Welcome to the New Home of Warhammer39999

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that Warhammer39999.com has moved to a new URL: Warhammer39999.wordpress.com (well, either that, or you’re just reading my RSS feed).

You’re surely aware that I haven’t been writing the blog much as of late, but what you might not know is that the blog itself costs me in excess of $100 per year to run.  It was difficult enough to justify such a frivilous purchase in the first place, but with me not writing updates for so long, it because an easy decision to switch servers.  That’s why you’ll now find the site at:


The bulk of my costs were from hosting fees (which are required when running a wordpress.org site), so I opted to switch to one of the free hosting providers.  As shameful as it might sound, my first choice was going to be blogger, as it integrates feedburner, allows other commenting systems, and automatically populates images for your recent posts in other blogspot blogrolls (something that’s been a thorn in my side since I started blogging–more on that here).

The downside to moving to blogger?  Well, the big one is that, while I figured out how to transfer all of my content (ie. my words), there seemed to be no simple way to move the photos.  Granted, I could export all of the photos out of my wordpress blog, and then bulk import them into my Blogger, but it would’ve been a tedious process to go through and re-link all of those images in my old posts.  Plus, all of my comments for images had broken formatting.  If you’d care to see what I’m talking about, check out my attempt at http://warhammer39999.blogspot.com (for the record, the images don’t look broken, but that’s because the original warhammer39999.com site is still up and running.  Once that comes down, all of the links will automatically die).  Perhaps if someone smarter than me knows of a simple way to bulk edit those links, I can still move to a blogger site–but for now, I’m choosing to stick with wordpress.

Unlike blogger, wordpress doesn’t have many advantages here:  I can’t still use my feedburner feed, they want to charge me extra money to use my domain (warhammer39999.com), and I can’t edit the code of the website to direct people to my feedburner link instead of the wordpress one, so for all followers that already subscribe to me via feedburner, they’ll be fine, but any new subscribers will link to wordpress.com, which would break if I move the site again one day.

It really came down to a question of whether I thought it was more important to have a better blog from this point forward, or to preserve all of the original content I’ve already created, and ultimately, it wasn’t a hard decision for me.  Though I’d like to have the best blog possible, nothing frustrates me more than when I’m looking up information on Google for some obscure modelling reference, only to find it points to a broken link.  So, for the people that might want to see this information preserved for posterity, I keep this blog for you.

I guess there’s always an option to keep this as an archive blog, and move the new one to blogspot though…

Long story short, this is still a work in progress, but after almost a year of neglect, it’s time to start posting again, and I’m now committing to moving to a new platform.  The website name, warhammer39999.com, might stick around, depending upon if I find another solution though.  We shall see.

Anywho, thanks for reading another diatribe.  I hope to be posting some quality content in the relatively near future.  By the way, as a reminder, Old Stuff Day is coming up soon, special thanks to Thor over at Creative Twilight for keeping the movement alive.


13 comments on “Welcome to the New Home of Warhammer39999

  1. Welcome back! I hope from this point on the technicalities are relatively painless and you can get back to focusing on that solid content you do so well.

    • Danke, Porkster.. There might still be some techy stuff to do (if I can figure a way to port to blogspot), but content is why the site was made, so I’m looking forward to posting that. I’ve finished painting all of my Tyranids, so I want to post pics of them, and I’ve been working on some chaotic Apoc constructions, so more to come on those as well.

    • Could you not view it when it was @warhammer39999.com ?

      And be prepared to rip on me quite often… I’m not committing to going on this thing full throttle again, but I do intend to start posting regularly.

  2. Aagh! Gone! Ah, well at least you’ve survived the transition. I’m glad you’ve chosen to preserve old content – I think that was definitely the right move.

    Looking forward to seeing more when you’re ready to post.

    Oh; I definitely think you should keep the Warhammer39999 name. That was what first caught my eye in the first place and made me think ‘ah, that sounds like my sort of blog…’

    • Thanks. I’m a little sluggish still, but 40k has appeared to once again capture my interest. One of these days I’ll start posting a flurry of new content–I’ve finished painting and basing that Tyranid army–but never bothered to post pics. That’s gotta be enough for a few months worth of posts right there….

      • Glad to hear it! I’ll take this opportunity to remind you of your promise (or was it just an aspiration) to revisit your review of the Tyranid codex in light of all your experience. Whether that be re-visiting all of your old posts, or just doing a single ‘my thoughts after x months/years of actually playing with the new codex’…

  3. Eh, write when you feel the desire to. I know I’ve tried to maintain schedules and they just don’t work. You can’t force out material on a whim. Well, you can but then it sucks and nobody will care to read it. I know, I’ve tried.

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