Finding a New use for Deathwatch

A lot of people (like myself) jumped on the deathwatch bandwagon when they were made available in 4th edition (or was it 3rd?), but those beautiful models were relegated to the back shelf with the new codex. That is, unless you’re willing to make some conversions and throw in a little scoop of “counts as.” In that instance, I’d imagine most people starting using their Deathwatch marines as either Sternguard or Vanguard marines. I weighed my options and have decided to do mine up as Sternguard (but I’m reserving the right to change my mind–which is fine, since I never bothered to paint them in the two years since I converted them).

Pics of them can be found below. They are (from left to right, in the first pic: Blood Angel, Dark Angel, Black Templar, Ultramarine, Space Wolf and in the 2nd photo: Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists, Flesh Tearers, Iron Hands, & White Scars).

PA100187 (Medium)PA100188 (Medium)PA100189 (Medium)PA100190 (Medium)

For the most part, these are a hodge-podge of tactical & assault marine bits with GW’s deathwatch heads and guns. There are also a couple of terminator heavy flamers, some GW Iron Warriors bits, a healthy dose of Space wolf bits, a forgeworld purity seal or two and, in the case of the Ultramarine & Blood Angel, some bodies from the Iwo Jima diaroma).

I opted for these chapters because they were the ones that GW sold metal shoulderpads for. Previously, the two heavy flamer marines were equipped with heavy bolters, but without that option, I opted for a little change. Unlike my other Sternguard squad (Ultramarine Tyranid Hunters), I’m not going to bother magnetizing the bolters to switch them out for combi-weapons. I may, however, chop some hands off so that I can do weapon swaps for power weapons and use these as either Sternguard or Vanguard depending upon need–we’ll see how ambitious I become, but for now these will do just fine.

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