Batrep: Black Friday Massacre (1127 points)

I’m behind in writing up battle reports–or conversely, you can say that I’m just that far ahead in creating posts for my blog.  Either way, the last battle I had was on Black Friday, when a fair number of guys showed up to game night (or game day, as it were in this case).  Six players showed, and people seemed to want to play a big 3v3 game, so we wound up doing that instead of breaking into smaller games.

In preparation for the day, each person made up a list consisting of 1127 points (since the date was 11/27).  Left with six comparable armies, we wound up trying to break things up as logically as possible.  We put Sean opposite Kurt’s tanks because each basically had what amounted to an armored force.  We then added Albert to Kurt’s side so as to ensure each side got a flyer, which left three players left.  While we could’ve opted to split up the drop pods as evenly as possible, we opted to keep the three marine players together to play against Orks, Chaos Space Marines & (apparently traitor) Guard.

The army lists were as follows:

Team Bad Guys:

Again, the bad guys team consisted of  (Traitor) Guard, Chaos, & Orks fielded by Kurt, Albert, & Luke respectively.  Their army lists looked a little something like this:

Kurt’s Steel Legion:

  • wh39kBlackFriday2015 (1)HQ:
    • Tank Commander in Leman Russ Vanquisher w/ Lascannon, Multi-melta sponsons, Searchlight & Smoke Launchers
    • plus one Additional Leman Russ Executioner w/ Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon Sponsons, Searchlight, & Smoke Launchers
  • Troops:
    • 2x Leman Russ Squadron w/ Lascannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Searchlight & Smoke Launchers
    • 1x Leman Russ Punisher w/ Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Searchlight & Smoke Launchers
  • Fast Attack:
    • Hydra w/ Twin-linkd autocannons, Heavy Bolter, Searchlight & Smoke Launchers

Out of the five armies that showed up, Kurt’s was the one that I didn’t want to go up against.  Given my history, I have a huge fear of pie plates.  Maybe that’s an unnatural fear, but the idea of four tanks with basically AV 13/14 dropping large blasts that nothing in my army can really save against instills fear into me.  Of course, he wound up on the other side of the table from me. >.<

Albert’s Chaos Marines:

  • wh39kBlackFriday2015 (2)HQ:
    • Chaos Sorcerer w/ Spell Familiar (level 3 psyker): (minor demon summoning & bloodthirster summoning)
  • Elites:
    • 1x Hellbrute w/ twin-linked lascannon
  • Troops:
    • 10x CSM w/ mark of nurgle, heavy bolter, plasma pistol x2, powerfist in rhino w/ havoc launcher
    • 10x CSM w/ mark of nurgle, plasma gun, melta gun, poweraxe in rhino w/ havoc launcher
    • 35x Cultists w/ flamer, heavy stubber, & shotgun
  • Fast Attack:
    • 1x Helldrake w/ bale flamer

Albert’s list seemed fairly normal for him.  He likes to include Nurgle themed marines and some cultists.  All in all, I didn’t see any real weaknesses in his army (other than he can’t pop armor at range–but really that’s a weakness of my force as well–more on that in a minute).

Luke’s Orks:

Well, I didn’t actually get a list from Luke as to what his army included, and I don’t particularly know the codex so I’ll take my best stab at remembering what it is he fielded.

  • wh39kBlackFriday2015 (4)HQ:
    • Warboss on Bike w/ Attack Squig
  • Troops:
    • 30x Slugga/Choppa Boyz w/ Powerklaw and Big Shootas
    • 30x Slugga/Choppa Boyz w/ Powerklaw and Big Shootas
    • 10x Shoota boyz w/ big shootas
  • Heavy Support:
    • 20x Lootas in Trukk
  • Fast Attack:
    • 6x Nob Bikers w/ various weapons including multiple Powerklaws and a Painboy

Again, I really know very little about how the Ork army is arranged, but that’s fairly representative of what he had.  It generally consisted of a few large blocks of boys, plus a devastating assortment of Lootaz in a trukk (I could be amiss about the total number of them–as Trukks likely have a maximum capacity of 12), plus a tooled up warboss leading a nob biker squad.

Team Good Guys:

Now that the evil dudes are out of the way, let’s talk about the Space Marines, aka, “Team Good Guys…”

Sean’s Space Wolves:

  • HQ:
    • Bjorn w/ Twin-linked Lascannon
  • Elites:
    • Arjac Rockfist
    • Murderfang
  • Heavy Support:
    • Stormfang Gunship w/ 2x Twin-linked Multi-Meltas & Twin-linked Lascannon
  • Allied Detachment
    • Knight Paladin

Sean’s list was interesting because it was essentially a force he brought to a tournament recently that he scaled down.  In hindsight, I’m not sure how he built the list, or if it’s just effectively an unbound army.  He doesn’t seem to have any troops!

He also has a whopping five total models in his force–several of which would be held in reserve.  Long story short, he wasn’t going to have a very big effect in deployment.

Sam’s Imperial Fists:

  • HQ:
    • 1x Chaplain w/ Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, Plasma Pistol, Jump Pack
  • Elites:
    • 1x Ironclad Dread w/ Extra Armor, Pwr Fst Hvy Flamer Arm, Seismic hammer melta gun arm, Two Hunter Killer Missles, Assault Launchers in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind Launcher
    • 5x Sternguard w/ Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod
  • Troops:
    • 10x Tac Squad w/ Vet Sarg: Pwr Fst, Combi Melta Troops: Lascannon, Melta Gun in Drop Pod w/ Storm Bolter, Locator Beacon
    • 10x Tac Squad w/ Vet Sarg: Pwr Fst, Combi Flamer Troops: Heavy Bolter, Flamer in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind Launcher
  • Fast Attack:
    • 5x Assault Squad w/ Plasma Pistol x2

A very Sam army as virtually everything was in drop pods (And even those that weren’t opted to deep strike).  Sam did forget some models at home, so he had to “stoop” to substituting some Ultramarine models in his army.  I hope the experience wasn’t too traumatic for him…

Rob’s Ultramarines:

  • wh39kBlackFriday2015 (3)HQ:
    • Librarian in Power Armor w/ Force Sword (Prescience, Foreboding, Precognition)
  • Elites:
    • Ironclad dreadnought w/ Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
    • Dreadnought w/ Multimelta & Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod w// Deathwind
  • Troops:
    • 10x Tactical Marines w/ Lascannon & Plasmagun in Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
    • 5x Scouts w/ Sniper Rifles & Camo Cloaks inc. 1x Missile Launcher
  • Fast Attack:
    • 8x Assault Marines w/ 2x Plasma Pistols & 1x Poweraxe
  • Heavy Support:
    • Techmarine w/ Thunderfire Cannon
    • Techmarine w/ Thunderfire Cannon

Nothing special here, except I was the only one on our team that had any significant amount of deployment.  I opted to drop the tactical’s drop pod with only a combat squad, and everything else would wind up deploying on the table…

Mission & Deployment:

What was originally slated to be a fairly small game of 1127 points per side really escalated to the level of a small Apocalypse game when we opted to play 3v3.  Someone had suggested that maybe we try to consolidate into a single table, but with six bodies and an excess of 3,000 points per side, it really seemed better to stretch it to two.

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (5)For mission, we opted to play an old fashion kill points game (a la 2nd edition) where we would earn victory points for killing units: full points for killing an entire unit and half points for killing half (or more) of a unit.  Immobilized vehicles and wounded characters counted as half points.

Team Evil won the roll for deployment and choose the side with the tallest buildings (to hinder my thunderfire cannons) and opted to deploy largely towards one flank with an open field of fire.  Kurt’s tanks were afforded some protection from Luke’s boys, and the rest of the protection came from my fear of battle cannons.  Albert opted to deploy on the other table, so their total line stretched out to cover about 2/3rds of the available deployment zone.

When it came down to our deployment, Sam had nothing to place, and Sean had very little (his Knight and two dreadnoughts).  I opted to deploy all of my models in the city, to stretch out of range of all of those terrifying pie plates and give me some cover vs. shooting.  Kurt wasn’t thrilled about the fact that he effectively got null-deployed against, but I knew that Sam’s gung-ho attitude would invariably lead to him placing models over by the tanks–I was just going to avoid it if I could.

Though I had a +1 to my seize the initiative roll for my warlord trait and Bjorn gave us another +1, we opted not to seize the initiate (figuring doing so would only give them more targets to fire at with our impending drop pods), and we let them have first turn (we did however, test the roll, and would’ve seized with a natural 6).

Turn 1 – Team Evil:

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (9)Without many targets to bring to bear, we survived the first turn of shooting relatively unscathed.  Bjorn was a focal point for many of the tanks, and wound up getting stripped of all but one hull point.  Otherwise, two assault marines wound up perishing (one because I had deployed them out in the open, out of range of his only real heavy weapon on that side of the board: his hellbrute’s multi-melta.  Only come to find out that he wasn’t WYSIWYG and it really had a lascannon… doh!).

In the meantime, the Orks and Chaos units shuffled forward (or around to help protect nearby tanks), but the turn was rather uneventful.

Turn 1 – Team Good Guys:

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (12)Bjorn slinked back into the shadows, where he would sit for the majority of the game, but our Drop pods arrived and hit in about the best spots possible, allowing us to unload a case of melta into the back/sides of the armored company.  The first shot of the game saw a melta-gun of my ironclad explode his commander’s tank, while my other dread managed to shake another tank (which was then blown up by a sternguard squad).  Another nearby tank was destroyed by Sam’s Ironclad, thereby reducing half of Kurt’s force to ashes before they’d really gotten to do anything.  Worse yet, his tanks weren’t well equipped to deal with dreadnoughts, so his hopes lied in a couple of lascannons keeping three of them at bay…

On my side of the table, I wasn’t accomplishing much.  I’ll summarize my shooting phases each turn this way:

  1. I fired one thunderfire into orks and killed a bunch.  They kept coming.
  2. I fired another thunderfire into cultists and killed a bunch–then made them move in difficult terrain and killed a bunch.  Albert always forgot they were in difficult terrain, but when reminded, he always rolled a six for distance.
  3. My scouts shot at people but did no damage.
  4. My lascannon fired at people and would occasionally glance a vehicle, but mostly it would hit with a 6 then roll horribly for penetration.
  5. My assault marines skirted forward, then backwards, then forwards again.

Still, it was a successful turn, so we passed the dice back with a smile on our faces

Turn 2 – Team Evil:

I will say this about Kurt, even when things don’t look good, he keeps in good spirits.  Despite losing half of his force, he was still in the thick of it.  His tanks chose to focus on my normal dread who had his back to them, but between their poor human eyesight and the cover granted from a surrounding forest, my dreadnought escaped unscathed.

Somehow I forgot to take a photo of this turn, so I don’t really recall what happened other than that.

Turn 2 – Team Good Guys:

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (14)Murderfang boldly strolled forward into a squad of nob bikers and managed to do one less wound than was necessary to kill off the Warboss–who in turn destroyed the dreadnought, but also managed to kill himself off with a mishap due to “Da Lucky Stick,” so despite swinging at different initiative order, they managed to kill each other (or themselves) in the same challenge.

Anything else that happened in this turn was trivial in comparison.

Turn 3 – Team Evil:

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (17)This is probably the first turn where they got to charge–and I was the unlucky recipient of most all of them.  My scouts and techmarine stood up to the nob bikers and though I’d lost the combat, I didn’t run away (by some miracle)–though that was really due to the positioning of the powerklaws in such a way that the techmarine took the brunt of the blow.  My tactical combat squad that came down in the pod didn’t fair very well against the chaos space marines.

Turn 3 – Team Good Guys:

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (20)Bjorn to the rescue!  Though he’d done nothing in the game except to soak fire on the first turn of shooting, he managed to charge into the nobz and kill of their pain boy (plus distract the various powerklaws from harming my precious scouts).  By the end of the phase, the orks had weathered the storm, but so had my boys in blue–thanks to a big tin can that smelled of burnt dog hair.

In the meantime, the left flank had wound up collapsing on the tanks.  I didn’t talk much more about them because it seemed rather uneventful.  By this time, our dreadnoughts had finished off the other two tanks, leaving Kurt with only a Punisher, who was puttering desperately away from them into a place where he could hopefully start causing some wounds.  With his 20 shots, he was taking out a marine or two per turn, but their power armor was proving to be mighty fierce against it’s str5 shots.

Turn 4 – Team Evil:

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (22)Things were mopping up fairly well by this point.  Though it was their turn, we managed to kill off the rest of the bikers with only losing a single scout (the brave sergeant who took one for the team).  My assault marines wound up taking a volley of fire by the cultists and a charge (again due to my assumption that my opponent was playing with WYSIWYG–I figured I could handle taking the shots from the autoguns, but it turns out he had armed them with pistols…). At least the all of the marines weathered the combat and pushed them back.

Turn 4 – Team Good Guys:

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (24)I took other photos of this turn, but the only thing I’m going to mention is that the assault marines, who had previously broken the cultists managed to charge into them this turn.  Since I didn’t use their jump packs to move (there was no need), I was able to both reroll their charge distance (again, no need), and also use the packs to get hammer of wrath!

Of course, hammer of wrath is a pretty bleh kind of rule, but with five marines against three cultists, I had managed to wound three of them with my hammer of wraths–and they all failed their armor saves.  How many people can say they’ve killed off a squad using hammer of wrath alone?


Turn 5 – Team Evil:

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (27)The hellbrute and some nearby space marines (who had spent a couple of turns shimming over) managed to charge into my assault squad and squish two marines without losing any of their own.  I broke, and stopped a mere inch from the edge of the board (they would then next turn jump over behind a friendly knight for protection).

Otherwise, the table was pretty clear and we were just playing mop up.  At this point, it was evident who was going to win, and we were winding down.

Turn 5 – Team Good Guys:

wh39kBlackFriday2015 (30)We ended the game rolling a few dice, but not much changed on the final turn.  Kurt had set himself up for some shenanigans to allow himself to tank shock a hovering flyer (couldn’t find a rule against it), and also fire his punisher cannon into my Librarian–who had put up precognition in the previous psychic phase).  In total, I managed to tank all of the hits without suffering a single wound (he had suffered one earlier due to perils).

Speaking of perils, I probably should’ve mentioned that I never managed to successfully get off prescience during the entire game.  I did manifest one or two psychic powers, and I also perils’d three times.  The only saving grace he had (besides tanking a punisher cannon the last round) was that I did managed to deny a great demon from being summoned at one point in the game.

What I Learned:

  1. Not everyone plays with WYSIWYG.  I try to do so to the best of my ability and dutifully notify my opponents when there is a deviation from that, but not everyone plays that way.  Albert is an honest guy, and wasn’t trying to pull one over on me, but it would behoove me to clarify things before the game–just in case.
  2. Large games don’t require Apoc rules.  Granted, at 3381, that’s not too much larger than a normal game, and it’s relatively small for Apoc, but it’s within the realm of possiblity–and considering the number of players, it was right on the line.
  3. I miss Apoc.  I used to try to hold three per year.  I did hold one last year, but not at all in 2015 (unless you count this).  We’ll have to fix that in the coming year…



2 comments on “Batrep: Black Friday Massacre (1127 points)

  1. cool report. about Wysiwyg -I’m always surprised if someone use other weapons than actually model represents (and do not tell me before battle) – I do not mind generally – but I’m surprised. should have been told about it but on the other hand I should have asked;)

    • You’re exactly right. Given that most of the people I play with on a regular basis use WYSIWYG, I’ve become complacent and just assume that everyone does. Of course, it would be ideal if they all did, but it’s understandable if people don’t (particularly those that are new to the game or have smaller collections). I just need to remind myself to a better job of confirming before the game starts.

      On Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 5:43 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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