Tyranid Modelling Progress Over the Years

Army-TyranidWith the new ‘dex out in full force, I found myself reading through various tactica articles & forum posts on the subject.  One common theme through many of these is that synapse will play a larger role, so it would be prudent to include more synapse creatures in the list.

Historically speaking though, I think I’ve always been a little heavier on the synapse than most people.  This is evidenced because I’ve always liked Zoanthropes more than Hive Guard (I think the gun is better, they’re more durable, and have synapse–which is hard to get in many places), and I’m quite fond of Trygon Primes (if only for the forward nodes).  Then I realized that I have a good history of documenting my lists, so I started to go through my old battle reports to see just how much synapse is in a given army (you can look here if you’d like to see those reports).

What I found was that I almost never played a game with less than three points of synapse (which was the most common level), and often played 4+ nodes.  The most I found was a list with six points of synapse, in a 1212 point game, no less–but that’s just because I didn’t include other elites, so I was able to split up my zoanthropes.  Anywho, I’m not sure if that proves or disproves my theory (Though I suspect it sways to towards the “proof” that I’ve always used more synapse than the average person), but that’s not what this post is really about.  I did also find that the first game of 6th edition I’d ever played was also 6x synapse nodes–but that was 2000 points.

SwarmlordGreenIn digging through the posts, I went back to 2010 and was happy to see what I’d found.  I started  noticing the photos of my army which (naturally) got less painted and pretty the farther I went back in time.  I found it interesting that in 2010, I had painted a fair bit of models, but wasn’t sticking to “painted models only,” and was playing with a fair number of mostly assembled figures.  I was also proxying things like warriors for my broodlords, and hadn’t based my army yet either.

In contrast, I’ve managed to since finish painting my entire force (well, that was until the new models were released), and based everything as well.  They really do look far better on the table now.

Anywho, it was just an interesting observation.  I don’t often go back through my old posts, but I’m really happy I have the option.  It’s great to see how much things have progressed over the years…


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