Apocalypse 2016

It’s no secret that I haven’t played an Apoc game since 2014 (well, you could count the game we played on Black Friday, but that was more of a large 40k game–as we didn’t use any Apoc rules/units), so I’m excited to get the year off on the right foot.  My friend, Brandon, is hosting a game this month (partly because I encouraged him to do so, and partly because his house is more neutrally located), so I’m doing what I can to drum up interest in his game.

I’ve offered whatever terrain and experience I have to help setup the game, which I’m hoping will be a success.  Truth be told, I’m happy to host again for future games, but I’m glad that he’s getting out of his shell as well (I think he hasn’t played an Apoc game since 4th edition!).

The rules came out in an email just yesterday, so I’m going to recap them here via his email:

**************************BEGIN RULES EMAIL***************************

Hello everyone.  I would like to provide an update on the apocalypse game that I am holding at my house. At the moment I believe we have 7 confirmations. If everyone would be so kind as to reply to this email and let me know that you are still interested, that would be much appreciated. Here are some firm things:

  • When: Saturday, January 23
  • Where: <Brandon’s House> (address redacted)
  • Deployment: 9:00 AM

We will be playing a mission out of the most recent apocalypse book. As of now I don’t have a particular theme, however depending on what armies people commit to one may cone along. There will be an attacking and a defending side and I plan on making a large built up urban area that super heavies and large models likely will not fit into, so make sure you have the ability to take objectives in tight quarters.  As above, I would like to begin deployment at 9:00 AM, which means you probably want to arrive around 8:30.  I will be up and about before then so feel free to come by as early as 8:00 if you want.

For those of you familiar with Rob’s previous apoc games, I will be borrowing heavily from those rules since he has learned many lessons already. To start:

  1. Army composition:
    1. Player should make an army that comprises of no more than 4,000 points using the most current edition of rules available for each respective unit.
    2. Players should bring copies of the rules for all units in their list (PDF, Print-Out, digital copies, are all valid—just so we can reference them if need be).
    3. Units, formations, and detachments from GW (including Forgeworld) are allowed. Home grown units/formations are not. There is no limit to the number of detachments or formations that may be included in an army.
    4. If a formation is duplicated in two sources, you must chose which detachment rules you will be using. For example, if you bring a space marine battle company, you must chose either the battle company rules from codex:space marines or the apocalypse company formation from the apocalypse rulebook.
    5. All armies must include a valid “warlord” (HQ) unit.
  2. Rules for the psychic phase during a multiplayer game:
    1. Determining available Warp Charge:
    2. During the psychic phase, each team will roll a single die to determine the amount of extra warp charge.
    3. Each player on the team will generate warp charge per the number of levels of psychic mastery in his/her army.
    4. Each player will then add an additional amount of dice as dictated by the roll at the start of the phase to their total to determine their final amount of warp dice.
  3. Deny the Witch
    1. Each player will have their own set of dice with which to attempt to deny psychic powers.
    2. Only one attempt may be made to deny each casting of a psychic power. Teams are expected to collaborate as to who will attempt to deny each power.
    3. Players can only benefit from modifiers to their dice roll if they are the target of the spell. If attempting to nullify a spell that is affecting another friendly unit, you would need a 6 to deny—regardless of whether that friendly unit had any bonuses.
    4. Excepting above, players can combine dice to attempt to deny psychic powers. If different rolls are required by different players, please make note of that before any dice are rolled.
  4. Time Tracking:
    1. Please plan to play an eight hour game (not including setup, deployment, tear-down, etc.)
    2. Chess clocks will be used for the game, each team will be configured to have 4 hours of play time.
    3. When time runs out for the first team, the other team will have the option of calling it or having one more player turn for their side.
  5. Extras:
    1. Food & Drink:
    2. I have been told these things work best when they function as a pot luck.  People can bring a dish to share with everyone (crock pots work great for this)
    3. We won’t have an official break in the game for eating, just eat when you feel like it.  That way, we can keep the game play continuous and get out as early as possible.
  6. Miscellaneous:
    1. We’ll need at least one additional table, and if anyone has a spare grass matt (or suitable table covering) that would also be appreciated.
    2. I can provide six chairs, but it would be best if someone could bring an additional two folding chairs.
    3. We’ll be playing on a cement floor, so please wear comfortable shoes.  Standing for 8+ hours can be hard on your feet.

Between my terrain and that already offered up by Rob, i think we should be covered.  That being said, having more scatter terrain like statues and other cool stuff to put down is always good. If you have any painted terrain you would like to use, let me know.  Speaking of painting, I am not requiring painted models.  However, please keep in mind that the objective of these games is to have fun and look at all our awesome models on the table. To that end, I strongly encourage everyone to make an effort to have everything painted. Nobody is a golden demon winning artist (except Rob, but he cheated), so don’t worry too much about quality, the aim is to make the board look awesome as we kill plastic army men.

To recap:

  • Deployment is at 9:00 AM
  • Bring a potluck item (nit required)
  • Bring scatter terrain if you (not required)

So far I have these people as confirmed:

  1. apocalypseBrandon
  2. Rob
  3. Cole
  4. Kurt
  5. Simon
  6. Sean
  7. Steven


  1. Sam

That is all for now.  I plan on providing at least one more update as we move closer to the date. If you have any questions about rules or about the list or units you want to use, please feel free to ask.

**************************END RULES EMAIL***************************
So there you have it.  Now the question is what army do I play?….

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