Starting a Blogging Movement: Old Stuff Day

Although, for most of us, it’s a labor of love, blogging is actually a fair amount of work.  The reward for our efforts is often a post we can be proud of and, with any luck, it receives some attention from the rest of the community. 

Unfortunately for most posts, that attention tends to be short-lived.  A short time after it’s displayed, the average post falls off the blogrolls of the community and into the realm of obscurity, often never to be seen again.  There’s good reason for this: after all, readers will only find posts interesting if they can actually find the posts. 

One way to prevent your favorite posts from disappearing altogether is to create a side-bar displaying the most popular posts on your site.  A good example of this can be seen over at Santa Cruz Warhammer, which is a collection of hobbyists that have ALOT of good posts.    Such widgets can be fiddly to maintain, as well as taking up a significant amount of space on your blog. 

Another way to highlight previous posts is to simply provide links in newer posts to that older content.   Whenever you write an entry that ties in with a historical post you’ve written, you can simply provide a link to the older content, thereby increasing traffic to the otherwise lost post.  While I highly recommend this tactic for all bloggers, it doesn’t seem sufficient.

This is why I’m proposing all bloggers highlight the content they’re most proud of on March 2nd in celebration of “Old Stuff Day.”  On this day, each blogger can go through their history and find posts that they’d like to shake the dust off and present again to the community at large.  Some suggestions for content that would be good to post:

  • Posts that you considered special that didn’t receive as much attention as you thought they deserved
  • Content that people liked in the past, but haven’t seen recently
  • Posts you might have created before your site received much traffic, and now deserve to be reshown
  • Or any content you’re particularly proud of!

Old Stuff Day (Small) Original Art by

It would be grand to go through each blog and see some of their best work displayed on a single page.  It would also provide insight into the mind of each blog’s owner, in determining what they’re most proud of.

But wait, there’s more!  Sons of Taurus has suggested we all not only take the time to dust off our old posts and display them proudly, but we also take the time to root through at least one other blog and find an obscure old post that you like, and comment on it.  Some people might frown on this as “threadomancy,” but I think you’ll find that bloggers appreciate any comments, be them on new posts or older ones.   Great idea, Sons!

So, I hope that you join us in sharing some of the treasures from your blog’s past.  I look forward to reading the cliff’s notes on your blog’s history, and hope you’ll do the same with mine.

UPDATE!  My crude photo editing skills have begrudgingly come up with a banner for Old Stuff Day.  That is displayed at the side of this site, as well as downloadable in a full size and a small size image.

54 comments on “Starting a Blogging Movement: Old Stuff Day

  1. Hello from a visitor via Porky’s Expanse. You came up with a good idea, and I will probably participate in it, but I’m curious; what made you choose March 2 (Texas Independence Day)?

  2. Sounds like a plan. If I remember I’ll have to find something to repost then.

    I agree there’s a lot of good old content. When I find someplace new, I try to browse their older stuff as well as the more recent posts. Sometimes even commenting on old, old stuff. For some reason I think many are reticent to comment on old posts, perhaps from being harassed for “thread necromancy” on forums. But I think most blog authors appreciate any comments, even on stuff from a long time ago!

    So maybe we could add a second part to the challenge – not only post something old of your own, but also to find something old somewhere else you like and comment on it!

    • Any chance you (or another like-minded, supporting individual with a
      penchant for photoshop) could work up a little side banner to post on
      people’s sites to remind people? I tried, but anything more than a stock
      picture with some words plastered on the front seems to be too difficult for
      me to muster…

      • Nothing too fancy. Call it Blogging Renewal Day or Old Stuff Day, put the
        date, and the general purpose (Show off your old content). People then
        could link that to a post they’ve made on the subject, or they could link it
        to my post describing what the day is about.

        I had worked up a really cheesy one with cobwebs as the background, but was
        hoping a true artiste would step forward…

      • I’ll see what I can come up with when I have some time. That being said, don’t let me step on anyone’s toes here. If you’re good at graphic design and are up to the task then fire away. Options and choices are a good thing.

  3. man, i gotta say i didnt read this post past the opening because frankly i dont care (no offense)

    But i have noticed you seem to get more comments talking about blogging tips then Warhammer…..

    • To each his own.

      I think this particular post gets some traction because (not to toot my own
      horn), it’s a good idea. Blogging is alot of work, and too many cool posts
      get glossed over. Since it’s a community, my target audience is fellow
      bloggers who, I suspect, are in the same boat as I am and would like to show
      off some older content.

      On a larger sort, I might get a fair amount of comments on my non-40k posts
      because it’s a bit of a rarity in our community. Aside from Thor over at and Dave G of, there
      are few people that freely post such comments. So, despite my lack of
      talent in the game itself, I still have something to contribute to the
      blogosphere as a whole. 🙂

    • Thanks Fay.

      P.S. I pronounce it in my head “Fay-low-wyn,” though I’m quite sure that’s
      wrong. Is it “Fay-ow-lane?” By the way, if you’re having any trouble with
      mine, it’s “Rawb” (the trademark symbol is silent). 🙂

    • I never did DIGG before. I presume that’s just a means of recommending
      articles to other people? Kind of like an online popularity contest of
      posts? Yeah, I think that could be a pretty neat addition to the
      community… if you can inspire enough of us to actually try DIGG.

  4. This is a grand idea Rob and I’ll fully support it.

    Trying to fit the upkeep of my blog and remain up to date with the many great blogs I follow (a list which I’m sure barely scratches the surface of this burgeoning community).Whilst holding down a job which is far removed from predictability of 9 to 5 and still managing to see my good lady wife in passing once in a while. Takes a whole heap of effort and in the bitter watches of the night, when we sit back from our cogitators with blood shot eyes and sore backs and question why we started blogging in the first place, its ideas like this, that keep us going.

    As for the banner, anyone who reads my blog will know, the Omnissiah and I don’t see eye to eye; so I leave such things to those of greater talents. But I can’t now shake the image of Bill Pullman getting all cheesy and flag wavy saying “Today, we celebrate our Old Stuff Day!”

  5. I’m in on this one.
    I already know of two posts from others i think are absolute gems.

    Thanks for coming up with this idea,
    From the Warp

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