Painting Metamorphs

makingmetamorrphs-1With my metamorphs made, it’s time to get back down to the business of actually painting models.

These are interesting figures to me, not because of the models per se (which are interesting in their own right) but because they don’t really fit into either of my traditional painting motifs.

You see, a long time ago (back in the days of 3rd edition), I had decided to start playing with painted models.  In order to do this, I identified an army (Ultramarines) that I wanted to play, and was going to try to paint them to a reasonably high standard.  Progress was slow going, because I really didn’t enjoy painting at the time.  I always had some aptitude for it, but just derived no pleasure from it.

makingmetamorrphs-2For the record, that has changed a bit.  I don’t truly love painting, and would generally rather be doing something else, but it doesn’t bother me to the same degree as it once did.  I’m not sure if that’s because I’m not trying to paint to a high standard, if I’ve just gotten better/faster, or if I’ve mellowed out in my old age.  Most likely, it’s some combination of the three.

Anyway, while I wanted to have a painted army, I didn’t institute a prohibition against playing with unpainted models until sometime after this blog started in 2009.  I was working towards it heavily, and that’s really why I have a Tyranid army at all.  Because I knew that if I was going to have a painted force, it would surely happen first if I had a set of models that I could dip.  Tyranids were an army that looked reasonably good painted in that way, and one that I’d liked since the days of 2nd edition (especially Genestealer Cult…. RIP).

makingmetamorrphs-3By having one army that was dipped, I could achieve the goal of always playing with a painted force and still also have another army painted to a higher standard.  Of course, anymore, I get far more compliments on my Tyranids than I do on my marines (dipping is just that cool, I guess), so I kind of shot myself in the foot there.

The point of all this is that I have two basic painting styles: Ultramarines (which are slow and higher quality) and Tyranids (which are barely a base coat and a heavy coat of dipping).

Enter the Genestealer cult.

These guys I plan to use as allies for my Imperial models–and at other times–allies for my Tyranids.  So, what kind of paint scheme shall I follow?

makingmetamorrphs-4Granted, these guys are cheap, throw-away units that I’m likely going to field in large numbers, so I don’t plan on painting them with any exceptional level of quality.  And I already have an example of this for my imperial forces: My Imperial Guard.

Still, while not particularly high quality, these are a cleaner paint job than anything that’s dipped.  Since stain is so messy, and I don’t want to stain the entire figure, I eventually opted to go with a “clean” style paint job, covered (as necessary) with a brown wash (technically a Sepia Ink Wash from Vallejo).

The end result I think turns out to be a model that generally fits well with either of the two armies.

Of course, these guys are just a work in progress.  At this point they have their base coats on flesh, carapace, weapons, and squad markings.  They might not look like much at this point, but there are fifty of them being batch painted at once, so it takes a lot of work.  More to come on these guys in the future, I’m sure…




2 comments on “Painting Metamorphs

  1. Personally I am a bigger fan of non-dipped. I dipped my Carcharodons but wasn’t satisfied with the look. I did a lot of highlights after that. No regerets dipping them though. Half the army is Forgeworld and the dip seals in the base layer. I find the black rubes of the resin easy.

    • Oh, I agree. I appreciate the effort that goes into a non-dipped army, and you can certainly get a better level of detail; however, dipping does provide a consistent look and decent looking shading for minimal effort.

      I think I’m a reasonably good painter and am certainly more proud of my Ultramarines than my bugs, but the bugs are the ones that get all of the compliments…

      On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 6:53 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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