness, he did bring marines too, but I knew that he wanted to play the all-knight force, so I insisted he play these.  He had painted these up for Apoc but was itching to field these for a while in a normal game.  I think he feels like they’re too cheesy and doesn’t want to upset anyone by actually fielding them though.

When I pointed out that I sprung a Hierophant on him in a friendly game, that was all he needed and the battle lines were drawn… Continue reading


Ultramarine Flyer Progress: Storm Raven #1

wh39kstormraven1-1In May of this year, I had taken a few models that have been collecting dust on my shelf for a few years and cleaned them up to prepare them for painting.

Holy cow, has it really been since May that I stripped my flyers?  Where does the time go?!  Of course, the intent at the time wasn’t merely to strip them, but they fell by the wayside.  I can’t say exactly why that happened, but suffice it to say that life got in the way.

In preparation for an upcoming Apocalypse game (which has come and gone completely by now, but you can read about it here), I figured I’d try to get all of my flyers painted.  I did manage to get my Storm Talons painted for the game, but I couldn’t muster enough effort to get the larger flyers done, so those took a back seat.  Well, after looking at these models sitting around in the garage for several years, and then sitting around my house waiting for paint, I figured now was the time and broke down and made some progress on these as well.

wh39kstormraven1-2The scheme is basically the same as I used for my Talons–which is basically just the same scheme as I use for any Ultramarines vehicles: Paint it blue with edge highlighting and then accent various areas in yellow.  Then, throw in some red weapons and an occasional white Omega, and you have yourself an Ultramarine.

There’s some debate about what areas of the model to highlight, but I wound up turning back to the internet on that one. There are a bunch of examples of painted Stormravens online, so I had many to choose from.  I liked the ones that included three color variations, but didn’t know what to use for that third color.  I also really liked the models that included stripes and free-hand painting, but I didn’t want to spend a long time on these.

In the end, I opted for a clean looking scheme that picked out a few basic areas and painted them yellow.  Like the smaller flyers, I wanted to put accents on the ends of the wings and tail, so it just meant that I had to pick out some other areas to do the major color accents, and that left me with the cockpit and front-engines.

There isn’t too much fancy work going on with the rest of the model though.  It had a shield/crossed sword motif on the side that the previous owner had crafted.  T think he cut the shields themselves out of plastic card, but the swords are from a kit (I get the feeling that they’re from a vehicle upgrade kit–perhaps the Dark Angels one?).  They’re actually not big enough to extend fully behind the shields, so he cut them down and then glued them in place with a gap.  You just can’t see that because it’s nicely obscured by the shield.  I painted them red to give an accent to the piece.

wh39kstormraven1-3I know the shields look rather plain as is, and they need some sort of embellishment.  I’m just not sure what to do with them.  Of course, I could throw an Omega on there and call it a day, but it I think it would look better with a white diagonal stripe on it (and then, perhaps, a blue omega on it?).  Some nice freehand of <insert space marine kind of thing here> would work too, but I just can’t figure out what that would be.

Rather than let indecision paralyze me again, I just painted them red and then pushed on to get the rest of the model finished.  I can always go back and paint the shield later, right?

Well, we’ll see if that ever happens…




Finally Painting my Stormtalons

wh39kstormtalons1-5I first started writing this post in early July, but wound up mothballing it for some reason.  Most likely that was because I didn’t have any proper photos on hand to show my progress, and therefore didn’t know exactly what to write about.

Now, months later, I’ve completed painting my Storm Talons, and have lost whatever perspective I had when originally writing this post.  Of course, I could just make something up and no-one would be the wiser, but I figure why not write about my hobby experience the way things actually work?

It’s not all that uncommon that I do this: start a project, and then shelve it for some reason.  Some of those things might sit in a box for years (I actually still have a tote full of Chaos models that I won as a prize for painting my Falcon grav-tank back in the late 90’s.  Sadly, since it’s been so long since Chaos has gotten any real love, most of those models are still the most current versions available).  wh39kstormtalons1-1Most of the time, if I give it enough time, these projects tend to come to fruition though–sometimes that takes half a decade (like in the case of my buildings).  So, if you think about it, three months is practically super-sonic in my world.

When we last left off, I had been prepping some of my flyers for a list in our latest Apoc game, and though I didn’t complete all of them, I did make some progress towards that goal.  My two Storm Ravens were still barely primed, but I had managed to paint all four of my Storm Talons.  Typically, I would try to put up a post about the fully painted models prior to actually using them in a game (or at least prior to posting the battle report containing them), but this one slipped through the cracks.

wh39kstormtalons1-2There wasn’t a whole lot of debate as to how I was going to paint these guys, but that does generally inject a delay into the process.  I typically want to go through and figure out the entire scheme before proceeding, which often leads me to throw up my hands in frustration and then eventually move on to something that takes fewer decisions.  In this case, I knew that I wanted to paint them all similar and that they would be primarily blue with yellow accents and red weapons.  That’s the standard for anything with an Omega in my army, so that much is a given.

The only real question is which parts should be picked out with the yellow highlights.  I wound up looking for examples around the internet, and really liked the ones where people had painted the front of the engines in a contrasting color, so I knew I was going with that.  I also didn’t want there to be too much yellow throughout the model, so I ultimately decided to go with just smallish accents on the wings and tail.

All six of the flyers (two Stormravens and four Stormtalons) were already assembled when I’d gotten them, and two-thirds of them were already painted in some scheme.  That meant that many of them already had paint on the hatches (most, but not all of which, had come off during the stripping process), and many of them were already glued in place.  wh39kstormtalons1-3This meant that it was going to be difficult to paint the insides of the cockpits, plus I was up against a deadline for the impending Apoc game.  All these things considered, I wound up just priming the entire cockpit black and then painting streaks on it to act as highlights.

Most of the weapons on the flyers were magnetized (in fact, I think pretty much all of them except for the fact that one Storm Talon had dedicated Lascannons, one dedicated missiles, and one of the Storm Ravens also had a dedicated missile launcher.  I wound up magnetizing all of the other options and painting them along with the flyers.

Since they were used, it meant that they also came with some battle damage on them.  You’ll see more of this when I get to the Storm Ravens, but if you look at the antennae on the back of these smaller flyers, you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about.

wh39kstormtalons1-4Of the four total models, only one of them has all three antennae fully in tact.  I had contemplating trying to glue some of the pieces back on (at least the ones that I had, some of them were missing entirely), or possibly trying to make new ones out of plastic rod.  That all seemed too much like work though.  My next thought was that maybe I should cut them off completely, but that seemed like it was going to look completely out of place.  I finally settled on leaving them as-is because it was a fairly small cosmetic issue, and added a little bit of variety to the models.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

Each of these has a little unit number on the left wing from the Ultramarine brass-etch sheet (courtesy of Forgeworld).  I figured that would be a good way to distinguish them on the table-top as each of them is essentially painted the same.

So there you have it, four painted flyers.  Granted, their bases still need to be done, but I figured that I could at least play with them like this, as my personal rule is that the model has to be painted before I can play with it–not necessarily based.  Though that will come in time too…



Apoc2016Photos (16)

Apoc 2016: The Battle

Apoc2016Photos (3)One of these days I will learn that the only real way to do a battle report is to sit down immediately after the game and write out the details while they’re fresh in your mind.  Naturally, you’d have think I would have learned by this point in my life–and to some degree I have.  If you asked me, I’d give you the correct answer, but in practice, that doesn’t seem to happen all that much.

While I did do some of the write-up, I hadn’t finished it.  If you want to catch up on what you missed out on, check out these posts

So, between the fact that I’m writing this a good two months after the actual game and the fact that Apoc games are large battles where no one player can fully capture the magnitude of what transpires, I’ll do my best to recall the events of the game.  Rather than trying to recall the entire game on a play by play, I figured I’d go over some of the high points by addressing some of my preconceived notions and how they played out.

  1. People Will Paint Their Armies
  2. People Will Play “Apoc Style” forces (super heavies & bad FoC)
  3. Teams Will Not be Random
  4. People Will Adhere to Specific Board Sections
  5. The Score Will be Close
  6. Everyone Will Have Fun

Let’s work on these in order from top to bottom: Continue reading