A Small Status Update

Though I only pledged to make 100 posts this year, I still feel like I need to contribute two to three posts per week to keep myself interested in blogging.  Sadly, I missed last week and only snuck out a single mediocre offering. 

I s’pose after spending a month in DC, I just needed some time to decompress, but I’m renewing my interest again, so here’s some status updates.

My free time has been spent doing some yard work, achieving personal goals, and what time I have left over for entertainment has been spent mostly playing board games.  I picked up a copy of Dungeon Lords (at the recommendation of the D6 Generation), and love the game, but we’ve also got some games of Catan (the card game and the board game), as well as another game of Ultra Marine (at which I was trounced abysmally).

I also got in my first game of 40k this summer, courtesy of Jerm™.  Sadly, this was intended to be an Apocalypse game, but I wasn’t able to focus on my work in DC and plan an Apoc  game for the day after I got back, so that had to be postponed.  I did get to talking with my friend Blaine though, who’s agreed to host a game in September, so stay tuned for updates there.  I’m also hoping to get a quick battle report of my game with Jerm up on the blog sometime this week.

You may have also noticed that B-Smoove over at A Gentleman’s Ones is working on some of my chaos renegades (see above picture).  Smooth is a great painter who’s super easy to work with, and an inspiring blogger to boot.  When I saw he was toying with the idea of taking commissions, I started thinking about a neglected chaos force I’ve had for a long time.  You see, I’ve been collecting/playing this game for nearly 20 years, and have a variety of some of the older models.  My chaos army is almost exclusively classic models including Khorne and Nurgle renegades, and a slough of the chaos cultists thrown in for good measure.  I dreamed of having a painted force of them, but know it just won’t happen for years if I don’t get some help, so I pinged him, and we worked out a deal for some test models.  Hopefully we can parlay that into a deal for the entire force.  In the meantime, I plan to put up some of his WIP shots on my page (assuming he lets me), and maybe some army shots of the raw models I have that are awaiting color…

Lastly, I did get a speck of painting of my own done this week in the form of space marine jump packs.  They’re nothing special, but they at least get me back on the wagon.  Naturally, I magnetized them, because… well, why not?  Now, I just have to paint the marines to match!



4 comments on “A Small Status Update

  1. …assuming he lets you? By all means, my good man, they are your models. I just feel lucky that I get to paint them.

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