Head’s Up Collectors: Selling Limited Edition Liber Chaotica books (the originals)

A family friend had a medical scare wherein their teenage daughter was medevac’d out of state.  It was touch-and-go for  a while, but it sounds like she’s doing much better now.  It’s always rough when things like this happen because there really isn’t much that you can do.  My wife decided to go through some old photo albums to find pictures of the girl when she was young and send them to her parents.  While doing this, she uncovered some of the 40k stuff we’d packed up during our last move.

I love that sort of thing because it’s like Christmas: you wind up finding things you didn’t know that you had–or things that you knew you had, but had misplaced a while back.  This is a case of both.

Wh39kLiberChaotica (6)Wh39kLiberChaotica (5)In the totes with the various photo albums, was a complete set of the original, limited edition Liber Chaotica books produced by Games Workshop back in 2003/2004.  (Wow, are these already ten years old?)  To quote from the 40k Lexicanum:

“The Liber Chaotica is a series of background books about the gods and servants of Chaos in Warhammer written by Richard Williams and Marijan Von Staufer. They were released one after another in 2003 and 2004.

The books are presented in the form of the fictional writings of Richter Kless, a character of the Warhammer world. The authors take the role of an editor who goes through Kless’ works, which contains studies, illustrations and excerpts from other fictional sources. The Liber Chaotica also provides background related to the Warhammer 40.000 universe, written as cryptic records of recurring visions Kless suffered.

The series is composed of four separate volumes, each dedicated to one of the four Gods of Chaos: the Liber Chaotica: Khorne, the Liber Chaotica: Slaanesh, the Liber Chaotica: Nurgle and the Liber Chaotica: Tzeentch. In 2006, the Liber Chaotica: Complete edition was released. It contains all previous books as well as a fifth volume called Liber Undivided.”

Wh39kLiberChaotica (2)Wh39kLiberChaotica (3)For those of you who aren’t aware of them, they’re fluff/art books that are pretty fantastic.  For your average user, I definitely think they’re worth checking out, if you’re interested in Chaos at all.  When they came out, you could buy the paperback versions for a nominal fee (I think it was $20-30 each, and you can still buy them from Ebay for that much–sometimes less) and, much like today, they also hyped up super limited edition releases that were hardbound, and then encased in various raw materials.  Each of these elite editions was limited to 300 printings and the raw materials that were used were as follows:

  • Wh39kLiberChaotica (10)Nurgle: Wood
  • Slaneesh: Leather
  • Tzeentch: Glass
  • Khorne: Metal

I think these books were $100 each when they came out, but I’m not 100% sure on that.  I do know that I wasn’t keen on buying them at that price, but I did want the fluff, so I wound up purchasing the paperback copies.  Over the years, I obviously stumbled upon some of the limited edition stuff, but I don’t remember how it went down exactly.  Honestly, I thought I only had three of the four books, but apparently I was wrong.  I did remember finding them on ebay at one time for less than I expected, and bought them all.  It was so long ago, that I don’t remember exactly what I paid, but I think it was in the realm of $50 each.

Wh39kLiberChaotica (7)Wh39kLiberChaotica (8)I’ve never read through any of these though (why would I, when I have the paperbacks available).  For most of them, I’ve cracked them open to see what they look like (seemingly pristine to me), but that’s it.  The exception is the Tzeentch book, which is still in the shrink wrap.  I’m dying to know what it looks like, encased in glass, but figure it’s better if I don’t open it.

Anywho, they’re taking up space, and while they’re really cool, I don’t particularly need them.  I toyed with the idea of throwing them up on Ebay, but I don’t know what the right price is for them.

For those that are interested, the “serial” numbers are:

  • Nurgle – 179/300
  • Slaneesh – Unknown, I didn’t want to break the wax seal.
  • Khorne – 73/300
  • Tzeentch – Unknown, still in shrink wrap

The rub is that, while I have no real need of the books, I don’t particularly need the money/space either.  So, if the price wasn’t right, I might as well keep them.  I could just throw them up on ebay and let the market determine the cost, but they’re such a rare item, I don’t think they get searched for often enough.  So, I figured I’d throw them up on my blog and see if anyone wanted to make an offer.

Wh39kLiberChaotica (9)I know that’s not a lot to go on, so let me give you a really vague idea of what I value them at.  I paid “about $50 each” so there’s just no way I’d let them go at that price.  I don’t see myself letting them go for less than their original retail price either–one would think that they would have gone up in value given that they’re ten years old.  How high?  I’ve absolutely no idea.  I checked ebay, and someone is coincidentally selling a copy of the Tzeentch book (also sealed) and is asking $500.  I have no idea if he’ll get that much though…

For the record, the first person to offer me remotely close to $2000 for these four books would get them in a heartbeat (not that I’m expecting anywhere near that…).

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