New Poll: Your Thoughts on Apocalypse

This week’s poll is concerning Apocalypse and it’s acceptance (or lack thereof) amongst the 40k community.  I’ve managed to play three games of 40k this year since my son was born, and each of those games happened to be an Apoc game.

I would’ve said that was by coincidence, but when I think about it, it’s most likely not.  The anticipation of an upcoming Apoc game far surpasses that of a standard game to me.  I’m sure this is because they happen less frequently overall, have so many cool models that you otherwise never get to see, and just have an epic scale about them.  So, while I find it hard to make time for a standard 40k game, I seem to always make room for Apoc.

Some gamers in the community, however, look upon the game with disdain.  Whether it’s because of the inherent imbalance, the insanity of long games or too many players in general, each has a reason why they might not enjoy the games so much. 

This week’s question tries to dig into your psyche a little bit to find out whether you love or hate Apoc.  Please choose the appropriate answer to the quiz.  Additionally, if you have a reason or thought behind why you love/hate the format, please share.


New Poll: The Price of Paint

It’s no secret that GW charges a mint for it’s stuff.  Rather than getting into a debate as to whether they’re charging too much, or they’re simply keeping up with inflation/etc (which sounds like it’s destined to be my next poll, by the way), I decided to compare their current prices to other common goods we use in every day life. 

Rather than spring all of the results on you immediately, I thought it’d be fun if we make a game of it.  So our poll this week is simple: Take a look at the list of liquid materials and try to determine if it’s more or less expensive than what Games Workshop is currently charging for it’s paint.  You can do so using the poll below, or the site-wide poll available on the right sidebar.

[poll id=”30″]

No cheating and doing external research!  Think of this as a gut check.  How accurate are you at gaguing the prices of items?  Consider this a tryout for the Price is Right! 

Of course, some of the mentioned items come in smaller or larger vials, so to make things interesting, let’s focus on equivalent values.  So, the question is: is a gallon of Tabasco sauce more or less expensive than a gallon of Bleached Bone paint?

Frankly, I was a little surprised by the results, as I think you will be too.  As always, we’ll keep this poll open for two weeks and then check out the results.

Thanks for dropping by…

Poll Results: Is 40k Cyclical?

Our most recent poll tried to determine whether 40k (and other games) are cyclical in your area. For the record, the poll was asking if it was CYCLICAL (as in, does it follow cycles?), and not  CYNICAL (but thanks to Da Masta Cheef over at “Da Long Wayz Dezert Group” for the laugh on that one).

This poll had significantly lower reponse that previous polls.  I could chalk that up to lack of interest in the topic, or perhaps it was confusingly worded (Cynical… hrmpf!).  I really think the lack of responses boils down to the fact that the blog went dormant for what basically amounts to the entire Summer, and it will take a while for people to start trickling back in.  That said, we only had 21 votes, but I think that it was a reasonable representation of the community at large.

The results of the poll can be seen below:

[poll id=”28″]

As you can see, despite having five choices, the numbers are pretty well split between yes and no.  There were 9 that answered from die-hard gaming groups, reporting that the game has been going strong for years, and a total of 11 that answered one of the three options starting with “It is…”  Of those, they were pretty evenly split between those that switch games and those that switch armies.


Actually, in hindsight, those that switch armies are really still playing 40k, right?  So, I guess that changes the numbers a bit.  After retallying, 71% play 40k pretty-much non stop (though 40% of those respondents do hop armies fairly frequently), and another 24% believe that 40k is cyclical (at least in the same way I originally meant it). 

I guess that leaves me in the minority.  Oh bother…

Well, at least I’ll be around for a few more months before I’m distracted by something else..


 Image Credit: “Dug the Dog” image copyright Pixar.

New Poll: Playing with armies that are built for you?

The inspiration for this week’s poll comes from a random thought that I had about thematic games.  A problem with our recuring Apoc “campaigns” is how to tie each game together to be more than just a loose grouping of games.  The other issue I have in coming up with a narative is trying to make logical teams out of the armies that are brought to our games.   For instance, in a typical game, we have:

  1. Space Wolves / Blood Angels
  2. Blood Angels
  3. Tyranids (multiple)
  4. Imperial Guard
  5. Orks
  6. Space Marines (vanilla)
  7. Tau

Then there are a couple of us that play multiple armies (all duplicates of those listed above, except one also plays Grey Knights).  The point of the story is that we, like most gaming groups, have a wide variety of armies.  I just have trouble coming up with a thematic reason for all of those different varients to be playing on a single board–much less grouped into two teams.

The obvious answer tends to be that all of the Imperials group together to form one team, but then I have to justify why Tau, Orks, & Nids are partnered up (plus potentially some extra Imperials, to balance things out), which seems more than a little far-fetched.  If the ‘Nidz weren’t involved, I think I might be able to pull something out of my arse, but who is really going to ally with an all-consuming virus incarnate that is the Tyranid swarm?

So the idea struck me: why can’t I design the armies for a thematic game?   My thought was to set up a campaign with logical army choices and thematic progression.  This particular idea involves the investigation of a plant infected by a Genestealer Cult.  Game one would involve mostly IG vs. Space Marines, game two would progress into genestealers/IG vs space marines/GK’s, and game three could just be an all out survival battle against a Tyranid Swarm.

I would, of course, provide all of the models and pre-build the armies.  The added benefit here is that I can throw all sorts of twists and alternate rules in a way that provides balance to the game.  For instance, I can provide one side with less overall points, but also give them special rules (such as orbital bombardments, etc.) to make up for it. 

I have to say that I’m really enamoured with this idea, but am wondering if people would have heartache with it.  I know that folks work really hard on building and painting their armies, so my question is this:  How would you feel if you showed up to a game where all of the armies/models were provided for you in an attempt to make the battle more cinematic?    Answer below…

[poll id=”29″]

New Poll: Is 40k Cyclical In Your Community?

This week’s poll has a direct correlation to recent goings on at (or lack thereof).  It should come as no surprise that things have been a little quiet on the blog as of late, but hopefully that changes.  I’ve chalked up the lack of updates to lack of free time. 

Since the blog went dormant, I’ve had a child, purchased/remodelled/and moved into a new house, and rented out my old house.  It seemed like a fairly busy time, and franky, there was a period where I literally had zero free time.  I came home from work, and worked on the house, then went home and went to bed.  That period only lasted a few weeks though.  The other times have been relatively busy, but I’ve come to the realization that I’ve more free time than I’d have you believe; I’ve just been spending it doing other things.

So then I thought back to a conversation I’d had with a friend from high school, Jerm (you may remember him from his super-brief stint as a guest author on the blog.  If not, see his posts here.)  Anyway, when Jerm and I grew up, gaming was very cyclical in our area.  Not only did we trade/sell armies between us on a regular basis, entire gaming systems would wax and wane in popularity over the years.  Any given game would dominate our free time for a period of 6-18 months, after which we’d grow bored with it and move to something else.  We’d play 40k, Quake, Duke Nukem, Warcraft/Starcraft, Munchkin, Magic the Gathering, etc. 

After moving to Seattle, he eventually got burned out of 40k (or rather, his interest waned, as he’s back in the saddle again now), but I remember having a conversation with him that his local community thought it incredibly foreign that he’d actually stop playing the game: they play morning/noon/night every day for years without end.   Frankly, that seemed a little odd to us.

But it really takes all types.  So that’s why I pose this poll question to you:

[poll id=”28″]

By the way, for those of you wondering just what have I been concerning my time with, instead of 40k.  As of late, it’s been, well, 40k–I just haven’t been writing about it.  That’s a relatively recent change though.  Just this past week, I picked up a ton of Imperial Guard in trade for some BFG models I never used, so yay for me and having too many armies I don’t play.  I’ve also cleaned up a bunch of infantry models and even primered something again. 

In a larger sense, I’ve been wasting most of my free time with the television (well, and the kiddo, but I don’t consider that time a waste–nor do I really consider it ‘free time.’  I’m just referring to the time I have to myself and my hobbies).  Anywho, the other interest I’ve had has been Magic: The Gathering.  It’s amazing how many cards have come out since I stopped playing.

Note: I’ve taken a break/given up that game on multiple occasions too (keep in mind all games are cyclical in my world).   I got out right as Legends came out, got out again after Alliances/Mirage, got back in briefly around Mirrodin.  I’ve resigned to never owning all of the dual lands/power 9 that I once did, instead focusing on buying only 4x common/uncommon sets and occassional rares (none of which cost more than $.50).  I’m left with a decent collection of cards that can make pretty much any deck I want. 

Now if only I could find someone to play with…