A Table Full of Buildings

WH39kPaintedBuildings (1) (Medium)I had made quite an extensive series of posts on buildings over the last few months.  They covered everything from purchasing, to assembly, to painting, and more.  Without a doubt, the most frequent question/comment I get was when was I going to take a picture of all of the buildings on one table?

WH39kPaintedBuildings (2) (Medium)Honestly, I thought I was done with the whole series, but I’ve gotten so many people asking (read: upwards of two, but that’s huge on this blog), that I thought I’d cave to the hysterical masses and follow through with one of their requests.  So, I wound up accomplishing just what they asked: put all of the buildings on the table and take a picture.

WH39kPaintedBuildings (3) (Medium)Dammit, no, I didn’t.  I just realized that I did put the rusted out building on the table.

I also didn’t put all of the statues and other miscellaneous terrain on the board, but I did manage to sneak in most of those statues.  We had some space where we could’ve jammed in some more terrain, but we were actually setting up for a game, and wanted to have some place to maneuver.

WH39kPaintedBuildings (4) (Medium)Anywho, throughout this post are thumbnails of the table as it was setup before that game.  I tried to take pictures from basically every possible angle to get you whatever view it was you wanted.  I’m a little sad that we used the grass mat, and not the dirty one, as it seems to be the better choice for playing with buildings.

WH39kPaintedBuildings (5) (Medium)Oh well.  Hopefully this helps to show people the general look and feel of the terrain and get an idea of the total size of all of the buildings combined.  As always, please feel free to click on any of the thumbnails to view larger pictures.

WH39kPaintedBuildings (7) (Medium)By the way, since I’ve written so many posts on the subject, I took the liberty to go back and make a tag for Building Progress.  You can click on that link to go back and see all of the posts covering every stage of the process.


WH39kPaintedBuildings (6) (Medium)    WH39kPaintedBuildings (8) (Medium)

14 comments on “A Table Full of Buildings

  1. Oh man! This is awesome! I’ve been waiting to see this! What an awesome group of buildings! That space marine in the center (statue) looks super epic too!

    • How very loyalist of you. I prefer the Khornate statue myself, so there!

      The whole scenery looks great, but I think the SM statue with its strikingly white marble stands out a bit too much.

      By the way, nice place to keep the sector together, wish I could have such a place myself.

      • I think I’m with you. The Ultramarine looks nice in his own way, but I really like the Khornate statue better (well, at least the paint job). I think the loyalist sculpt is probably better, but I’m so partial to the bronze/bloodied look.

        On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 10:15 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


    • Thanks. I do like how regal he looks (and the fact that he’s an Ultramarine). He is a tad light in comparison to the darkness of all of the other terrain though.

      On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 8:16 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. Yippee! It looks great!

    I think in future you should use a brown mat rather than a green one, but this still looks okay.

    I think you should also avoid using both the ultramarine and bezerker statues on the same table: it’s hard to imagine either being constructed actually during a battle, and equally hard to imagine that whoever built the second statue to be raised during peacetime wouldn’t have pulled down the first.

    • Yeah, we use the brown mat most of the time because it looks better with the buildings. We wound up using the green mat because it just doesn’t get used as much (and that was before we decided to go gung-ho on buildings–at which time it seemed like too much effort to take them all down just to switch mats).

      As for the Ultra/Zerker, I kind of liked them together. It made for a scene in which the zerker was zealously attacking the ultramarine, who stood there defiantly. While I agree that it’s generally a one-or-the-other kind of thing, I can certainly see times where someone would logically erect both statues. Museums, for example, tend to have balance. One (or both) might serve as a reminder of things that have happened, or one might be tongue in cheek, as with the Oklahoma State House: http://www.vice.com/read/heres-the-first-look-at-the-new-satanic-monument-being-built-for-oklahomas-statehouse

      On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 9:25 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  3. Very nice indeed! I could see that being very good for Sci Fi skirmish games and RPG’s, too, not only for WH40k. Dropzone Commander would also look quite nice, but I guess the scale would be off. In any case, excellent work and it is just nice to be able to fill an entire table with terrain as good as this.

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