Warhammer 40k Effect Markers

TyranidPsychicDominionSo, back in the day (I think it was fourth edition, but maybe it was in 3rd edition), Gale Force Nine released a set of vehicle damage markers, and markers for various unit effects like “pinning” or “broken.”  I picked up a set, but I find that I don’t often use vehicles in my games, so they generally don’t get used–at least not for their originally intended purpose.

Anymore, they wind up serving a variety of roles.  Except in the very rare instance where they count for what is printed on them, they generally are flipped upside down and marked with various dice to symbolize whatever buff/curse is on a particular unit.  Most often, this has been used to represent Catalyst (Feel no Pain), but really anything with a lasting effect gets indicated by these markers.

For the most part, I don’t think I get them mixed up all that much, but it would be quite easy to do.  There are also a variety of effects in the game that I denote with just dice laying on the table.  I wind up using red dice to indicate wounds taken, green dice often denote mysterious forests, and blue dice mysterious rivers/lakes.  There are yet some effects that I have no viable way to represent, so I leave them to the whimsy of my addled memory (which is always a mistake).

PersonalTraitMasterofManoeuvreI’ve been looking for a better way to handle this, but since my army looks good, I wanted to be careful to go with a really slick looking solution.  Dwez over at Confessions of a 40k Addict does some pretty nice markers and posts the templates for free (click that link for the examples).  While they look good, I just fear that they’ll fall apart or bend/fray at the gaming table.  There are also some solutions crafted with a button maker available on Ebay, but they’re close to $1 per button.  Granted, I have a ton of money invested in this silly game, so what’s $1 more?

The problem is that between the Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers and Unique Army/Unit effects–for even just the two armies I play with any regularity–that would still mean dozens of buttons.  Add in a sufficient amount of terrain (Mysterious forest, water, archetypes, objectives, etc.) and you quickly jump up over $100 for a few buttons.

I got to thinking that maybe I’d be better off buying a button press and making my own–though I quickly shied away from that (did you know that button presses alone can be upwards of $300??).  So then I started asking around the button making hobby community and found someone that agreed to make custom buttons for far cheaper–I just had to come up with the designs.

AdaptiveBiologySo, having never played with photoshop, I downloaded a free trial and started tinkering.  I’d been provided with a template as to how the graphics would lay out on the buttons, and been given free reign from there.  The first night I came up with a few designs, and I’ve since done up about 30 different buttons.

The problem is that I think I got too far ahead of myself.  While I really like the look of these designs, I fear that they’re going to be far too intricate to be represented on a 1″ button.  So, before I go any farther, I’ve asked the button maker to provide a sample.  When I gave him the art originally, he didn’t seem to have any qualms, but I’m still leery, so we’ll see in time.  I suspect that I’ll ultimately have to tone down the designs a bit, but I figured that I’d share what I had thus far as I’m pretty proud of my inane tinkering in photoshop.

I’ll post later an example of the button progress and what, if anything, I do to “fix” their level of detail.


Tyranid Painting Progress: Arms & Guns

Nearing another great dipping fest, I figured I might as well do some more arms for my bugs.  I debated this at first, as I had enough to really handle every variation, but just not an excess of them.

wh39k2014ArmsWhat finally pushed me over the top is the new options that Hive Guard have.  Mine are all armed with scything talons, and though I think this might still be the best configuration, it would be nice to have other options.  So, off to ebay I went, and picked up some rending/crushing claws for them.  I wanted to pick up some whip/sword combos as well, but I couldn’t find any sellers that carried them, so I had to do without.

Anywho, while I was at it, I remembered that I seemed to often run out of rending claws/scything talons on my warriors, and I know I don’t have enough guns to outfit every warrior I had, so why not pick up some of those as well (assuming I could get them cheap enough).

So, in total, I managed to snag:

  • 3x Pairs of Scything Talons
  • 9x Pairs of Rending Claws
  • 6x Devourers
  • 3x Pairs of Crushing Claws (Hive Guard)
  • 3x Pairs of Rending Claws (Hive Guard)

I didn’t quite have enough magnets to do them all up (I was surprised at just how many magnets I needed), but I managed to use some larger magnets on the guns that allowed me to stretch what I had).  In short, they’re all cleaned up, magnetized and ready for primer.  I’m also out of small magnets, so I’m going to have to put in another order.  I still have time before dipping as well, so I might wind up picking up some more arms (like the whips/swords), but that remains to be seen.

Slowly, but surely, this is coming together.

wh39kNidsvKurt (8)

Batrep: Space Wolves vs. Hive Fleet Proteus (1500pts)

Kurt lives about as far as you possibly could from me while still being in Anchorage.  Because of that, we don’t get to play all that much, but he’s managed to swing by two weeks in a row, and this past weekend, we thankfully got a game in.

Lars’ Space Wolf Force with Il-Kaithe Allied Crusade Force

  • wh39kNidsvKurt (1)HQ:
    • Rune Priest (Lars) w/ Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Runic Axe, & Wolf Tooth Necklace (Murderous Hurricane & JotWW)
    • Spiritseer (Yolanderas) w/ Rune armour, shuriken pistol & witch staff
  • Elites:
    • 4x Wolf Guard Terminators w/ various weapons in drop pod
  • Troops:
    • 10x Grey Hunters w/ Power Axe, Flamer & Plasma Gun in Drop Pod
    • 10x Grey Hunters w/ Power Axe, Flamer & Plasma Gun in Drop Pod
    • 6x Grey Hunters w/ Flamer in Razorback w/ Twin-linked H. Bolters
    • 5x Wraithguard in Wave Serpent w/ Bright Lance & Holo-fields
  • Fast Attack:
    • 5x Warp Spiders w/ Exarch (Fast Shot & Spinneret Rifle)
    • 4x Hyperios Air Defense Battery

Kurt’s a pretty fantastic guy.  He’s smart, well-mannered and such, but he’s also a great gamer.  This is because he has a fair bit of disposable income, so he has basically everything his army can possibly want, but he also manages to paint it all.  Not only that, but he gets into the thematic/fluff part of the game as well (evidenced by the fact that he named his force and characters–see above).  He’s also the guy that inspired me to get a t-shirt for my marines, because any Apoc game he goes to, he sports a pretty sweet Space Wolf shirt.

His army is pretty solid, and well rounded, with a lot of high strength/low AP weaponry.  He’s also one of the few people that I know who regularly plays with Forgeworld figures (and not always the same ones), so it was nice to see what they can do (spoiler alert: STR8 AP3 twin-linked skyfire/interceptor is pretty fantastic).  I was surprised to see that these count as fast attack for some reason??

Hive Fleet Proteus:

  • wh39kNidsvKurt (2)HQ:
    • Flyrant w/ Maw Claws & Toxin Sacs (Dominion & Paroxysm)
  • Elites:
    • 1x Venomthrope
    • 1x Venomthrope
    • 1x Zoanthrope (Catalyst)
  • Troops:
    • 30x Termagants w/ Spinefists
    • Tervigon w/ Toxin Sacs & Cluster Spines (Catalyst)
    • 16x Hormagaunts
    • 5x Genestealers + Broodlord
  • Heavy Support:
    • Trygon Prime w/ Toxin Sacs
    • Mawloc w/ Toxin Sacs
    • Tyrannofex w/ Shredder Beetles & Toxin Sacs

Wow, it’s hard to believe that I played a list without including some form of fast attack.  I always want to throw gargoyles or raveners in, but somehow they evaded me this game.  I wanted to give the Flyrant another shot (since everyone says how great she is now, and figured Maw Claws seemed to be a worthwhile upgrade).  My Hormagaunts did a good job of staying out in front as a screen in my previous game, so I threw those in.  Likewise, my Tyrannofex did a good job soaking wounds in that game as well, thanks in large part to the Venomthropes, so both of those units went into the list.

I always like to mix things up, so I threw in a Mawloc to see how he fairs.  I know that’s seen as a great/popular choice in this codex and–if it managed to hit–I would agree with that; however, it only hits 1/3 of the time, so it’s too random to get my seal of approval.  Well, at least that’s on paper… so I figured I’d give him a shot.

I was really lucky with my psychic powers, getting the ability to essentially give all of my monstrous creatures FNP.  I did roll up the nova “doom-lite” ability on my flyrant, but opted to switch that out for Dominion because I felt I was a little light on synapse.

Mission & Deployment:

wh39kNidsvKurt (3)Kurt set up terrain while I built my list.  I was originally toying with the idea of playing a Manufactorum Genestealer formation, so I requested that he include at least a few buildings (though I opted not to very quickly because it felt like I was gaming the system if I did).  He was trying to keep the terrain painted so that the overall game looked good.  For mission, we rolled up the one with two objectives (one in each of our deployment areas) deploying on the short table edges.  I won the dice off and chose to go first.

I deployed everything on the line, hoping to get into assault relatively quickly.  The genestealers infiltrated (but I forgot to deploy them) and the Mawloc was held in reserve.  Kurt deployed his missile launchers in the building with a great view of the battlefield, but the rest of his units essentially set up in fear of the Mawloc.  They all hugged close to difficult/impassible terrain so that when the Mawloc was to show up, he would have no hope of doing much damage.

Kurt managed to seize initiative and took the first turn.

Turn 1: Space Wolves

wh39kNidsvKurt (4)He opted to drop two of his pods empty right in front of me, to try to clog up my advance.  Otherwise, movement didn’t consist of all that much, and he went directly to shooting.

His first shot was to cast JotWW at my Tervigon, and promptly destroyed her.  His next shots were from the weapon batteries and the wave serpent, who managed to easily dispatch the Flyrant.

It was at this point where I became demoralized.  I  haven’t gotten a chance to go, and I’ve already lost a third of my army (to three units firing at me, mind you), including half of my synapse, and my warlord.  It was a pretty devastating opening, and I struggled to see how it would be possible to even pull a draw out.  It seemed a forgone conclusion that his next round of shooting would punk my Trygon, leaving me with only a Zoanthrope for synapse.

Kurt, being the great sport that he was, offered to start over or to play another game.  He said that it wouldn’t be any fun for him if I wasn’t going to have fun.  I struggled with being a whiner for a bit, but then opted to accept his offer to start over, knowing that the best I could hope for was a draw (even if I won the game, it was only because I lost this one).

Turn 1: Hive Fleet Proteus (Do-Over)

wh39kNidsvKurt (6)Ok, I’m still kicking myself for not finishing out the game, but what’s done can’t be undone.  Anywho, we reset back to the start of turn one (including pulling off his drop pods, and re-rolling for the various pieces of terrain)–basically everything except letting him seize the initiative again (because that was sort of the point of the do-over).

My first turn wasn’t very glorious, as I didn’t have much in the way of long ranged firepower.  I just lurched forward with my line to get it into range to be shot to hell, and then passed the turn.  The only things aside from movement that I actually accomplished was to put up some psychic defenses (FNP on my Flyrant, Zoanthrope, Tervigon, & Tyrannofex, as well as Dominion on my Hive Tyrant).  Dominion turned out to be a mistake because nothing was going to keep up with her flying across the board, and it might’ve been nice to reduce the WS/BS of nearby units instead.

What really helped her survivability this time was that the forest immediately in front of Kurt’s army granted a 3+ cover save, which would help to keep her alive for a turn.  The run move on my monstrous creatures helped them try to keep pace with the Flyrant, and the rest of the army scampered forward as well.  In total, I didn’t manage to do a single wound, but then again, I don’t think I fired a single shot either.  This army is definitely not the sort for first blood…

Turn 1: Space Wolves (Redux)

wh39kNidsvKurt (8)Unfortunately for my Warlord, she didn’t weather an entire round of shooting.  There was just too much to bear (including his nasty AA platforms), and she found herself laying in a crumple in front of his army.  The good news was that it took almost everything he had to finish her off, so I was able to let the rest of my army survive pretty-much unscathed.

By this point, Kurt had already forsaken his anti-Mawloc deployment strategy and started clumping guys up into a relatively dense formation ripe for killing (though I still didn’t think he had much to worry about).

What he did have going on his side was that the mysterious river turned out to give him FNP on his rearguard, so if the Mawloc was to hit there, perhaps he could shake it off…

Turn 2: Hive Fleet Proteus

wh39kNidsvKurt (10)My Mawloc arrived (despite not having the re-roll granted my by former warlord’s trait), and dumped into the river, killing a handful of marines in the process.  There was some debate as to what the best spot would be, but it seemed that it was generally not a good idea to hit multi-wound models with the blast, because that drastically increased the odds of failing (especially for those with invulnerable saves).  So, I opted to play it safe and go towards the back.

Elsewhere, I managed to get off two successful charges: the Termagants against the Wraithguard and the Tyrranofex against the Wave Serpent.  Kurt had made a calculated move hoping that my armored support choice was going to be too far away from his wave serpent to make a difference, but I managed to roll something like a 10″ for charge distance, and that proved to be too much for the fragile Eldar craft.  The wraithguard, however, demonstrated how formidable an opponent they could be, and actually won several rounds of combat.  I had also chosen to charge the Tervigon into that same combat, but she couldn’t move fast enough through difficult terrain.  Originally, I was worried about the snapshots that could potentially kill her outright, but when we found out that she’d get the cover save from where she started in the charge, it was worth  the risk.  (Have I mentioned that I loved that forest yet?).

The rest of my bugs surged forward, either supporting the Trygon, or basically hiding in that 3++ cover save forest, with nothing else to do, I passed the turn.

Turn 2: Space Wolves

wh39kNidsvKurt (15)

Kurt didn’t like the 2+ armor save of the Tyrannofex, so he dumped a bunch of plasma weaponry into him.  Between some failed wounding rolls and some good FNP rolls on my half, Kurt was forced to commit his terminators into the combat to bring the beast down.  Unfortunately for him, he rolled fairly abysmally, and my ‘fex lasted with a single wound into the next round.

My hormagaunts and genestealers on my right flank weren’t fairing well against the massed bolter fire output of the space marines, but at least they were keeping him busy while my big bugs could work their magic.

During the shooting phase, what was keeping me alive was the fact that I’d parked a venomthrope in the 3+ cover forest effectively giving everything in there a 2+ cover save, and –oddly-enough–I actually was making those saves (which is something I”m incapable of doing with Terminators).

Meanwhile, on the left flank, the gaunts were still flailing around against the wraithguard–occassionally winning a round of combat, and occassionally being set on fire (which never caused a single wound throughout the game–much to Kurt’s dismay).

Turn 3: Hive Fleet Proteus

wh39kNidsvKurt (17)

The Tyrannofex had performed admirably in the previous round, but I just didn’t think he could hold out for another turn (especially with only one wound left), so I charged in the Mawloc and the Tervigon to support him.  Sadly, the Tervigon managed to fail her charge (I’m starting to notice a theme here), but the Mawloc made it.  For good measure, I also threw the Trygon into the same combat, figuring that Terminators can be rather tough to uproot sometimes.  I’m glad that I did because the Trygon actually didn’t do all that much damage–nor did the Tyrannofex (who ultimately was squished by a powerfist), but the Mawloc managed to eek out enough wounds to kill everything except Njal (who failed to wound in his force weapon attack against the untarnished Trygon).

Elsewhere, I had almost no shooting, so the only real thing happening was the ongoing assault between teragants and wraithguard, which–which trudged along at the normal speed…

Turn 3: Space Wolves

Kurt peppered what he could around the board, killing one of the venomthropes (the one out in the open), and eventually slaughtering all of the hormagaunts/genestealers, but he was in a bad way with the big bugs, running out of effective troops to wound them with.  He still had the AA platforms (which I was essentially never going to get to) and the Warp spiders (who were being thinned out).  He hopped around and peppered me with fire a bit, but most things were engaged.

In combat, Njal fell to the surrounding Monstrous Creatures without doing any damage of his own, and in an astonishing turn of events, the Termgants actually whooped the wraithguard.  I did a pittance of wounds, but he managed to fail all of his saves, leaving just a wounded psyker scurrying off the table, so I consolidated my ‘gants towards the objective.

At this point, I was willing to call it, but he insisted we continue because he thought that “there was more than {the Tyranids} could kill.”  He did want to play a bit faster to ensure that he got out early though, so on to turn 4: speedy style.

Turn 4: (Both)

My heavy support creatures charged into his nearby grey hunters, tying them up and thinning them out nicely.  Elsewhere, my Tervigon spawned some gaunts to hold the objectives (actually she did this in the previous turn as well), and the gaunts peppered his other grey hunters and warp spiders with fire, killing a few, but not enough to matter.  He surged in and contested the objective, but could not really affect my objective, so that would end the game.

What I Learned:

wh39kNidsvKurt (22)This particular game I want to chalk up as a loss based upon the fact that I gave up after half a round of shooting.  One could call it a tie because he effectively won that round and I won the replay, but I think the most accurate way to treat it as two games: a win and a loss (with a morale loss to boot).  There’s something to learn from everything though.

  1. Hive Tyrants should have a gun on them.  A heavy venom cannon is a good way to help if they get out of position and an easy way to get first blood (by popping a vehicle).  I think I’ve “learned” this in the past… we’ll see how many times I need to learn it before it sinks in.
  2. You get cover saves from the spot you’re in at the start of a charge, against overwatch shots.  Who’d’ve thunk?
  3. Sportsmanship is something that I’ll likely never master.  It’s an ongoing struggle.  Should I have played that out?  Whatever the case, Kurt showed me what a good sport with his play.
  4. Hyperios Defense Platforms are insane.  Granted, he could’ve had Long Fangs with Missile Launchers for about the same price, but anyone can get the Hyperios platforms.  Giving them twin-linked and AA mounts is just over the top.
  5. The venomthrope did quite well.  That’s two games in a row (sort of).  I’m actually impressed by him.
  6. Likewise, the Tyrannofex did well.  Maybe he’s not as bad as I thought?  Still, it’s a small sample size.
  7. Flyrants have zero durability.  I know common wisdom is that they’re the best unit in the codex, but everyone is wrong.  This is just bad–unless you take a crap-ton of them.



Painting Progress: Termagants

I’m still working on the second coming of my Tyranids.  Since the release of the latest (6th edition) codex, I wound up picking up some of the new models (flyers and new monstrous creatures), but since I dip my Tyranids and it’s such a pain/mess, I figured I might as well flesh out some of the other units that I’d previously thought of as “complete.”

wh39kPinkTermsThe inspiration for this particular post was the new release of the Tervigon rules.  In previous iterations, I was only required to field 10 termagants to use them as troops, but now I need to have 30 of them.  The rub is that I originally painted up my units of ‘gants as 20 strong (+2x stranglewebs that I almost never field).  I’ve been able to slap another 10 termagants from other squads into the unit to make it look like a 30 man strong, but the squad markings are off, so why not do it right?

I picked up the ‘gants–essentially for free–in a recent deal, and I’m waiting for the last of the models to arrive before dipping, so why not paint these up while I’m waiting.

I had some options as to which weapons I wanted on the unit–basically any option I wanted, but when I think about ‘gants I seem to always run them as spinegaunts.  I haven’t done the math really, and I think they all come out pretty even for the points, but I hate rolling so many dice and seeing all of those misses, so I opt for the spinegaunts.

wh39kGreenTermsWith that in mind, I only had two units to flesh out to 30 that already had spinefists–and though I can mix and match weapons in the new codex, I prefer them identically armed for two reasons.  The first is that it’s easier to keep track of (besides, they’re all roughly equivalent anyway), and the second is because they do so many screwy things with editions, who’s to say that they’ll still be interchangeable when 7th edition comes around?  Since I’m loath to redo models, why not “do it right” the first time?

Sadly, this meant that the two squads I was going to field had pink and green markings.  I’m not terribly particular about the colors of squad markings, but the unfortunate coincidence was that I’ve run out of the pink (titillating pink)  and seemingly misplaced the green (which I can’t remember what color it was specifically–since I used some off-brand paint from Walmart).  Scouring the net for color comparisons, I went with Vallejo Squid Pink to start.  It’s reasonably close, though it’s certainly not an exact substitute.  I dare say this is darker, but for simple squad markings, it should work fine.

For the green, since I had nothing to go on really (aside from the original models, which have been covered with stain), I opted to reconstitute an old vial of Scorpion Green that I had laying around.  Again, it’s certainly not exact, but I think it’ll work in a pinch.

So, with these all done up, I’m just waiting for the new models (pyrovores & biovores) to arrive.  I guess there are some spare arms that I need to magnetize and paint up as well.  Again, I’m hoping this is the last time I dip these infernal bugs…

wh39kTimThrogg (2)

A Convoluted Trade involving Throgg, 20x Gaunts, and Three Parties

I’ve been told by people close to me that they faithfully read every blog post I put up, except those that deal with money/trades. When I first heard that, I wondered if I should stop posting those things altogether, but then I remembered why I blog in the first place.

I like that having this blog gives me a great memory (or rather, it gives me access to memories). By writing down things like battle reports and deals I’ve made, it lets me analyze my history with the game, and keeps me honest. Originally, when I started doing battle reports, it was because I suspected others of over-inflating my win/loss ratio (which turned out to be true). Likewise, I was really suspect about the amount of money that was going into my hobby spending, which lead to the Frugal Gaming section of the site.

That’s really the heart of the counterargument. I know that I’ve gone through my history there and wondered just what I’d picked up in a given collection. This is particularly true when I sell things on ebay and try to determine what I’d originally paid for it. Often in those cases, I wind up trying to recall where I’d originally gotten the model from, and if I don’t have a post on the subject, then I’m out of luck.

That was the impetus for this post. I made another deal this past week, which involved a painted model I’d acquired back in December of last year, but I failed to document what really happened. That original purchase was for $150 and was really a Chaos army that included some of the following:

  • wh39kTimThrogg (2)6x River Trolls (the heart of why I pulled the trigger on this)
  • 1x Mutalith Vortex Beast
  • ??x Chaos Knights
  • ??x Chaos Warriors
  • ??x Chaos special characters
  • 1x Throgg (painted)

Clearly my memory isn’t very good on this, and I’m sure it included more (there were some Vampire Counts in the lot, for sure, as well as a few Tomb Kings skeletons). As stated, I picked up this army originally based upon the Trolls. Actually, I had tried to avoid picking up the entire lot and focused on just the trolls, but he wasn’t having that and presented me with an “all or nothing” deal. The Chaos stuff ultimately wound up going to Cole in order to paint my WHFB goblin army (including the trolls), but Cole turned down the Throgg model because he already had one painted up.

Well, this particular Throgg was decent looking, done up by one of the more popular painters in the area: Tim. When I picked it up, the seller was very clearly proud of it, gushing over how great it was to own a model painted by THE “Tim.” I agreed that it was a pretty model, and figured it should fetch between $70-150 on ebay (based upon similar looking Throggs that have sold recently).

So, he sat in a bin waiting to hit ebay.

Then Tim posted up a Tyranid force for sale on the local gaming forum. It was truly one of those “too good to be true” kind of deals, including:

  • 48x Hormagaunts (on sprue)
  • 12x Old School Genestealers
  • 20x Genestealers (on sprue)
  • 17x Genestealers (built)
  • 68x Spinegaunts (have other arms in box)
  • 2x Biovores
  • 12x Yrmgarl Genestealer heads
  • Bits & bases

The asking price? $100.

Hell, that’s in my normal price range for buying armies that I don’t intend to use at all. I was in the market for some termagants (damn you, GW, for making me buy squads of 30 to make my Tervigons into troops), and after looking at it, I wasn’t opposed to having some more biovores or hormagaunts either.

Unfortunately, by the time I’d texted Tim, another person had already taken him up on the offer. He’d indicated that the buyer didn’t seem particularly interested in the non-stealers though, and pointed me in that direction. About this time, Tim had indicated that he didn’t consider the deal done until such time as the models had left his hands, and he was open to juicier offers.

While tempting, that really isn’t my style to weasel in on a deal like that. So, I contacted the buyer (who I happened to know) and asked him if he’d be interested in selling some ‘gants. He indicated that was doable, and during that conversation I let him know that he might want to pick them up sooner, rather than later as it didn’t seem they were reserved.

Things got a little weird at that point, and with me playing the pronoun game (to protect the innocent), it’d only get cloudier as this post goes on. Suffice it to say that I wound up picking up the models (with the original buyer’s permission), and we’d work out a deal later.

wh39kTimThrogg (1)In negotiations with Tim, I mentioned that I had the Throgg that he’d painted available if he wanted to trade for that, and he practically jumped at the idea. When I told him what I felt it was worth, he was dismayed, but I told him that I was willing to take a home-town discount and that getting it back into the hands of its original painter was worth a little something as well. He shot out a “let’s start at $25” offer, to which I replied that I’d rather not haggle and would prefer to jump to the “let’s finish at” price. What did he really think it was worth, and was that a fair price?

He indicated that $40 was as high as he’d go, though he clearly knew it was worth more on the open market. However, he was in a bit of a pinch financially. In essence, that was going to be his best offer, and though I knew I could get far more on ebay, I was willing to part with it for an honest offer. Besides, I have no idea what I originally purchased it for, as it was more of a throw-in in a massive lot, so $40 was reasonable enough, and I was getting a good deal on $100 of models.

While that deal was happening, I was also having a conversation with the original buyer. He originally indicated that he just wanted the ‘stealers—which is why I was inspired to pick up the deal from Tim. My thought was that I’d give him the stealers at a comparable percentage of the original purchase price (so roughly 35% of the original value was in genestealers, so I figured $35 for the stealers would be reasonable). That way, he’d get exactly what he wanted, and I’d get a good deal on the rest of it. I even said to him “Do you mind if I pick ‘em up then and sell you the stealers at whatever cost you think’s fair? I’ve a feeling they won’t last long at the advertised price.”

He indicated that was fine, so I made the deal with Tim. He also indicated that he’d some interest in the hromagaunts, and later offered to give me $100 for the lot minus the original 20 gaunts I wanted.

When the deal with Tim was done, I went to square up deal #1 (of which I thought we were going to do the deal on the genestealers), but it became immediately clear that he wanted more at that point. He wanted me to honor the $100 minus gaunts offer (which wasn’t what we’d originally agreed to), and when I also suggested that there were some tentacled genestealers heads that I’d be interested in, he seemed to want to charge me for those as well.

From where I stood, we had an agreement between us (I’d buy the lot, he could have the ‘stealers at whatever price he thought was fair), and though he’d made other offers, we had no agreements on them. I traded away a model at less than it’s valued to make the first deal happen, and now the terms of the second deal had changed. The fact that I was asked to pay for bits that I’m guessing he didn’t want, furthered my disappointment.

I went ahead and gave him the deal at $100 for the lot, and I kept the 20x gaunts (And, it turns out, the 4x genestealer heads—which weren’t worth quarreling over in the first place). So, ultimately, I traded Throgg for $40 and 20x Genestealers, which wasn’t a bad deal in the end. Sure, I could’ve gotten more, but I should be happy with what I got.

My intent is really for historical purposes here: I started out this post saying that the point of this blog was to improve my memory of deals I made and games I played, and this fits into the former category. It helps chronicle three deals I’ve made (at least partially) in the past, should I ever wonder what happened next time I’m thumbing through my Frugal Gaming page and wondering what does it mean when it says -$0 = 20x Termagants.

It should be noted that “the buyer” from this story is a respected local gamer and a frequent reader of this blog. I’m not posting this to try to make him seem like the bad guy in this story. If anything, the moral of that particular twist in the story should be to make sure you have clear lines of communication. Obviously, he and I didn’t have the same viewpoint about what we had agreed to, but better communication could’ve potentially resolved that before it became an issue.