Selling My Star Wars X-Wing

It’s been a while since I’ve sold stuff on Ebay–too long really–so I’ve decided to ease myself back into it with some Star Wars models up for grabs.

I wish I could tell you more about them, but I honestly don’t know that much about the models/game.  I bought these figures from a friend who was getting out of the hobby for far less than retail, and am just looking to turn them around to make a buck on them.  That way, I cover my costs, he gets some cash for his figures, and maybe I make a few dollars on it.  I’m told that the following models/kits/boxes are included in the auctions:

  • rebel-4-mediumX-Wing Starter Set
  • Force Awakens Set
  • Rebel Dial Upgrade Kits
  • Xwing Xtra Dice
  • Imperial Aces
  • Rebel Aces
  • Imperial Vets
  • X-Wing Exp
  • Tie Fighter Exp
  • Y-Wing Exp
  • imperial-3-mediumTie Advanced Exp
  • Millenium Falcon
  • Slave I
  • A-Wing Exp
  • Tie Interceptor
  • HWK-290
  • Lamba Shuttle
  • B-Wing
  • Tie Bomber
  • Z-95
  • Tie Defender
  • E-Wing
  • Tie Phantom
  • gozanti-2-mediumYT-2400
  • T-70
  • Tie/fo
  • Ghost Exp
  • Inq Tie
  • Gozanti Imp Assault Carrier
  • Imperial Raider

I know that they’d sell for more if I broke them up, but that doesn’t work for me based upon two factors:

  1. I don’t know what it is I have, so I wouldn’t have a clue how to break it up into smaller auctions.
  2. I’m only just now getting back into selling things, so I’m easing my way back into it

My loss is your gain though.  I’ve broken them into lots of Imperial & Scum, as well as a lot of Rebels.  My friend sorted them out for me to the best of his ability.  Feel free to check out the auctions, as they went up on Ebay last night.

As always, minimum bid is $.01 and I’ve set this up with free shipping.  Hopefully the market dictates a fair price, but I could certainly lose money on this one.  Maybe I shouldn’t be buying/selling things I know nothing about, eh?


By warhammer39999 Posted in Ebay

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