Bootleg Forgeworld: The People Clearly Want to Know!

Over the years, my blog has had a modicum of traffic.  At one point, I was averaging over 300 unique visitors per day (which is nothing in the grand scheme of things), but that was when I was posting much more frequently–and when the blog was a paid wordpress blog so I had more control over it.  Since moving it to a free solution, and posting less frequently, I lost alot of followers.

Editorial: As a side note, I almost didn’t post that “over three hundred” figure for fear of being found out how po-dink this blog is.  It really is a constant struggle for me to remember that the purpose of this entire adventure is for me, and not for others–so it doesn’t matter so much how many people view my blog.  Which is ironic, considering this particular post–but you’ll see that in a minute.

Anywho, I used to be much more involved in the blog, watching my stats, tracking viewers, etc.  I’m not nearly as involved in blogging anymore.  I do my posts and such, but I don’t feel obliged to post on a daily basis (or at least I don’t always act upon it–please feel free to ignore my half finished WIP post ramblings).  From time to time, I do wind up clicking on the link to WordPress’ built-in site metrics and poke around in there.  What I find is that the lions share of my traffic overall comes from a single post:

Forgeworld on the Cheap: Chinese Counterfeiting

Seriously.  That one post has 80% of the views as my blog’s home page and is responsible for nearly 20% of the traffic that my blog has ever seen (well, since moving to the free site in February of 2012.  20% of my traffic dedicated to one blog post from nearly three years ago?  That’s insanity.  And the second most popular post ever on my blog?

Chinese Forgeworld: When Will I Learn?

It isn’t until the third most popular post that you get something that I’ve done that’s actually interesting and conveying knowledge: my piece on making stained glass windows.  Of course, I’m sure this has a lot to do with the fact that I moved blogs and all of my direct links broke when doing so.  I’d bet that my posts on Old Stuff Day and Why Necrons Need to be Nerfed would be up there as well, but I don’t have the historical data on it–and those posts aren’t bringing in traffic still today.

Clearly, Chinese Forgeworld is what people want to hear about, and I have some more tales, so I figured I’d work in a post here in there.  Yes, I know I said that the intent of this blog is for me, and not for others, but what can it hurt?

I’ve probably rambled on enough about this thus far, but expect some posts in the (hopefully near) future about more of my dealings with Forge World recasts, failures and successes…



3 comments on “Bootleg Forgeworld: The People Clearly Want to Know!

  1. It’s all about search traffic. Obviously far more people are searching for Chinese knockoffs than the other topics you’re covering. Probably not saying anything you don’t already know though.

    Same way on my blog too. I have a few topics that always get traffic, despite not being overly useful, just because they match up perfectly to search terms people are using frequently. It’s what makes those click-bait titles so effective. Use misleading article titles knowing that’s what people are looking for and give them something else entirely. The fun lowly tactics of the SEO world.

    • Yeah, you’re clearly right, and though I’m not in the business of entertaining others (at least not explicitly), I figured I don’t mind putting a little more info out there based upon what people are looking for information on.

      I’ve actually written a follow-up post to this already–though it’s rambling and out of sorts. Good thing I’m not in the business of entertaining others, right?

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