Ebay Auctions – Hidden Gems

It’s not all that often that you get an inside scoop on ebay sales, so I figured I’d let down the veil a bit.

Granted, I won’t go too deep into things, as ebay has changed significantly since my last round of sales.  For that, I’ll save a future post for griping about the changes, but until then, let’s just take a little peek behind the curtain.

From an ebay’s seller dashboard, I get to see a list of all of my items along with how many times they’ve been viewed, bid on, and how many watchers each item has.  Of course, it also includes a current auction price.

I used to get worked up about auctions when the numbers were low, but I’ve since found that the only thing that really seems to matter is the number of people watching a particular item.  Having a high price at the beginning can be either a blessing or a curse for sellers, but the one constant that I’ve seen is that auctions that don’t have many people watching them, tend to sell low.

In that regard, this isn’t an altogether magnanimous posting.  If I alert you to the items that I think are going to sell cheap, you’ll bid them up a little higher and I make a little extra money.  Make no mistake though, I don’t think these will skyrocket, because there just isn’t an overall level of interest to make them expensive.  So, I look at this more as a way to reward followers of the blog.  If I have to sell something cheaply, why shouldn’t it be to someone who reads the blog?

With that side, these are the auctions I have with a disturbingly small number of watchers:

Ork Heavy Weapons

These are older metal models, so maybe people aren’t all that interested in them.  They’re not 2nd edition era, so there’s no real collector value that I know of (though they are at least in the blister still).  I suspect these also have fewer watchers because they were bid up fast and early, so paying $12 for the lot is already fairly reasonable.

Ork Dreadnoughts/ Kanz

I’m not sure why these are low.  Six watchers with the auctions half over is a bad sign.  I think they’re missing an arm or two each (or maybe I’m just overestimating the number of appendages on an ork ‘nought?).  I would figure that these should fetch a higher price since it’s so easy to make replacement parts for ork vehicles out of plasticard.  Right now, this is my guess for biggest steal of an auction.

Warmachine Lot

This isn’t too surprising because the front picture only has two models when I have 25 in the lot.  Plus, I don’t have any more warmachine stuff, and I really know nothing about them, so I don’t know how to advertise them.  Again, I suspect this will go relatively cheap for what it is.  I can’t say what that means though, other than to say I’m sure I paid at least $60 for this stuff.

Inquisitor Model

I don’t think anyone really plays this specialist game, and even if they do, who is after Quovandius?  He’s some sort of mutant, but if you’re in the market for a 54mm figure that looks kind of silly, he’s your guy.

Whatever the case, I expect at least some of these auctions to go cheap.  Best of luck to you in getting a steal….

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Space Wolves and Orks for Sale

My garage is just too full of stuff and I am in desperate need to clear some of it out.  That’s where you come in.  Are you in the market for some space wolves, or orks?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Rumor has it that both are due for new codices in the immediate future, so hop on the bandwagon and get them in advance.

Right now I’ve a lot of space wolves up that includes a dreadnought, a stormwolf, termintaors, and a bunch of power armor marines.  Minimum bid opened up at $.01.

The bad news is that it’s nowhere near that cheap anymore, but the good news is that, as of the time of writing this, it’s only up to $73.  Heck, the Storm Wolf retails for more than that.  So, look at it this way: buy a stormwolf and get 28 space marines a dreadnought for free.

I’ve also got quite a few auctions for greenskins up for grabs.  There’re 16 auctions of orky goodness, including some of the more interesting:

Like I said, there’re a bunch more options.  I dare say there’s enough for a complete Ork army there. So what are you waiting for?

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Ebay Auctions – 2018 Edition

This week I’ve finally dusted things off and posted up a number of auctions on Ebay.

It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t sold any 40k models on ebay since 2015.  If you go back, you’ll see that I did sell some X-Wing stuff back in 2017, but it’s been nearly three years since I’ve sold any 40k?

That can’t be good for my frugal spending goals (which I already know because it’s been negative for multiple years running).  Come to think of it, I’ve been pretty lax about updating that page too… but that’s for another post.

For now, suffice it to say that I just posted up 43 auctions on ebay.  I apologize in advance, but this week is prone to include a number of posts about the auctions in an attempt to drive a little traffic this way.

Most of the stuff fits one of the following categories:

  1. Space Marines (including an auction for 45 bikes, one for Grey Knights, one for Space Wolves, and a ton of 2nd edition stuff still sealed in the box)
  2. Age of Sigmar stuff (though it will always be Warhammer Fantasy Battles to me: namely Elves, Stormcast Eternals, Empire, Dwarves, and some old Dogs of War stuff)
  3. Ork stuff.  Includes some vehicles, boys, nobz, bikes, storm boyz, flash gits, etc.  Basically an entire Ork army and more.

Of course, those links are just a smattering of examples–there’s plenty more to go around.  There’s also some misc. stuff like War Machine and such, but I’m sure to talk about it more in future posts.

As with all of my auctions, I start everything at $.01 and let the market dictate the price.  So, you should definitely go check out the auctions and start watching anything that seems remotely interesting.  That way, if anyone is going to get a smoking deal on things, it might as well be my followers.

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Dungeon Run 2 – The Rooms

In continuing my design review of an expansion I’ve been making to Dungeon Run (for personal use, mind you, not intended for resale), we now come to the update on the rooms.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I didn’t write these up in nice sequential orders, but rather brainstormed things and bounced back and forth whenever I came up with an idea.  It’s just easier to push content out in neatly divided sections.  Because of that, I’m stepping through each tab of my spreadsheet in order until I complete them all.

The only real advice I had when starting up was the designer’s hint at “the Vortex of Souls:”

The new Vortex of Souls tile is a great example of how players are encouraged to stay together. When the Vortex of Souls is revealed, all players place a discarded ability card on the tile. They can remove their card if they move onto the Vortex, but until they do so, they will receive a wound at the beginning of each of their turns. Ouch!

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Dungeon Run 2 – The Items

40k has been a tad quiet in my garage as of late.  The group just isn’t feeling it, so we spend more time playing board games and the like.  One of our old standbys is Dungeon Run by Plaid Hat Games.  If you haven’t seen, I’ve been doing a blog series about making an unofficial expansion to the game.  My last post concerned making various encounter cards, and now I’m moving on to item cards.

Unlike encounters, items won’t break up into neat little sections because pretty much all of them are the same.  I suppose I could break them into slots or classes, but I think it will just be cleaner to leave them all as one large table at the end of this post–and I’ll talk about them prior to.  Feel free to bounce back and forth as I reference items throughout.

With items, I was keeping in mind the words of the original game designers:

Each hero will be able to use roughly 75% of all treasure, which will be especially appreciated when mixed with the treasure cards from Dungeon Run. Now instead of treasures being a rare treat, heroes can spend more time focusing on choosing which horrible new tool they can wield against the others.

I took that to mean that most of the treasures should have three classes on them, so I tried to hold to that throughout.  I didn’t bother to compare them against treasures from the first set–rather I just tried to think up of ideas that may not have been fully explored in the base game.  Things like adding to specific stats, adding attack dice using slots other than hand weapons, etc.

Some of these really feel like Artifacts to me, but then I wasn’t sure how to put them into the game.  For instance, the Crown of Demigos and the Dusty Libram likely should be artifacts.  How do I incorporate them though?  Referencing them on a “stranger” card is doable, but it’s been done.  So perhaps I reference them on a specific monster card, or in a room tile?  For now, I’m just shuffling them in, and we might have to tweak them as time goes on.

Keep in mind that all of these items are a first draft.  Some of them didn’t survive in this form when I printed out the first playtest cards because of obvious balancing issues: some cards are just too good, and others make almost no sense in playing.

One thing I realize now that I have them printed out is that I’ve created more items here than were in the original game.  So, shuffling the deck means that you’re more likely to pull out an expansion item than an original.  I’m not sure just how I feel about that, but I suspect I’ll need to cut a few of these.

Below you’ll find a list of my item templates that I came up with.  In a future post, I’ll go over the rooms and character ideas I had.

Item Templates:

Name Slot Class Enchanted? Artifact? Description
The Crown of Demigos Head Any Yes No Roll two additional dice when using your magical rating.
Truncheon of Power Primary Hand and Off Hand Prayer, Talent, War Yes No Roll 1 extra die when attacking with your brawn rating.

When attacking monsters, apply your damage first.  If your damage is sufficient to kill the monster, ignore all outstanding wounds done by it.

Stalwart Plate Body Prayer, War No No Ignore the first damage taken each combat.

Wearer cannot use more than one MOVE action per turn.

Winged Boots Feet Any Yes No You may move an extra square once per turn.
Helm of Clumsiness Head Any No No If this card is obtained by a search action you must immediately equip it, dropping any item in your head slot to the ground.  You cannot unequip this helm.  As a free action, you may discard any 1 card from your loot pile to discard this helm.
Vekkid Phase Blade Primary Hand Any Yes No Roll 1 extra die when attacking.

In addition, players who are attacked by this knife can not benefit from  shields or items worn in the body slot.

Hulking Boots Feet Prayer, Talent, War No No Roll 1 die after a moster or hero attacks you.  Any number less than 4 that could block a hit does so immediately.

You cannot use this die as a hit.

Silken Slippers Feet Magic, Prayer, Talent Yes No When you rally, you may move into an adjacent previously discovered square.
Silken Robe Body Magic, Prayer, Talent Yes No Each time you place a new dungeon tile, you may rally.
Stone of Warding None Any Yes No Add +1 to your Life Rating
Stone of Ferocity None Any Yes No Add +1 to your Brawn rating
Stone of Prowess None Any Yes No Add +1 to your Magic rating
Stone of Agility None Any Yes No Add +1 to your Skill rating
Rod of Striking Primary Hand and Off Hand Magic, Prayer, War Yes No Roll 1 extra die when attacking.

You may attack players in adjascent rooms.

Adroit Handbow Off Hand Talent, War No No Roll 1 extra die when attacking.

You may only use this weapon once per round.

Curious Imp Companion Magic, Talent, War No No You may look at face down treasures in your tile and adjacent tiles.

Familiar: You may discard this card to absorb one damage during combat.

Faithful Hound Companion Any No No Familiar: You may discard this card to absorb all damage from one attack during a single round of combat.
Pesky Sprite Companion Any No No If this card is obtained by a search action you must immediately equip it; a character of your choice sharing a square with you may take any one item from your loot pile.

Familiar: You may discard this card to absorb one damage during combat.

Trained Homunculus Companion Any No No You may use one extra “Primary Hand” item.

Familiar: You may discard this card to absorb one damage during combat.

Waeling Blade Primary Hand Talent, War Yes No Roll 1 extra die when attacking with your brawn rating.

Each hit that is not blocked causes 2 wound markers to be placed instead of 1.

Demon Fang Primary or Off Hand Any Yes No You may not attack with more than 2 dice.

Each attack you make with this weapon counts as a free attack.  If you end your turn on a tile with a monster and have not attacked without this weapon, the monster receives a free attack on you.

Iron Footlocker None Any No No Items can not be taken from your loot pile.
Cat-o-Nine-Tails Primary Hand Magic, Talent Yes No Roll 1 extra die when attacking.

Each time you attack, you may also pick up one item from the tile and add it to your loot pile.  This does not count as an equip action.

Maeltrap Leg Club Primary or Off Hand Talent, War No No Roll 1 extra die when attacking.

You must sabotage players sharing a tile with you.

Divine Cudgel Primary or Off Hand Magic, Prayer Yes No Roll 1 extra die when attacking.

You must assist players sharing a tile with you.

Robe of Shifting Realities Body Magic, Prayer, Talent Yes No Add +1 to all escape attempt rolls.

If you are the subject of a free attack, you may discard this item before any dice are rolled to ignore the attack.

Bag of Bounty None Any No No When drawing this card from the treasure deck, immediately discard it and draw two additional treasures.
Tiara of True Sight Head Magic, Prayer Yes No The first time you draw an encounter card each turn, you may choose to discard it.  If you do so, draw the next encounter card instead.
Talisman of Blackened Ire None Magic, Talent, War Yes No You may sabotage players from adjacent rooms.
Talisman of Heightened Purity None Magic, Prayer, War Yes No You may assist players from adjacent rooms.
Phylacterial Remains Off Hand Magic, Prayer Yes No Roll 1 extra die when attacking Undead or Demon monsters.

Discard this weapon to automatically defeat a non-boss Undead monster.

Dusty Libram None Any No Yes You may look at the dungeon boss card at any time.

Discard this card to replace the current dungeon boss with another random boss.  Use only if the boss lair has not yet been placed.

Cloudy Potion None Any Yes No Roll a die for each wound on your hero card.  Each roll of 4+ regains 1 lost wound.  Discard cloudy potion if any doubles are rolled.  May only be used when you have three or more wounds.
Truthseeker’s Mattock Primary Hand and Off Hand Prayer, Talent, War Yes No Roll 1 extra die when attacking with your brawn rating.

As a special action, you may discard this card.  Shuffle the current tile back into the deck and replace it with another available tile.  Encounter that tile as if it were just explored.  You may not use this effect in a tile where an encounter is already present.

Elixir of Speed None Any Yes No As free action, consume this potion.  For the rest of the turn, you may move an additional tile each move action.  You must still stop when you explore a new tile or enter a square with a monster.

Discard after use.

Waelish Mead None Magic, Talent, War No No At any time you may drink this item.  For your next attack, roll three extra attack dice.  You cannot block attacks that combat round.

Discard after use.

Jester’s Shoes Feet Magic, Prayer, War Yes No You may re-roll unsuccessful escape attempts.
Ring of Duplication None Any Yes No You may ignore “assist only” when printed on boss cards or dungeon tiles.
Drums of Deftness Off Hand Any Yes No Roll two additional dice when performing skill tests or attacking with your skill rating.
Lucky Goblin’s Foot None Any Yes No Discard this card to re-roll all of your dice in a single attack roll, escape attempt or skill test.