Spring Cleaning

IMG_2328 (Medium)As of late, I haven’t had much opportunity to play any games (or really do much of anything hobby related). Our babysitters are on hiatus, and with Spring officially sprung, I’ve been doing a lot more chores around the house. I s’pose that’s not such a bad thing, but it would be nice to get a little more gaming in. I am hoping that next week that changes—at least a little bit, as my “honey do” list has gotten significantly shorter this week.

What extra free time I have had has been spent on my Ebay auctions (as any visitor to the blog this week can surely attest to), so I guess you can attribute that to “Spring Cleaning”. With this week ending, so too are my auctions for Imperial Guard (or Astra Militarum, if you must—I’m not sure I’ll ever come around to calling them that).

There are still a ton of great deals to be had (at least for the moment). Earlier in the week, I talked about a few auctions that I suspect will go cheap (including Marbo & Straken) simply because people aren’t watching them, but I’m really surprised that there are quite a few auctions for relevant new options that just aren’t getting bids. For example:

  1. 3x Cadians w/ Meltaguns – $1.25
  2. 3x Cadians w/ Plasma Guns – $1.25
  3. 2x Cadians w/ Meltaguns – $1.25
  4. Creed & Kell (metal) – $7.50 (not too bad price wise, but the ones that are primed gray are going for almost twice as much).
  5. Commissar Yarrick (metal) – $8.50
  6. Female Commissars ($6.50 & $7.50) – There are actually two of these models up in separate auctions

IMG_2454 (Medium)By and large, those are special weapons, and the prices just seem insanely cheap to me (heck, if I saw auctions at those prices, I’d snap them up in a heartbeat—and I clearly don’t even want/need the models).

Who knows though, there’s still plenty of time, so maybe they’ll go up (well, from my perspective—hopefully they will). If they don’t though, that’s my loss—why not make it into your gain?

Check out all of those auctions and more by clicking here.


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