Gargoyle Status

Nothing  terribly fancy here, just an update on my Gargoyles which I dipped last month before going on my trip.  I painted up forty of these in similar color schemes earlier this year, and due to  a shortage of nails in my  house, I decided to only dip them 20 at a time.   I already knew that I was going to have to do one more dipping session before I could complete my army, so why not postpone half of them…

Anywho,  they came out alright.  Truth be told, I really hoped that they would come out darker, as I prefer the stain to set a little thicker.  Unfortunately, I bit off more than I could chew in the dipping arena, and by the time I’d gotten back to touching these up, the stain had pretty-well set, so they only got one time through the ringer.  They don’t look bad, mind you, but the armor doesn’t come out nearly as striking as it did on say, my Hive Guard.

You’ll also notice that the paint jobs aren’t superb, nor is the assembling job always up to snuff.  While I did take the time to clean all of the mold lines, I didn’t bother to putty up these basic troopers.  Case in point, the gargoyle on the right has a gap in his back chitin.  Sure, it wouldn’t looked better had I fixed this ahead of time, but there are two key factors that stopped me from doing this (both of which essentially revolve around time).

  1. There are so many of these models (I own 51), that I just don’t have the time to perfect them.  So, while I take the time to use putty on say, my Tyrants, I won’t bother on these 6 point models.
  2. My Tyranids are meant to be my “paint it up quick” army.  The goal was to put down a reasonable looking force with minimal effort. 

As a whole, I think I’ve achieved just that.  Ironically, these bugs take so little time to paint, but they get the most compliments of any of my armies.  Models that I spend upwards of 10-20 hours painting, turn only an occasional head, but an entire force of dipped bugs really pull the oohs and ahhhs out of people for some reason.  It really must be the sheer number of painted models.

Anywho, I only have one more status update for my already dipped bugs, which will cover the new Tyrants & Warriors, and then I have to start painting again to come up with blog content.  But that will have to wait… next update: a battle report of Ultramarines vs. Tyranids!

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