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Last year, Arabaianknight over at A Year of Frugal Gaming (RIP) had a pretty novel idea of keeping track of just how much he spent on his hobbies. Since I don’t think I could say it better than he did, I’m just going to lift a quote from his post:

Open Accounting: which seemlessly brings me onto my second grand plan. Although I try to keep costs down I’ve never been brave/bothered enough to keep note of what I spend on my hobby. Some stones are best left unturned as they say. Well it’s time do bring out the lifting gear and tip this mighty menhir over this year. In an attempt to see what the true cost of gaming is I’ll be keeping a running spreadsheet of comings and goings. What’s more I’ll be airing this dirty laundry in public with a linked page from the top of my own blog. Here’s hoping that I don’t end too many months with my head in my hands muttering “Oh no, what have I done. The wife’ll kill me!”

I’m sure the last part about his wife was a joke (or maybe that’s what happened to his blog!?!), but my wife really isn’t bothered by my hobby spending.

FRUGALCOMP01Have I mentioned that I love her?

I have been curious as to how much I put into this hobby, and I’m sure it’s ridiculously over-the-top. So, with inspiration from fellow frugal gamers, I’ve decided to also keep tabs on my spending… check out the years below:

  • 2012 – In the black! – $506.23
  • 2013 – In the black again! $1,234.92
  • 2014 – Failed!  -$542.98
  • 2015 – ???
  • 2016 – Current year

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