Frugal Gaming 2015 – A Year in Review

Wow, hard to believe I’m on top of the annual review this year.  Yeah, I know that I said in my last post that I’d get to this sooner or later, but I’m just not used to actually following through with things.  Maybe this is an omen that hobby progress for 2016 will be great?  Not that I’d count on it, but it’s fun to dream.

But before we start hallucinating, let’s look back on 2015’s spending and see how I did.  As with last year, this is a post to review my 2015 Frugal Gaming spending.  My goal was simple: Don’t lose money by the end of the year.

wh39kFrugalGaming2015Sales Points of interest for the year include:

  1. Probably first and foremost is that I went insane on MTG spending.  In total, that’s $3,903.89 in cardboard NET (nearly $5000 in spending alone).
  2. I wound up trading in over $1000 to vendors, and that skews numbers a bit.  I actually buylisted a bunch of magic cards in the past two years and took the 25% extra in trade value, then later utilized it to buy other board & 40k games–but I don’t really attribute those to them.  That’s something I might want to address next year.
  3. My 40k numbers are pretty impressive.  I managed to sell over $7k in models this year, and only spent $2571.96.   Better yet, there really isn’t anything else I want to buy, so I can reasonably expect more profit in future years.
  4. I didn’t sell any board games this year, but it does show a $32.42 sale at the end of the year.  This was actually my refund from Amazon for Black Friday.


Raw numbers for the year include (game type/bought/sold/total):

  • 40k Bought: -$2,571.96 Sold: $7,113.08 Total: $4,541.12
  • WHFB Bought: $0.00  Sold: $80.00  Total: $80.00
  • MTG Bought: -$4,990.89 Sold: $1,082.22 Total: -$3,903.89
  • BG Bought: -$471.35 Sold: $32.42  Total: -$438.93
  • Comp Bought: -$28.92  Sold: $0.00  Total: -$28.92
  • Other Bought: -$24.84  Sold: $0.00  Total: -$24.84
  • Total Bought: -$8,087.96 Sold: $8,307.72 Total: $420.90

Obviously, the biggest cost sink was MTG, accounting for 62% of my total purchase (and only 13% of my total purchases).  Based upon that, I should list those purchases I considered “investments,” but that is truly a nightmare to accomplish.  Instead, I’ll list the cards in my collection that are valued at more than $10, since I took the time to catalog them all in

On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t do that.  It’s not all that accurate of a method, since I can’t be sure if I owned a particular card prior to this year, and I can’t ensure any given’s card’s condition, plus I did sell some of them, and I haven’t yet accounted for that.  In short, I don’t know what exactly I have.  Plus, it just doesn’t seem like a great idea posting a collection of my cards online unless I’m planning on selling them.

Suffice it to say that considering the money I’ve put in, I’m not in horrible shape.  As of right now, I would lose a considerable amount of money (like several thousand dollars) from what I initially paid if I were going to sell today to a vendor; however, these are supposed to be an investment that will (hopefully) acrue value over time…



Like last year, my numbers don’t quite add up to the same.  This is because I do all of the math on that page in my head, and use Excel to calculate them here.  Depending upon your faith in electronics and my brain, you may value one of these datasets higher than the other.  Personally, I’m of the belief that Excel might be slightly more accurate than I am.

Next year I should really look into parting ways with much of this stuff, as I literally only played a single game of magic this year, and don’t see that changing drastically in 2016.  Ho hum…

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