I’m Not Dead Yet

This blog was originally started with a mindset wherein I’d keep track of my 40k progress–both for my win/loss ratio, as well as my hobby & painting progress. It’s evolved slightly since then, but it’s still pretty well themed to 40k (which is understandable, considering the name).

The thing is, I don’t play much 40k anymore. I’m not done with it, by any stretch of the imagination. As I’ve alluded to before, 40k is cyclical to me. Interest in the game waxes and wanes over time, so while at the beginning of last year I had knocked out 12 games in six months, this year, I’m struggling to even get one game in. In fact, I haven’t gotten a game in since November of 2018.

That isn’t to say I don’t game anymore–quite the opposite: I game pretty much every week. I just don’t play 40k much as of late. Most of my weekly game nights have been spent playing board games with friends. Maybe we see a shift in that dynamic in the future though.

Though readers out there will surely not have seen it, I have been keeping track of my gaming progress through an iphone app called “Board Game Stats.” I started tracking all of the games I play on January 1st, and to date I’ve racked up 80 plays this year (which is good, since there have been only 98 days so far at the time of writing this). Rest assured, I’m getting my game fix in.

I’ve also started painting a bit, and I’ve been keeping track of little hobby progress items ever since the blog went dark. So, with any luck, the turning of the season and the re-establishment of the glowing yellow orb in the sky will help inspire me to blog a little bit more. I suppose I can’t blog any less, eh?

The irony is that every great blog seems to end on a post like this-trying to inspire renewed interest. Rest assured, this will not be the final post of this blog. Hell, 2019 is the 10th anniversary of the blog–here’s to 10 more!

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