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1,000 painted models (almost)

Earlier this Summer, Alex from Budgethammer, nominated me for a Liebster award.  I don’t really choose to participate in this sort of thing normally as it’s sort of the internet equivalent of a chain letter, but since I was nominated by a fellow blogger (and reader of wh39k), I did take the time to respond to him–the questions & responses follow for those of you who aren’t fond of clicking links:

(though before I get to that, I do feel obliged to mention that–in my younger days–I did try on multiple occasions to start chain letters going.  I thought they were absurd and arbitrary, but apparently I’m not very good at them, because they never seemed to take hold).

Anywho, so the Liebster questions and answers were:

  1. How many models you estimate that you own, fully assembled and painted?
    Oh, that’s a doozy. I would’ve hazarded a guess that I’d be up around 800ish, but a quick fact check proves me wrong. This post (https://warhammer39999.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/somewhere-between-10000-14000-points-of-hive-fleet-proteus-with-pictures/) shows my Tyranid army a few years ago, and then I had 930 painted Tyranids alone, which has to be cresting 1000 by now. Plus there are my Ultramarines, IG, Chaos, etc. I’d say probably around 1400?
  2. What about unassembled or unpainted?
    Ugh, I really don’t even know what I have. If you mean models that I intend to keep, that number is probably around 250ish. If you include all models, it’s probably approaching 1000 as well–but most of those are waiting for new codicies so I can ebay them. Anyone need a few hundred orks?
  3. What’s your go-to joke?
    What’s brown and sticky?
  4. How long have you been wargaming for?
    I started in my sophomore year of High school, so somewhere around 23 years.
  5. Would you rather A: Be incredibly wealthy but have severe health problems (that money can’t fix), or B: be poor but be in perfect health?
    I’d go with poor and healthy.
  6. Do you have a favourite mini in your collection?
    Nah, not really. There are a bunch that are great, but no one stands out above all others.
  7. What’s the deal with aeroplane food?
    I kind of like it. Is that wrong?
  8. Do you think 40k should be more random or less random? How would you balance it?
    I think it’s pretty fine as far as randomness goes. Balance is completely out the window since the reset of 3rd edition. I’d love to see another reset, but I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.
  9. Barbeques or Buffets?
  10. Have you ever paid for a mini to be painted for you? How did it go?
    A bunch of them. Most of the time it goes poorly. I actually have a guy painting about 700 goblins for me at the moment. Oh crap, those weren’t included in the totals above… I find that painters are artists, and even if you over pay them, it’s hard to keep them focused.
  11. If you could magically have a book by you written in an instant, what would it be about?
    If I have that power, it might as well contain all of the wisdom of the known universe in it.

Wh39kHiveFleetProteus (11)The one that really stood out to me was the first one.  I hadn’t done a count of my models in quite some time (and honestly, I still haven’t since Alex’s post), but it’s clear to me that I somehow own over 1000 painted models.

Can that be right?  1,000 painted models?

As a self-proclaimed cheapskate and a loather of painting in general (which isn’t really true anymore), I never would’ve guessed I’d have even owned 1,000 models,

  • 2x Hive Tyrant
  • 1x Flyrant
  • 3x Tyrant Guard
  • 3x Tervigon
  • 1x Parasite of Mortrex
  • 2x Hive Guard
  • 2x Venomthrope
  • 8x Zoanthrope
  • 1x Doom
  • 30x Ymgarls
  • 12x Warriors
  • 60x Genestealers
  • 6x BroodLord
  • 9x Mycetic Spore
  • 22x Termagants
  • 19x Termagants
  • 22x Termagants
  • 22x Termagants
  • 13x Termagants
  • 2x Termagants
  • 20x Hormagaunts
  • 20x Hormagaunts
  • 20x Hormagaunts
  • 26x Rippers
  • 12x Raveners
  • 40x Gargoyles
  • 5x Biovore
  • 3x Mawloc
  • 2x Hierophant
  • 77x Spore Mines

That’s 465 painted Tyranids right there.  That’s half of what I counted in my original post (it appears that I just doubled the list), so maybe I don’t have 1000 painted models.  If we go by the numbers that I WAG’d in my reply to Alex though, I’d be getting pretty close to that amount.  I’m not sure how realistic it is though.  Off the top of my head, my imperials are something like:

  • WH39999Apoc2013 (49) (Large)44x Tactical Marines
  • 28x Devastators
  • 10x Assault Marines
  • 5x Terminators
  • 40x Scouts
  • 10x Misc Characters
  • 7x Bikes
  • 3x Speeders
  • 5x Tanks
  • 3x Dreadnoughts

But that’s only 155 models, give or take a few.  That’ll bump me up to 620 painted models, but that’s nowhere near the 1000 barrier.  So, then there are my IG:

Good for another 164 models (making 784 total), but still not enough.  Oh yeah, I did paint up some more bugs this year:

  • 32x Hormagaunts
  • 3x Biovores
  • 1x Red Terror
  • 3x Exocrines
  • 2x Flyers

We’re slowing down now… that’s another 41 models, taking us to 825 total.  Only 175 left, but I don’t see how I’m going to hit that point.  I also have my Chaos Space Marines, which were technically painted by Brian at A Gentleman’s Ones–but I never said they had to be models that I painted!  There are another 42 of those models, so we’re up to 867.

Ermm, I have some buildings and terrain.  Aegis Defense Lines (those are like 10 different models each, right?), bastions, statues, etc.  If I really stretch it, I might be able to claim 30ish models there.

Still though, that’s only 900ish painted models–and that’s a far cry from the 1400 I claimed to have painted before.  Oddly enough, I feel bad that I didn’t hit that limit, when I should probably feel bad that I got so close.

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go paint 100ish IG so that I can finally claim the 1000 model barrier…


wh39kRustedBuildings (3)

Apocalypse Terrain Prep: Painting Buildings

So, I’ve had some buildings assembled for a while now that have been crying out for paint, but I just haven’t made them a priority.  If you asked me how long I’ve had these buildings, I would’ve guessed years, but thanks to a quick search of the blog, I can see that I never got around to assembling them until September of 2013.  Granted, they sat languishing in a box prior to that since December 2010, but I’ve already paid the penance for that sin.

wh39kRustedBuildings (2)Now that I think about it, these models haven’t been neglected for even a full year–what the heck am I doing, painting them?  They still need time to ripen!

Oh yeah, I wanted our upcoming Apocalypse game to look good–that’s why.

Anywho, we forwent our normal weekly game night and instead I put out a request for help painting these guys and, much to my surprise, Brandon and Brian both volunteered to help.  So, for the lowly price of a few chili cheese dogs, I enlisted the help of two able bodied airbrushers to work on the terrain with me.  I want to throw out a big shout out to both of them, though the progress doesn’t seem like it, they were a big help–both in the actual painting, and helping me to understand more about using an airbrush (which I successfully used for the first time this weekend).

So, we parsed out the buildings and debated a bit on the color schemes, and then opted to use a rusting effect undercoat (which really ate up about all of the evening).  I found a tutorial online about salt-weathering (one of many, I’m sure) and tweaked it a bit based upon other suggestions we had seen, and a bit of trial and error.  The basic gidst of the process was:

  1. Spray the models with Rustoleum “Rusty metal primer”
  2. Let it dry
  3. Stipple a “darker” orange (Apple Barrel “Harvest Orange”)
  4. Stipple a lighter orange on (Apple Barrel “Jack-o-lantern)
  5. Let it dry
  6. Apply a wash of water to the area (lightly)
  7. Apply a coat of salt to the area
  8. Paint the entire model
  9. Wash/brush/scrape the salt off

The last two steps worked on a test model (though we had been using the salt sparingly on them, and determined we need to be a little heavier-handed with it on the buildings), but we haven’t really tested it on the buildings because I haven’t finished the painting stages.  I’m also running into some confusion on the order of operations when it comes to airbrushing as well.  I’m still learning that, so I’m sure it will come to me eventually.  I’m guessing the entire process should be something like:

  1. wh39kRustedBuildings (1)Salting undercoat
  2. Paint building with airbrush
  3. Hand-paint details
  4. Remove Salt
  5. Paint Black shading
  6. Paint lighting effects

I think that’s basically how it’s supposed to work.  The problem is that we got through step 1 on Friday, and then I started proceeding without thinking through the plan entirely.  So I accomplished much of step 2, and then skipped to step 5 (and in one instance, did a little of step 4).  So I have to go back and do the process in order.

No bother.. it’s a learning experience, and I’m quite happy with how things are progressing (if they are a bit sluggish).

You can see a couple pictures of work in progress pieces that are on my table throughout this blog post.  The one that’s most complete is the “rusted out” building.  I had been playing around with rust undercoating, but I also wanted to try a building that was almost completely rusted.  The effect looks good, but it’s a little too one-note to me, and could definitely use a bit of color variation.   Oddly enough, that building we hadn’t even touched on Friday, and I did it all from scratch after the guys had left.  It was just a nice little practice piece, and while it’s not perfect, I’m pleased enough that it will work for my needs.

wh39kRustedBuildings (3)The others are both much more raw.  One shows some weathering applied to a “stone” building, and it’s coming along nicely but has faults.  First, I tried to paint the top in a metallic coat (to justify why it was rusting and the rest of the building was not), but I hate the look, so I figure I’m going to go back and paint it that same stone grey, and either explain it away by saying that they painted the metal to match the stone below, or by simply blowing it off.  Perhaps if you wait 40,000 years, stone actually starts to rust!

The other building (The shrine of the Aquila) is just an off-white basecoat on the rust base.  It’s by far the most infant in it’s paint job, but I wanted to snap a picture because I’m really happy with the color choice (it was really done on a whim).  I’m thinking it’s because the scheme is reminiscent of pre-heresy death guard…

Anywho, that’s all the status update I have this week.  Again, I’d like to thank Brandon & Brian for their assistance in beautifying my gaming tables, and to everyone else for stopping by.


Outstanding Status Effect Markers

So, I’ve been working on some status effect markers and general ways to keep track of various effects on the board, which culminated most recently in me placing a large order of custom designed buttons.

Some people were quick to point out that I had missed some obvious markers that probably should’ve been included on the original order, so I’m now working to rectify that and will likely be placing a second order in the immediate future. Before doing so, I thought I’d put my feelers out there to see if anyone else saw an glaring holes in my list.

To date, I have printed the following buttons:

  1. Objectives
  2. Mysterious Objectives
  3. Warlord Traits (all four generic types, plus traits for the two armies that I play: Tyranids & Ultramarines).
  4. Pinned
  5. Swooping/Zooming
  6. Snapshots Only
  7. Tyranid Psychic Powers (Dominion, Catalyst, Onslaught, & Paroxysm)

custom_buttonsThe other ones that I’m actively working on are:

  1. Vehicle Damage Markers
  2. Blind
  3. Concussive
  4. Soul Blaze

I generally mark wounds & lost hull points with dice, so I’m not sure I need markers for those (besides, the buttons seem rather large for putting a stack of wound markers by something). Are there any others you can think of that I’m missing?


wh39kStatusButtons (3)

BUTTONS! (err.. ahem I mean, “status effect markers”)

wh39kStatusButtons (2)I wasn’t planning on posting anything today, but I already knew one of my posts for next week.  You see, back in the day I was flirting with the idea of making effect markers, but the templates I had worked up were a little too ornate.  Well, I finally sat down and worked up some simpler designs, and bit the bullet and placed and order for them.  They were expected to arrive on Thursday, which wouldn’t have been in time for a blog post this week, but in a twist of events, they showed up a couple of days early.

When I saw the USPS tracking say they were here, I snuck down to the mailbox this evening after the kiddos went to bed and dumped them out on my table.  Again, these aren’t perfect pics, but I think they show the quality rather well.

wh39kStatusButtons (1)My initial thoughts:

  1. I think they came out rather well in general.
  2. The designs I made proved to be a little too big for the buttons, in that some of the text barely overlaps the sides–but it’s not enough to make me want to reprint them.  This seems to stand out most on the “Swooping/Flying” markers.
  3. Some of them aren’t properly centered (presumably manufacturing mistakes).  Again, not so much that I’d complain about them.
  4. After texting them to a friend, his first question:  Where are the “Soulblaze” tokens?   DOH!

But yeah, I think they look rather good as a whole.  Naturally, I like the Tyranid buttons the best (I tried to leave most of them rather generic, but figured tokens for codex specific effects could be fancy–hence why the bugs and Space Marine traits look special).

My button making connection proved to be rather affordable–so I know I’ll wind up making more in the future.  I can also make the templates available to others should they be interested in them.  Just lemme know…



Vengeance Weapons Batteries Redux

Last month I posted pictures of my Vengeance Weapon Batteries along with a wishy-washy follow-on debating the merits of painting the other two in the set.  Well, the completionist in me ultimately won out and I opted to paint the other two.

wh39kVengeancex4I opted to paint these in a different, but hopefully complimentary scheme so I can distinguish them on the battlefield.  Not that there’s any real point in the rules at this point, but I’d prefer not to repaint them again in the future should the need arise, so I just went ahead and did it.  The only difference in this scheme is that I painted the little houses (sarcophagi?) around the skeletons in red instead of yellow–everything else is functionally identical (although I did paint the giant skulls more cleanly as well).

I apologize that I never seemed to take some proper photos of these, but I did snap a quick shot with my camera-phone, so hopefully those will do for now.  The good thing is that it at least shows a good comparison of the two.

It’s not clear to me which color scheme I prefer.  Granted, they’re not all that different, but there’s definitely enough to be able to tell.  I find that the red ones look much better with the battle cannons on them, while the yellow ones look better with the punisher cannons.  The scheme is basic enough that they’re interchangeable, but I do prefer them that way.  Other than that, I don’t know that I really have a preference.  I suspect that in general use, I’ll use the yellow ones as they look better with my army, but I do prefer the battle cannons, so maybe I’ll use the red ones?

With that in mind, it doesn’t look like it really matters which I use as both have minor cosmetic benefits.  Which do you prefer?  (and no fair saying that they’re both too bold and primary).