Get Your IG While They’re Hot! (Rare & Limited Edition Models for Sale)

wh39kIGAuctions (1)I just realized that the title almost makes it sound like they’re stolen–or maybe I’m doing some sort of write-up on hot-shot power packs.

Rest assured, I’m just blatantly promoting some ebay auctions I have up this week. 67 Imperial Guard (or should I say Astra Militarum) auctions went up last night.  In some regards, I’m shocked at the amount of models I have laying around for an army that I’ve never really played, but in others it seems like I really should’ve had more.  Then again, I’ve been selling these off slowly since 2012.

I also wound up keeping a fair bit for myself (assuming I ever play that army), but there’s still a ton of crap–er, I mean, valuable merchandise–for you.

So you’re aware, all of the auctions started out at $.01 (well, I say all, but that’s not actually true–I started the “At Ease” Cadians much higher, but I left room for a “make offer.”  We’ll see how they turn out).  Anywho, the vast majority of auctions started out at just a penny, and I do offer combined shipping discounts if you win multiple auctions.  This means that there are great deals to be had.

Some of the more interesting items I have for sale include:

  • IG Games Day Female Commissar (there are actually two of these up in two separate auctions)
  • Commissar Yarrick (metal) (This was a last minute addition, as I was originally planning on keeping him, but I was told that it was out of stock at GW and it’s finecast only there, so I’m hoping he fetches a good price.  Besides, when am I really going to play this army anyway?
  • Inquisitor Gideon Lorr  (At least I think that’s his name–I also think he was a limited edition model back in the day)
  • Cadian “At Ease” models (where else are you going to find 12 of these in one place?  I’ve been slowly buying them over the past decade, but the only time I ever used one was on my bastion)
  • A pretty hefty “bits” bag (I really struggled with putting this up, as I’m a bit of a hoarder–pun intended–but I figured why not–the goal was to clean out space, so let’s go full tilt)
  • An Aegis Defense Line (who knew I owned three of these?)

wh39kIGAuctions (3)Plus there are more than a dozen tanks, heavy weapons teams, special weapons troopers, some kasrkin, lots of metal characters (straken, creed, kell, marbo, gaunt…) and more.  To further incentivize, as of the time I wrote this, no auction was over $1, so what does it hurt to drop by and take a look?

By the way, I have to apologize in advance, as I’m sure my blog is going to be overcome with blatant ads this week, but next week you can expect some more posts on those buttons (I have samples in hand, and I’m quite pleased), as well as a battle report with my Tyranids.

But for now, please go:

Check out my Auctions here.







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