Astra Militarum Models for Sale

wh39kAuction2 (3)Ebay week continues with more Astra Militarum models for sale up on ebay.  Granted, there’s not all that much change in auctions since I originally listed them on Sunday (except I dropped the price of the “At Ease” Cadians, and removed a duplicate auction of a Female Inquisitor (thanks to the person who informed me of my mistake).

What I can offer today is a little insight to you bloggers of some of the lesser known auctions.

As you may or may not be aware, EBay’s seller dashboard provides some fairly detailed information to us about how many people have viewed and are watching auctions (presumably to stop us from worrying and/or cancelling bids before they end).  In my experience, those with fewer watchers, tend not to go as high by the end, so I figured I’d let you know about the auctions that just don’t seem to have a lot of interest.  That way, you can get the best deals possible.

As of right now, the following auctions have only 3 watchers:

wh39kAuction2 (1)While these auctions only have 4 watchers:

By far, the most interesting of these auctions is the one for Straken, as he’s metal (so, in my opinion, worth more than the GW equivalent), normally a direct-only model (so no discount from local/web retailers), a nightmare on the battlefield (he still gives me nightmares since the first time I faced him on the tabletop and he demolished my best assault troops in hand to hand) and only going for a measly $0.16 at the moment.  That’s an absolute steal.  I know I’d considered keeping him, but I worked up a pretty nifty Cadian conversion so he more closely matches my Ultramar PDF models.

He’s not the best deal that’s available at the moment in terms of raw value vs. price.  There are a bunch of tanks that have never been painted going for far too low, like this Basilisk for $2.25, this Leman Russ for $1.50,  or this Russ for only $1.25!  Considering all of those tanks go for about $50 retail, those are pretty screaming deals–but I’m not so worried about them going too cheaply, as they all have between 10-18 watchers already.

This isn’t to discourage you from bidding on them, as the number of watchers doesn’t have any direct correlation to final auction price, but there are enough people looking that I expect to see some jump in price before they end on Sunday.

Anywho, hopefully that shines a little light into some behind the scenes Ebay workings for those of you who don’t sell.  If anyone has any questions about ebay, please let me know–I’d be happy to answer any of them.

Until then, you can click here to check out the rest of the auctions.


3 comments on “Astra Militarum Models for Sale

  1. From what I am hearing of initial impressions of the new codex, most of this doesn’t suprise me. Marbo has been removed and apparently straken got quite a bit worse. Meanwhile I would expect your Yarrick to go for a good price since he is now apparently almost an auto take in the army. Also, I wouldn’t worry about the tanks too much either. The Leman Russ chassis got a points drop across the board so I would expect to see people looking to bulk up on armor, plus you can use one as your HQ now too.

    • Yeah, Marbo being completely omitted means he should go cheap–but the fact that he still exists in the GW store means that he’s probably a great purchase for someone.

      I haven’t heard anything negative about Straken. He’s got Fearless, Monster Hunter, Senior officer, Smash, Voice of Command, S6 and a 5++ invulnerable. He still grants counter-attack and furious charge, and his warrior trait gives him and his squad relentless. I think he used to be S7, so that’s a nerf, but Smash is a pretty good upgrade to offset it. I think he used to have a power weapon too–which seems to be missing. Still, he seems pretty solid to me.

      On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 12:22 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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