Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 10 (Joe, Wanda, & Maddie)

I had posted previously that this lot was of figures that were all black, but that obviously isn’t true.  It seems more evident that these were the outstanding figures that I thought were more interesting or difficult, as I only have six more figures after this, so the end is in sight and I wanted the final portion of the race to be a sprint.  That said, some of these figures don’t even have a drop of black paint on them…


wh39kZombiCharsAlmostDone (2)An interesting thing about this model is the figure is completely bald.  The sculpts are all very detailed and virtually all of them are identical to the artwork.  Joe, however, is an exception because they just didn’t sculpt hair on the model.  They did take the time to sculpt the claw marks in the zombie version’s head, but no hair.

When I look at the guy, he appears very Asian, but now that I’m thinking about it more, maybe he’s supposed to be black.  If that were true, maybe he has a buzz-cut and that would explain why they didn’t bother sculpting any hair?  That could be true, but I think it was more of an oversight.

From a painting perspective, I took particular pride at the color matching I did on this figure (Except for his jeans), because I thought I was true to the original palette.  I’ve had a friend comment that he was surprised that I put the effort in to do the plaid shirt, but frankly plaid is very easy on figures: you just paint it whatever color and then stripe it with the alternating colors.  I will say that I messed up the vertical stripes on his shirt because they’re supposed to be purple, but in the lighting conditions I was painting in, I just used the color that matched his jacket.


wh39kZombiCharsAlmostDone (1)Just when I said that virtually all of the sculpts are in the same pose as the artwork, Wanda goes and ruins it for me.  To me, she’s about as iconic a model as Zombicide has.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the absurdity, or the fact that she seems to show up in a disproportionate number of games that I play, or her color scheme, or what.  All I can say is that I really identify her with the game.

Her scheme is pretty bold in that she has so many colors around, and all of them are bright and vibrant.  I think I matched them all fairly well, though I could’ve gone lighter overall (the contrast helps make the figure stand out though).

I also got a little cute with the base and left it black, so she’s the only one with a black base–for the characters that is.  I used that as a little reminder that she’s fast moving, so players will remember that she gets to move extra squares.  I think she’s look better had I stuck with the gray base, but I like the little color play, so I think I’ll leave it this way.


Wh39kZombiCharsDone! (4)To be honest, Maddie wasn’t even in this lot.  Originally, she was supposed to be the 6th model that I painted in this lot–based upon her complex scheme–but I pushed her off until the next batch, and I don’t rightfully recall who took her place here.  I will say that I dreaded painting her and pushed her off at least two times before finally biting the bullet.  I don’t care for the figure or the color scheme, but then again I was never into punk girls much, so maybe that’s just a personal bias.

I’m pleased overall with the tights and the teddy bear (two things that I think were causing me to avoid painting her in the first place), so we’ll count her as a win as well.

As of this point, that puts me six characters short of finishing the lot.  Officially, the light at the end of the tunnel has opened up and become a beacon.  I will finish on time….. I will…



Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 9 (Elsa, Doug, & Belle)

I’ve been working towards my goal of completing the figures from Zombicide, and have had to step up my game so I can get them all done by the end of the month.  Based upon the complete lack of comments for Zombicide progress related posts, I’m guessing it doesn’t entertain everyone out there, but I’ve set a goal and am making actual progress in painting things, so I’ll keep on trucking.  This installment: Models that had a lot of black.


wh39kZombiCharsAlmostDone (5)Elsa is really the epitome of models that have a lot of black, as she’s dressed head to toe in black leather.  As such, she was quick to paint up.  Something I found interesting about her was that I’ve never really known how to paint red hair.  Certainly it’s predominantly orange, but we call it red for a reason, right?

Then again my in-laws are called “black people,” when they’re really brown.  It’s all ignorant labels.

So, I looked up a good formula online of how to paint red hair and came up with this link from a Reaper mini forum.  The end results looked good, but all of the paints were in Reaper colors (which I own none of).  What I wound up doing was looking up the colors on Reaper’s website and then figuring out what I had that was closest to each and trying that.  I didn’t document which colors they were, but it was basically: light brown, dark brown wash, layers of lighter oranges until done.  I was pleased with the overall effect and will have to remember this for next time.


wh39kZombiCharsAlmostDone (4)For anyone who has seen the movie “Falling Down,” this is an obvious play on Kirk Douglas’ character.  The scheme is only a slight step up from Elsa in that it’s a black and white suit.   He’s a real simple model, so there’s not too much to rant and rave about.  I haven’t figured out how to paint glasses so they’re more subtle (especially this type, as they really only have frames on top in the image–but not on the model itself).

One of my friends that came over has mentioned that the photos here on the blog don’t really do the minis justice, which is understandable as I’m just taking quick photos at the painting table.  Maybe one day I’ll break out the light box and take photos of all of these again, but for now that will just inject more delay into my goal…


wh39kZombiCharsAlmostDone (3)How did this model wind up in the “black” pile?  You know, I don’t rightfully know.  I suspect that she got lumped in because of the knee-pads and because I had run out of more obvious choices.  You know, I am getting towards the end of this project and it’s getting harder and harder to find six models that have some sort of similar trait/color scheme.

I feel like I’ve done a good job of matching her color scheme, and though it’s not the best paint job in the world, I feel like it’s great for the time I put into it, and she’s unmistakable on the table (well, I assume, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to play the game, since I don’t have any figures left unpainted or painted and sealed anymore…)

It seems weird to go through one of these posts and not have negative critiques about what I’ve done, but I’m actually quite happy with this lot.  I wonder if I didn’t spend a little too much time on them compared to the other ones, and that’s why I’m happier with them?  Oh well, no time to ponder–I have to get back to painting!

Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 8 (Watts, Phil, & Bill)

In the continuation of my Zombicide Characters: Brown Edition, I’m going to wrap the last three of the figures I’d identified as the most brown colored: Watts, Phil, & Bill.


ZombicideCharsb3 (5)It always strikes me as odd to see a Zombie using a gun–more so when their human side doesn’t have a ranged weapon.  Zombies are supposed to epitomize brainless walking dead: shambling forth towards their prey.  I guess this represents the fact that these guys aren’t technically zombies–yet.  Instead, they’re people that have been bitten and are undergoing the transformation but still have reasonable control of their faculties.  Otherwise, why would more zombies still try to bite them?

Yeah, that must be it.

One thing that always struck me as odd about Watts in particular is the photo on the card.  Is he wearing tighty-whities, or is his t-shirt just tucked into his pants in an odd way?  That doesn’t come through on the figure like it does the card…


ZombicideCharsb3 (4)I like the way Phil came out.  That seems weird to say, since I always seem to have some sort of negative comment about my paint jobs.  I think the color scheme matches fairly closely to the figure (though it’s a very basic scheme of browns, so it’s hard to mess it up).

I will mention here that some people like to paint figures with a unique twist.  I bring it up for Phil because a guy I’ve known for years has a copy of the game, and he also happens to work in the correctional system.  As such, he’s taken to painting Phil to look more like his uniform for work.  I get it, it’s a cute twist, but I’ve decided to stay true to the color scheme on the cards.  That way when people see the card they can easily recognize their miniature on the table.


ZombicideCharsb3 (6)I guess this is supposed to be a character from the TV show Deadwood.  Most of those references are lost on me.  Frankly, he reminds me of Javier Bardem’s character in “No Country for Old Men” more–though now that I look at the photo, I’m not exactly sure why.  He doesn’t really look like a Western character; more like someone in a faux Western.

My beef with this model was the way they shaded his suit.  Instead of actually drawing pinstripes on it, they just applied an effect with photoshop (or whatever photo editing software they use) and gave perfect stripes that run from top to bottom.  It’s stylized, but not realistic, and basically impossible to duplicate.  Heck, painting pinstripes on models of table-top quality is quite difficult.

To get the effect, I tried to create a stencil using a dremel and a “top loader” (a piece of sturdy plastic designed to protect baseball cards), but it was hard to get the distance right and to get the stripes close enough, so I just gave up and did a quick free-hand.

Now, I’m down to twelve characters left.  At this point, I think I’m ready to set a date: I will have the rest of these painted up (And dipped) by the end of the month… Of course, I put these blog posts out at different speeds than I actually paint, and have a little buffer, but that gives me 18 days to paint the next 24 figures–plus I still have to do the dogs and the assistants.  That seems a little aggressive to me, but it should be doable…


Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 7 (Neema, Kim, & James)

It’s been a long time since I’ve painted with any consistency, and when I was painting in any sort of volume, I was really just basecoating (as with my ‘Nidz).  My Ultramarines are the force that I actually take time on, but I only paint them in sporadic bursts anymore.

So it feels good to actually be making progress towards a goal.  I want to get my entire copy of Zombicide painted up (though I still don’t have an official timeline).  The vast bulk of it consisted of zombies of various sorts, and painted up quickly (as they were little more than base-coating themselves).  I’ve since moved on to the characters in the game and, while I’m not giving them a super high level of detail, they’re an easy “table top” quality.  I can generally paint up 1-2 characters a night if I set aside the time, it’s just a matter of finding that time.

Well, lately, I’ve been forsaking the television, and trying to get in my steps at work (I’m on a regular ongoing fitbit challenge too), so I can generally squeak in a little time during the week, plus get a few solid hours on the weekend.  And that results in continuous progress.

This week, I’m proud to say that I’ve completed another half batch of figures, all of which were chosen for their proclivity for the color brown:


ZombicideCharsb3 (1)Ok, this one seems borderline racist as she’s wearing pink and red as her colors, but there’s no denying that brown is a very dominant color on her palette.  I have a special fondness for this model because she’s the one in the game that most looks like my wife (who is half Korean, half black, and has a huge untamable ‘fro like this–though in truth, she has found a way to get it to settle down).

I think this is the last time I’m going to try to color a zombie’s skin green though.  It is unmistakable for a zombie, but it just doesn’t match the color scheme on the card at all.  The colors are reasonably accurate (considering I’m mixing them all up quickly with what I have on hand).  I did take a class in college on color theory where we had to paint pictures to match a scrap cut from a magazine using only primary colors and white/black.  I did fairly well at that, so I’m guessing I could be fairly accurate at this if I tried, but my goal here isn’t perfection: only table-top quality.


ZombicideCharsb3 (2)I really don’t know what’s going on with Kim.  She’s a powerful business woman in a 1920’s zoot suit with a penchant for hammers.  Somewhere there has to be a series of backstories for these characters, and something tells me that this was is pretty far fetched.

What I can tell you about this character is I had a bit of a tricky time with the skin tone.  I don’t know that I’ve intentionally tried to paint an Asian model before (GW doesn’t have a whole lot of them, and I generally use really generic skin tones), so when it came down to this, I tried mixing a little yellow into the existing pigments.  I think it’s alright, but since I’m not doing any real detail, it’s hard to say for sure.  I also missed a bit on the coloration of her pants/shirt, but it’s obviously brown, so I don’t expect any real complaints.


ZombicideCharsb3 (3)It’s really just happenstance that all of the figures I chose to highlight on this page all have a reddish/pink card, but it’s something I only now just noticed.  I do recall thinking that James’ base color was decidedly out of place, considering that all of the other models seem to have their card color reflected at least somewhere in the model.  I’m guessing they were running out of different colors of plastic to use…

Anyway, for James, the area of interest I have is his coat. The coat in the drawing is really a mashup of a variety of colors, from Snakebite leather to bestial brown, to some faded greens/yellows.  The way I tried to achieve the effect was to paint it up normal in a heavy snakebite theme, and then apply mottled washes to various areas to get the colors.  The colors aren’t bad, but the end result is his cloak looks different from most of the models I’ve painted so far, as it’s mostly washes, where the other stuff is heavily wetbrushed.


Zombicide Progress: Heroes – Volume 6 (Derek, Tiff, & Louise)

In my last, I spoke about the first part of the Jeans team: Shannon, Jane, & Josh, so I’m moving on to the next set: Derek, Tiff & Louise.


Wh39kZombieCharsJeans (4) (Medium)The reflective orange/yellow vest was clearly going to be the most difficult part of this model.  I don’t own any neon colors, nor do I know how to mix them (or did I want to buy them specifically for this one figure).  I think the colors work alright though, but the paint job leaves something to be desired.

On top of going off on the vest a bit, I wound up playing even more with his zombie-flesh.  I wound up washing him in purple, which I sometimes do for normal flesh.  This means that, unless you stand them next to each other, it isn’t immediately obvious which one is supposed to be the zombie (heck, even then it’s kind of tough).  Lesson learned: purple wash is insufficient…


Wh39kZombieCharsJeans (5) (Medium)I’m pretty sure that I had a crush on this girl in Junior High.  I’d say high school, but I went to school in the early 90’s when grunge had overtaken hair-bands as the defacto standard of cool throughout teenagers in my area, but I’m sure I would’ve drooled over this figure in Jr. High though…

She’s a metal head through and through though, from her guitar axe to her head to toe jean outfit, including what appears to be acid washed pants.  I didn’t do a good job of capturing the color of these pants (I had base-coated all of these figures in January, and didn’t bother to update them when I started on them again this month).

I suppose I really should go back and fix the coloring on her pants, but as these are just for a board game, I’m ok with plowing through.  Realistically, she won’t be used all that much, and there’s little mistaking her for any other figure in the game…


Wh39kZombieCharsJeans (6) (Medium)I like the way that she turned out overall.  The only areas of complaint I really have would be in her face, where I didn’t capture the detail that much, but I’m not really going for that level of quality.  I have a hard enough time justifying painting models for 40k, so in order to get these done for the board game, I’m obviously making concessions to get these all done in a timely fashion.

On average, I’m looking to paint each figure in about an hour overall (or maybe it’s both versions in an hour).  Something to that effect.  While it’s not exactly speed painting, it’s faster than I’m used to (unless you’re talking about dipping Tyranids), and I think it leaves them with a respectable level of quality.  Heck, I’ve never painted models for board game before, so the fact that I’m giving them any attention is new to me (well, that’s a lie–I did paint 2-3 Descent figures at one point to play with OSL effects).

Have I really painted 18 of these characters already (which really means 36 models–since every character has both a “normal” and a “zombivor” figure)?  It really feels like I’m making progress and that I could actually finish these in a reasonable amount of time.

Louise definitely make number eighteen though, so I’m officially halfway through the process.  Could that be a light at the end of the tunnel…?