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Finally Finished Fortress

wh39kFortress (1)In 2013 I finally got around to assembling the Fortress of Redemption that I’d purchased years earlier.

It took me a full year to even start painting it in 2014.

Flash forward to 2015 and it’s finally finished.  It was practically finished in 2014 though (everything except the gun, that is), as evidenced in my planetstrike battle report.  Since I’ve already had four posts on the subject that have covered everything except the painting of that gun and the center section, I don’t feel that I have much to add at this point, other than I’m glad that it’s finished, and that I’m not sure how effective it is on the battlefield–the one game I played it in it wasn’t bad, but it did cause me all sorts of LoS issues.

wh39kFortress (2)Please excuse the pictures.  This thing doesn’t exactly fit inside my lightbox, so the quality isn’t the best.  Maybe once the snow melts I’ll be able to go outside and take some pictures in good sunlight.

Well, with that down, I better get working on that Wall of Martyrs, eh?


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Want to buy Space Marines, Tau, or Battlefleet Gothic?

BritSpearsI must have some sort of affinity for Britney Spears.  Oh wait.  Of course I have an affinity for Britney: she’s smoking hot–but that’s for another blog entirely.  This one is supposed to be about gaming.

Despite the fact that I’ve already created a post entitled “Oops, I did it again,” I keep wanting to repeat that title (and, apparently, the underlying action).

It’s just such a poignant title for those times where I go out and buy another army from someone–and that’s apparently something I do on a fairly regular basis.

Well, sexy Mouse-kateers aside, I did go out and buy another army.  Well, more to the point, the army came to me.

It’s something Derek and I have talked about in passing throughout 2014.  He tells me that he has too many models and I offer to buy them at blowout prices, and he declines.  These are really high level talks that aren’t much more than that last sentence:

  • Him: “Man, I have too much crap, I need to get rid of.”
  • Me: “Well, if you want to sell it for pennies on the dollar, you know where to come.”

Wh39kDerkCrap (9)Well, I guess the storage situation in his house hit a tipping point and he decided to talk shop for real.  I really expected him to come over with some sort of formal inventory so we knew what we were dealing with (because nothing is ever small when a deal with Derek is concerned).  It’s really hard to wrap you brain around the value of such a collection without having a frame of reference.  And, since most of it is still new in the box/blister, it’s easiest to compare it against the retain value.

Sadly, he had no such inventory, and just unloaded box after box into my dining room.  After a while, he managed to tally it up (while I was cleaning up goblins), and we went off those numbers.  Because Derek is a friend, deals with him are handled differently than with strangers.  Normally, my lowballs for armies that I don’t want start at 10% and might go as high as 20%.  With Derek, I let him set the price (within reason).  He started at 20%, and did his own estimate, and I trust him implicitly.   I also want to ensure that I don’t make too much money off him.  Granted, I wouldn’t buy these if I didn’t make money, but I don’t want to make excessive amounts.  In fact, last time when I bought his Magic Cards, I wound up making $900 and keeping a ton of the cards, so I cut him a check for $400 to ease my conscience.

Wh39kDerkCrap (8)Of course, he appreciated that, as he wasn’t expecting any extra, nor was I obliged to.  I just don’t like taking advantage of friends.  This time, he assured me that I don’t have to pay him anything else.  If I make a profit after he set the price, that’s on him.

And I didn’t haggle–much.  He set a price on the marines & Tau, and then decided that he wanted to keep the BFG.  I thought it was silly that he was going to keep it (since his justification for selling at all was to get rid of crap he doesn’t use–and he’s never used any of the BFG), so I pushed him to include that and some Battlefoam that he had purchased for his Tau–and he could increase the price.  He pushed his total to $1050, which meant he was essentially including the battlefoam at $150, and I really only wanted the bag, so I talked him down to $1000 even.  Of course, he countered by taking out a box of dwarves from the lot as well, so I re-countered by taking out more crap that clearly wasn’t going to sell on ebay:  If you get to keep the dwarves, you also have to take the trash.

Wh39kDerkCrap (7)And there you have it.  Now I have too many models again.  And just when I finally cleaned out those errant Orkz from my garage, I immediately replace them with 3-4x as many marines.  It’s all for sale too–I don’t want any of it.

The problem is, I don’t know exactly what’s there.  What I do have is his spreadsheet–which is wildly approximate.  So, in the interest of drumming up interest.. here’s what he listed.  Keep in mind that a lot of the stuff are the older 1990’s versions of the models (lots of metals):

Description QTY per figure MSRP
Tau Sniper Drone Team 3 41.25 123.75
Tau Rail Rifle Squad (3 man) 3 6 54
Tau Pathfinder Shas Ui 3 15 45
Krootox 3 24.75 74.25
Kroot Hounds (2 man) 8 6.5 104
Tau Piranha 2 29.75 59.5
Tau Fire Warrior 1 3 3
Tau Pathfinders (3 man) 3 3.5 31.5
Tau Vespid Stingwings (2 man) 2 9 36
Assault Marine 5 6 30
Battle Sister with Heavy Bolter 2 14 28
Black Templar High Marshal Helbrecht 1 20.75 20.75
Blood Angel Captain 1 19.25 19.25
Cadian Guard w Autocannon 1 16 16
Cadian Guard w Heavy Bolter 1 16 16
Cadian Guard w Missle Launcher and spotter 1 16 16
Cadian Snipers (2 man) 1 15 15
Cadian w Assault Wpns (3 man) 1 7.5 22.5
Capt Al’Rahem of Tallarn 2 15 30
Capt Chnkov of Valhalla 2 15 30
Captain Cortez 1 21.25 21.25
Captain Lysander 1 21.25 21.25
Codicier Librarian 1 16 16
Cypher 1 17 17
Dante Lord of Blood Angels 1 19.25 19.25
Devestator with Lascannon 2 15 30
Devestator with Multi Melta 4 15 60
Dk Angel Std bearer 1 15 15
Emperor Champion 1 16 16
Epistolary Librarian 1 16 16
Ezekiel DK Angel Chief Librarian 1 17 17
Ghazghkull Thrakka 1 25 25
IG Stormtrooper Heavy Bolter (old) 1 17 17
Imp Callidus Assassin 1 16 16
Imp Commisar yarrick (old metal) 1 19.25 19.25
Imp Culexus Assassin 1 16 16
Imp Eversor Assassin 1 16 16
Imp Guard Psykers (3) 1 5 15
Imp Rapier 1 15 15
Imp Tarantula 1 15 15
Imp Tech Marine (1 man) 2 11.5 23
Imp Tech marine on bike 2 20 40
Imp Valhallan Lieutenant 1 8 8
Imp Vindicare Assassin 1 16 16
Inquisitor Daemonhunter Bolt Pistol Grimoire 1 16 16
Lexicanium Librarian 1 16 16
Librarian with Psychic Hood and Force Axe 1 16 16
Lord Solar Macharius 1 22 22
Marine Company Std Bearer 1 15 15
Marine Term Captain 2 19.25 38.5
Marine Terminator Librarian 2 22.25 44.5
Mk1 space marine (3 man blister) 1 5 15
MkV Sm, one w Plasma Pistol (2 man blister) 2 7 28
Necron Lord 1 16 16
Necron Tomb Spyder 1 21 21
Ogrynns w Ripper Guns (1) 1 15 15
Ratling Sniper (5 man) 2 4 8
Scout w Shotgun 1 5 5
Scout with Needle Rifle (2 man blister) 3 5 30
Scout with Shotgun (metal) 6 5 30
SM Apothecary 2 15 30
SM Captain w Term Honors 1 16 16
SM Chaplain 1 16 16
SM Close Combat Sprue 1 9 9
SM Jump Packs (10 jump packs per bag) 2 9 18
SM scout heavy bolter 2 7 14
SM Scout Sergeant 1 5 5
SM Scout with Bolt Pistol and knife (2 man blister) 1 5 10
SM Scout with Bolter (2 man) 2 5 20
SM Scouts with Bolters (2 man blister) 2 5 20
SM Sergeant 3 5 15
SM w Heavy Bolter 1 10 10
SM with Assault Weapon 6 10 60
SM with Plasma Cannon 2 10 20
Stormtrooper Sergeant (2 man blister) 1 5 5
Stormtrooper w Melta Gun 1 7.5 7.5
Stormtroopers w Assault Weapons (2 man) 2 7.5 30
Techmarine (new style) 1 21.25 21.25
Techpriest Engiseer 2 11.5 23
Term Captain 1 19.25 19.25
Term Chaplain 1 21.5 21.5
Term Sergeant 3 10 30
Term w Cyclone Launcher 1 12 12
Term with Assault Cannon 2 12 24
Term with Chainfist and Storm Bolter 5 10 50
Term with Heavy Flamer 2 12 24
Terminator Chaplain 1 21.5 21.5
Terminator Inquisitor 1 19 19
Terminator Lightning Claw 8 10 80
Terminator Storm Bolter and Power Fist (metal) 4 10 40
Terminator Thunder Hammer 6 10 60
Tigerius Chief Librarian 2 19.25 38.5
UM captain 1 16 16
Valhalla Guard w Laser Cannon 1 17 17
Vet SM Captain 2 8 16
Assault Squad (5 man) 5 33 165
Attack Bike 3 27.25 81.75
Bike (Std) 4 13 52
Blood Angel SM Dreadnought (old) 1 46.25 46.25
Chaplain on Bike 2 20 40
Devestator Squad (5 man) 5 35 175
Dreadnought 1 46.25 46.25
Dreadnought (metal) w Assault Cannon 1 46.25 46.25
Dreadnought (plastic) 1 46.25 46.25
Masters of the Chapter (4 dudes) 1 33 33
Predator (old) 1 57.75 57.75
Predator Mk4b (new) 2 41.25 82.5
Razorback (new) 1 41.25 41.25
Rhino (new) 1 37.25 37.25
Scout Sniper Squad (5 man) 1 25 25
Scout Squad (5 man) 4 25 100
SM Bike Squad 3 man (plasma pistol, meltagun, power sword) 1 40 40
Space Marine – 6 man bolter squad 2 3 36
Space Marine Battle Company 1 400 400
Space Marine Land Speeder (old) 3 30 90
Tactical Squad (5 man) 2 4 40
Vindicator (old) 1 45 45
Whirlwind (old) 1 45 45

Wh39kDerkCrap (6)The descriptions and prices are solely up to him, but hopefully you get some idea of what’s included.

So that’s where you come in.  Want any of this stuff?  If so, feel free to make an offer and I’ll accept those that are reasonable.  In general, I’d like to get about 50% in retail for items, but I’m flexible for lots, good friends, older models, blog followers, etc.  Please don’t try to lowball me, as I’m just going to look up prices for things that have sold recently on ebay to determine if the price is reasonable.  Granetd, you don’t have to pay the highest price, but a reasonable going offer.  If not, ‘ll just sell them on Ebay eventually.

Pictures of much of the stuff can be found throughout this thread and in the below thumbnails.  I can take better pics or clarify what things are upon request…

Wh39kDerkCrap (4)  Wh39kDerkCrap (3)  Wh39kDerkCrap (2)  Wh39kDerkCrap (1)  Wh39kDerkCrap (10)


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What is the Plural of Carnifex?

There was a thread on the internet somewhere (warseer, perhaps) where there was a big debate on this–it was ages ago and I don’t know exactly where it is.  I think the conclusion was the plural of Carnifex is actually Carnifices.

Wh39kCarnies (1)And there’s actually evidence to back that up.  Carnifex is actually a Latin term for Executioner and not some made up word, so there is an official correct answer.  Carnifices is correct.

But it just looks weird.  I mean, it’s borderline Carnifeces (which is the thicky ropey goo that is excreted from the back of the beast after a successful feeding frenzy).  So, even though I know the proper term (and use it on an occasional basis), I do find myself experimenting with other options.

  • Carnifexes: An obvious choice, but it certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue.
  • Carnifexen: Cool because it sounds German, and everything in German is violent and angry, right?  Also has some legitimacy lended by the word “fox.”
  • Carnies: Obviously an abbreviation, and whimsical as it evokes pictures of clowns and cotton candy.
  • Carnifex: Like our wiley friend, the Moose, perhaps the plural is the same as the singular form?

None of them are perfect though, so I suspect I’ll keep mixing it up.  Yeah, I should use the right word, but nobody knows what that is, so I feel like that gives me liberty to play around with it.

Wh39kCarnies (2)Whatever the name is, I bought five recently.  When added to the one I had laying around that I didn’t sell for who-knows-what-reason, and the three painted ones I have, gives me nine of them.  Yes, that’s way too many and I have no business owning them all.  I wanted six, but then immediately after buying two more on Black Friday, GW released the Shield of Baal box and people started parting them out and selling carnies cheap online–so rather than just realize that I should’ve waited, I double-dipped and now there are nine.

So, I’ve been doing some effort in magnetizing and cleaning them up to prepare for another paint-a-thon (followed immediately after by a dip-a-thon), both of which will also include the lovely Dimachaeron.

I could’ve sworn that I cleaned up the arms of moldlines, but I guess maybe I’m confusing that with the night goblins?.  I did clean up the carnies though, so at least that’s done.  In addition, the weapons have all now been magnetized, and I’ve gone ahead and worked in some green stuff into the more obvious mold lines.  So, they’re almost ready for priming.

ETA?  Oh hell, I don’t know.  They’ll get done when they get done.  Hopefully sooner, rather than later, but you never know.  At least this is progress…



WH39kGobboClean (1)

Night Goblin Commission Update

Long-term readers might remember that in January 2014, I had a made a deal with a friend to paint an absurd amount of goblins.  In total, he was to paint 723 models in exchange for 645 models of mine (originally it was supposed to be a 1:1 trade, but one goblin is not equivalent to a LoTR Balrog, so we worked out an exchange rate based upon base/model size).  Anywho, I tried very hard to get Cole not to do it, but he insisted it wasn’t going to be a problem.

WH39kGobboClean (4)Throughout the year, I’d check in for status updates, but I didn’t want to nag him, and he was so staunchly sure that he wound make the deadline (even six months in, when he had still painted just a single model).

Maybe up until that point, you were thinking that there was a chance he’d completed it, right?  But the odds of painting 700+ models in six months seem atrocious.  Well, you’re right.  He didn’t manage to finish, in fact, by October, with exactly three models completed, he had conceded that he wasn’t going to make the deadline and asked if I wanted to just take them all back.

I wasn’t keen on the idea though.  Despite me fully expecting this to be the result, something about Cole’s assurances against all of my warnings that he would complete them made me think that he’d actually hold up his end of the bargain.  It was not a smart deal for him to make, but I tried very hard to dissuade him from taking it.  Because of those assurances from him, I actually believed that he’d do it.  So much so that I went out and spent too damn much money on WHFB at the beginning of the year, including movement trays, magnets, arms, etc.  I also wound up buying a few more goblin models as well and, since Cole originally was a little uneasy about the deal (because there were so many similar models that he was receiving), I also went out and purchased a couple of Warmachine forces for him to make it up to sweeten the deal).  You can references my Frugal Gaming goals for 2014 for a detailed list (one of these days, I’ll do an update post on them).

So we had a little heart-to-heart and he agreed to continue, but in order to make it less daunting of a task, the plan had changed to have him paint it up in stages and we could play some games in between to give him a purpose.  He painted up one lot and we were supposed to play a game which, to date, hasn’t happened yet.  He did come over this past weekend (well, at the time of writing this) and delivered the first lot.

I have to say that I’m pleased with the end result.  If I was painting them, I’m not sure I’d be pleased with myself, because not all of the detail has been picked out (things like their draw strings on their robes, etc.)  I have to remind myself that:

  1. This is not 40k.  These models are going to be in a giant block and you won’t see those details at all.
  2. There has to be a standard that’s acceptable.  Painting every little detail on 700 models would drive a person insane.

As a result, the end result looks pretty great to me.  At one point, he agreed to paint unit markings on all of those goblins: jagged teeth, checkerboards, etc.  He had agreed to all of them, including “checker pattern up to 2 boxes” (presumably deep), but I have a feeling that’s something that’s going to slip from the original requirements.  I don’t think that I can, in good conscience, hold him to it (unless you read this Cole and insist on doing it!).

Also, in the interest of keeping a friendship, I’ve also agreed to help him out.  So, when he delivered the first group of models, he also brought me 150 or so goblins so that I could clean the mold lines off them.  Again, I’m fine with this (I even volunteered) because mold lines are just ugly and it doesn’t take all that much effort.  Of course, that was my mindset before I spent a couple of hours shaving off mold lines this weekend.

WH39kGobboClean (1)My thumb hurts.  It’s as if I shoved the exacto-blade beneath my thumbnail.  I’ve had similar pains before from working with them over an extended period of time, but I’m not really sure why I have paint this time.  If it had been the hand that was holding the blade, I could understand it, but it’s the hand that was holding the models, so it wasn’t exactly exerting much pressure.  Maybe this is (largely) unrelated to my weekend’s endeavors.

Well, no matter what the reason, the goblins are cleaned and ready for primer.  Since I had them, I took the liberty to green stuff a few of them up to look a little different.  Nothing terribly fancy, mind you: I just took two of the BfSP shamen and removed their squigs, then filled in the holes with green stuff, then gave them little shields instead (can a shaman have a shield?  Heck, I don’t know, I don’t play WHFB).  That way, not all of the shaman look exactly alike.   I also green-stuffed tails onto the squigs so now I have two more (tiny) squigs to add to my squig team.

Muahahaha!  Cole now has to paint two extra models!

WH39kGobboClean (3)I’m guessing that won’t be a deal-breaker, since I am helping to clean up so many models.  I’m even willing to help out with the painting.  I’d like to see this go through, and am willing to help out in whatever way I need to.

We don’t have a new deadline (though it sounds like it might be this Summer, based upon a recent conversation), so I’m not sure when it will be done.  I’m a little excited by the prospect though.  Maybe one day, we’ll actually get a game in…




wh39kWoM (Medium)

Why Did I Do This To Myself (or WIP: Wall of Martyrs)

wh39k-WallofMartyrs (1)As of late, I’ve managed to complete a few projects that have been lingering on my desk for years.  Some notable examples include my Legion of the Damned and my terrain.  So, when I went searching for a next project, I found myself turning to fortifications.  I think this was an ill-fated snap decision as the result of a planetstrike game I played in.  Whatever the case, I had a bright idea to work on my Wall of Martyrs.

Let me say that I think the trench system idea is super cool (obviously, or why would I buy so much of it?).  I’d love it if it was actually trenches,  but you completely lose any modularity if that were the case.  Anywho, on one (or two) of my buying sprees, I wound up picking up a fair bit of this terrain.  The thought being that it was rather cool looking and you need a fair bit of it to make it at all effective (or cool looking–doesn’t it have to cover a board?).

wh39kWoM (Medium)While that may be the case, having to paint enough terrain to cover a whole board is a bit of a daunting task.  After I laid it out and primed it, I realized just what I was getting into.  To further complicate things, this isn’t just a simple dirt trench–it’s covered in all sorts of ammo boxes, skeletons, rocks, etc.  This won’t be a quick paint job–even if it is “just terrain.”

Without putting a single paintbrush to it, I wonder if I just shouldn’t put it quietly back into the box and hide it for a few more years…