Apocalypse: Winter 2018 – Army Lists

In continuing our Apocalypse wrap-up, we move on to army lists….

Much like our normal Apoc games, we didn’t split up teams in advance.  We do this because, although some people like to build lists together, we find that gives them a strategic advantage over many of our more casual gamers.  Competitive players already have an advantage, so anything to even the playing fields seems like a good idea.  We came up with an arbitrary point limit of 180 power, but allowed people to share extra power if they wanted (because at least one player toyed with bringing a warlord titan at 200 power).  People were pretty loosey-goosey with the power levels though, but it all worked out in the end.

We originally had the first two people walk through the door be team captains, but that eventually petered out when we found that of the 9 folks playing, four of them brought chaos.   It made so much more sense to break up teams in that fashion.  The teams were a little like this:

Sam’s Imperial Fists & Friends:

  • HQ:
    • Chapter Master in Terminator Armor w/ Thunder hammer, & Storm Bolter
  • Elites:
    • 10x Terminators w/ 2x Cycline Missle Launchers
    • 10x Sternguard w/ 2x Heavy Flamer, 2x Combi-Flamer, & Powerfist
    • Ironclad Dreadnought w/ 2x Hunter Killer Missiles & Ironclad Assault Launchers
  • Flyer:
    • Storm Raven w/ Hurricane Bolters, Assault Cannon, Multi-Melta, & Typhoon Missile Pod
  • Heavy:
    • 8x Devastators w/ 3x Multi-Melta, 1x Plasma Cannon, Combi-Plasma & Armorium Cherub
  • Transport:
    • 1x Drop Pod w/ Storm Bolter
  • Lords of War:
    • Knight Errant w/ Therma Cannon, Reaper Chainsword, & Stormspear Rocket Pod
    • Knight Paladin w/ Rapid Fire Battle Cannon, Reaper Chainsword, & Icarus Autocannon
    • Knight Warden w/ Avenger Gatling Cannon, Reaper Chainsword, & Icarus Autocannon
    • Knight Crusader w/ Avegner Gatling Cannon, Rapid Fire Battle Cannon, & Ironstorm Missle Pod

Sam has always been known for drop pods, but once the Knight kit came out, he served two masters.   Recently, since drop pods are expensive, he tends to run knight, but you never know with him.  Also, he’s been going wild with painting various units (he had an absurd idea that he would paint up everything he owns, and is amazingly making great progress towards it), so who knew what he was going to bring? Continue reading


Apocalypse Winter 2018: The Rules

Often I’ll work up some fluff to support an impending Apocalypse battle, and then drum up some interest in advance on the blog; however, this time I did none of that.  Last weekend, we experienced the first (and hopefully not the only) Apoc game of 2018, without all of the fanfare.

Truth be told, I wanted to have a game, but I didn’t want to commit all of the time and resources into creating it.  So, I wound up coasting on this one.  I’ve learned my lesson from the past though, and will get the details written up much faster this time.  Being our first Apoc game of 8th edition made it a little easier.  First, we didn’t know what kind of rules exceptions we needed to clarify or amend, but also, 8th is significantly streamlined.  As a result, the rules for army building (and for the day of the battle) are listed below:

Army Creation Rules:

All players were given these rules in advance to make their lists:

  • Please create 180 Power Level Lists (power level vs. points is just easier to make quick lists).  Please try not to abuse the power level system.  For those that are not familiar with power level, try to use units/upgrades that you would normally take in a points level list.
  • Scoring points will be awarded in three different ways:
    • Holding Objectives.  For the purposes of this game only units without the CHARACTER keyword can hold an objective.
    • Defending Objectives.  This largely means killing scoring units off of objectives.  Any unit can earn these points.
    • Titanic Destruction:  Per Apoc, at the end of the battle, each side receives victory points for each enemy TITANIC unit that has been destroyed
  • Matched Play: we’ll be using the rules for Matched play (I know base rules say Apoc is “open play” but that seems too abusable.  (Rulebook page 212)
  • Detachments: Please limit your force to up to 3 detachments for your army (Rulebook page 214)
  • Warmasters will be in effect (chapter approved 10) – “Slay the warmaster” will also be in effect
  • Timeclocks will be used.  Per usual.  Probably 4 hours per team.

Day of the Game Rules:

For the day of the game, we didn’t clarify terrain, have to set rules for deployment areas, outflanking, etc.  8th edition streamlined all of that for us.  Instead, we just added rules for how to score points:

  • Scoring Rules:
    • Objectives:
      • At the beginning of each side’s turns, roll a die.  On a 1-3 the Fortress of Redemption is your objective this turn.  On a 4-6, the objective is the large ammo dump building.
      • At the end of that side’s turn, objectives will be scored as follows:
        • +2 points for each of their non-character units within 3″ of the objective.
        • +1 point for each unit of their opponents’ that was destroyed who was within 3″ of the other objective (the one which was not rolled)
      • Points will only be scored by the active team at the end of their turns.
    • Titanic Destruction Clarification:
      • If a model with 20 or more wounds is destroyed during the game, an additional X points will be awarded to the opposing team where X is the total number of wounds the model started with, divided by 10 (rounded down).

In retrospect, these rules worked out relatively well.  Maybe we could’ve tweaked the number of points given for “titanic destruction” though.  In truth, that rule normally says you just get one point for killing a titan, so we had up to 5 points per titan in play.

In the next two posts, I’ll go over army lists and how the game played out.  I’ll also include some pictures from the actual game (in case the time stamp didn’t already clue you in, these photos are of previous apoc games).

Batrep: Imperial Fists vs. Hive Fleet Jormungandr (80 power)

This week’s battle report comes to you courtesy of Sam.  After having many Friday Night Games co-opted by folks that don’t play 40k, I put my foot down last week and insisted that I get a game of 40k in.  We had a decent turnout, including Sam–who was itching for a rematch after our game in January.  He had come up with some sort of strategy that he wanted to try out, and I was his chosen victim.

Sam’s Imperial Fists:

  • HQ:
    • Chapter Master w/ Storm Shield & Flame Blade
    • Librarian w/ Jump Pack & Force Sword
  • Troops:
    • 5x Tactical Marines w/ Lascannon, Powerfist, & Combi-Melta
    • 5x Tactical Marines w/ Lascannon, Powerfist, & Combi-Flamer
    • 5x Tactical Marines w/ Lascannon, Power Sword & Plasma Pistol
  • Fast Attack:
    • 10x Assault Marines w/ 2x Plasma & Powerfist
  • Heavy Support:
    • 8x Devastators w/ 3x Multi-Melta, 1x Plasma Cannon, Combi-Plasma, & Cherub
  • Transport:
    • Drop Pod w/ Storm Bolter
  • Superheavy:
    • Knight Paladin w/ Rapid Fire Battle Cannon, 2x Heavy Stubbers, & Rocket Pod

Prior to the game, Sam I talked a fair bit of trash to each other, which is the norm around these parts.  I have been on a bit of a winning streak against him though, and didn’t want to make a list that was too hard–nor did I want to make something entirely too soft that he’d just roll over.  So, I asked a neutral party (Brandon) to review Sam’s list and give me an idea of general power level.  His response was that it was just a bunch of marines.  After watching it in action, I’m not sure his assessment was entirely fair, as he lead me to believe it was relatively soft.

What’s interesting here is that Sam, famous for using Knights and drop pods, is branching out.  Though both of those are included in the list, neither of them is really prevalent.  At face value, the list looks like something I’d play (except I’ve still yet to use a Knight outside of Apocalypse).  I’d say the list is pretty well rounded though. Continue reading

Old Stuff Day: 2018 Edition

Old Stuff Day is a chance to look back at some classic blog posts (either your own, or others’) and presenting them to a new audience of blog readers.

It really started as a self-serving notion of getting some of my older content a second chance to be seen by a fresh set of eyes, and now that the blog is going on 9 years old, it’s never been more true. This year’s post, I thought I’d go back and revisit a few of the long standing projects that I’ve never completed, and one that I have.

I recognize that some of it will be new to others and might serve as a little inspiration, but the goal of this post is to really motivate myself this year. I can start with:

Too Many Unpainted Tyranids

I have “finished” painting my Tyranids multiple times. I recognize that it’s an ongoing hobby and, as long as they release new kits, I’ll likely never be finished with the process. Still, I’ve been remiss in painting this past year, and have been slowly collecting more and more unpainted bugs (along with genestealer cult models).

My most recent acquisitions include a number of Tyrannocytes (aka. Drop Pods for Tyranids). They, along with some flyers, an Old One Eye conversion (which I’m realizing that I’ve never really blogged about), and a host of other figures are aching to be painted. In fact, they’re all at various stages of completion on my work bench, but they will all be done this year.

With any luck, they’ll all be done before the next Apoc game at the end of this month (though that seems a tad overly optimistic at this point).

My Tyranid Bastion

Without a doubt, it’s been too long on this bad boy. Honestly, it’s only been about 2 years, and I have outstanding projects that have wasted away on my work bench far longer than that. Still, since I’m already committing to painting up my tyranids, it only makes sense that I add this to the bunch.

I wound up stealing the idea from Dwez over at 40k Addict, and I’m really pleased with the progress so far. Of course, I also seem to have lost (err.. misplaced) the window coverings for this model. I’m sure they’ll turn up though, right?

This too, should be done sometime this year. Click here to see more pics of my Tyranid Bastion.

My Imperial Knights

With a few outstanding projects weighing me down, I figured I’d also include a success story. Back in 2015, I wound up picking up a couple of Imperial Knights. In 2016, without painting the first two I purchased, I wound up getting a good deal on a third. It wasn’t until last Summer that I finally worked up the nerve to paint them up.

I wound up writing quite a few blog posts on the matter, detailing it all as a step by step process. Typically I would’ve only done one or two on a painting project, but considering the amount of effort and time, it seemed reasonable that I’d have a few extra posts on the matter.

The final inspiration to help me paint them was an impending Apocalypse game. They have always been a good driver for me to get off my arse and make hobby progress. Maybe next year I can convince myself to paint up all of my outstanding fortifications

That might be a little too unbelievable at this point.

Finally, seeing as there’s been quite a number of years, I figured that Old Stuff Day deserved it’s own tag on my blog. So, for anyone looking to see what I’ve drudged up for previous years’ events, look no further than the new tag: OldStuffDay

So here’s to wishing you a Happy Old Stuff Day.  I’m looking forward to reading into some of your old gems out there.






Reminder: Old Stuff Day is this Friday

Old Stuff Day (Small) Original Art by http://firstkeeper.deviantart.com/

I recognize that not everyone out there is as old as I am.  For you young whippersnappers, Old Stuff Day is a chance to look back at some classic blog posts (either your own, or others’) and presenting them to a new audience of blog readers.

It really started as a self-serving notion of getting some of my older content a second chance to be seen by a fresh set of eyes, and now that the blog is going on 9 years old, it’s never been more true.

Wow, can that actually be possible?  Have I been blogging for nearly a decade at this point?   For that matter, is Old Stuff Day really seven years old?

Well, use this as your reminder to dust off some old posts and get them ready to go live by Friday!


Image Credit: Old Stuff Day (Small) Original Art by http://firstkeeper.deviantart.com/