Frugal Gaming 2015 – A Year in Review

Wow, hard to believe I’m on top of the annual review this year.  Yeah, I know that I said in my last post that I’d get to this sooner or later, but I’m just not used to actually following through with things.  Maybe this is an omen that hobby progress for 2016 will be great?  Not that I’d count on it, but it’s fun to dream.

But before we start hallucinating, let’s look back on 2015’s spending and see how I did.  As with last year, this is a post to review my 2015 Frugal Gaming spending.  My goal was simple: Don’t lose money by the end of the year. Continue reading

Frugal Gaming – Old School Style

Last year, Arabaianknight over at A Year of Frugal Gaming (RIP) had a pretty novel idea of keeping track of just how much he spent on his hobbies.  Since I don’t think I could say it better than he did, I’m just going to lift a quote from his post:

Open Accounting: which seemlessly brings me onto my second grand plan. Although I try to keep costs down I’ve never been brave/bothered enough to keep note of what I spend on my hobby. Some stones are best left unturned as they say. Well it’s time do bring out the lifting gear and tip this mighty menhir over this year. In an attempt to see what the true cost of gaming is I’ll be keeping a running spreadsheet of comings and goings. What’s more I’ll be airing this dirty laundry in public with a linked page from the top of my own blog. Here’s hoping that I don’t end too many months with my head in my hands muttering “Oh no, what have I done. The wife’ll kill me!”

I’m sure the last part about his wife was a joke (or maybe that’s what happened to his blog!?!), but my wife really isn’t bothered by my hobby spending. 

Have I mentioned that I love her?

I have been curious as to how much I put into this hobby, and I’m sure it’s ridiculously over-the-top.  So, with inspiration from fellow frugal gamers, I’ve decided to also keep tabs on my spending this year (better late than never, right?)

So far this year, I’ve been keeping track, and this, my initial post on the subject this year will serve to true up my finances to date. 


  • -$0 Wood for Doomsday devices
  • -$5 Micro Beads for Rivets
  • -$530 on a Demon Army
  • -$41.27 on deck boxes for MtG (25x standard cases and 5x “commander” sized cases)

At first, this would seem to be a bad start for my budgeting, as it seems to indicate that I have almost no willpower at all.  However, I looked at this particular purchase as an investment.  I was pretty sure that I could sell the stuff I didn’t want and keep some cool toys at a low total investment (though I was going to have to look to ebay to recoup those costs…).  In hindsight, I was a little more successful than I’d originally hoped.

January Total: -$576.27
YTD Total: -$576.27


  • +$160 – Forgeworld Nurgle Marines & Khorne Demon Prince
  • +$40 – OOP Khorne Dogs x14
  • +191 – FW Thirst & OOP Khorne Dogs
  • +193 – FW Lord of Change + Screamers
  • +115 – Pink Horrors & Flamers

This is where my investment paid off.  In this one month, I’d already made the money back to offset my original $530 investment in demons, and still have a bunch of them to show for it.  The downside is that, while I was able to turn models over relatively quickly (thanks in large part to Thor from Creative Twilight for spreading the word), I wasn’t able to keep some of the cooler models that I really wanted.  In fact, there’s very little left that I was originally attracted to: just a couple of greater demons. 

Still, this was a great deal–I didn’t have to fork over any excessive ebay fees, and I made reasonable deals with everyone involved, made a little profit myself, and got to keep a few models.  I don’t see how I can complain about that.  Besides, where would I have stored those Forgeworld Greater Demons anyway?

February Total: $699
YTD Total: $122.73


  • Full Metal Jacket – “Anyting you want…”

    + 90 – Fateweaver, Flamers, Skulltaker, & Bloodcrushers

  • +160 – 3xLeman Russes & 2 Karskin squads

A relatively small month in volume.   I sold off the rest of the good demons (officially, I included this lot in the above statements where I said I only had a few models left), further increasing the profit there.  I also got a message from another gamer that was looking to pick up some “other models.”  He asked what I had, I answered with essentially: anything you want.  He was looking for IG, so I did a tally (determining I have entirely too much crap) and agreed to sell him some tanks and karskin.  Granted, I gave up good models, but I got a good price for them (again, avoiding ebay fees) and frankly, I still have too many of each of those models.

March Total: $250
YTD Total: $372.73


  • -$53.70 – Forgeworld Nurgle Arms, Miotic Sacs, & spare resin bits
  • -$58 Forgeworld Malenthropes & Bases
  • -$19 Rogue Trader Era Chaos Dreadnought
  • -$200 Board Games
  • -$100 a Tyranid Army from a local player
  • -$54.14 on MtG (4x common/uncommon sets from Avacyn Restored & Dark Ascension + 4x Chronatogs)

Wow, so much red text.  Did I really spend another $500 this month on hobbies?  Maybe I do have an addiction?  Ok, to justify my spending: the two big purchases (the Tyranids & Board games) were completely justifiable.  The Tyranids have to retail for $500+ and are in reasonably good condition.  The guy was moving out of state and had to get rid of them (see the blog post entitled “Oops, I did it again” for more information).  The board games were a similar situation (this time the guy was making room for a new addition to the family and he was pruning the games he doesn’t play anymore).  Now, they weren’t the same level of insane deal, and I already own several of them, but this was a solid financial purchase.

The Forgeworld parts were from a questionable dealer in Hong Kong (and I use the term “questionable” VERY loosely, as I have no real reason to expect they’re authentic forgeworld kits), but they were so affordable.  Am I a bad person for supporting this operation?  I’d give you a link to the site, but it’s been shut down since I ordered.

That only leaves the Rogue Trader Era dreadnought (I’m a sucker for these classic models), and the MtG stuff.  While I overpaid a bit for the Dark Ascension set, I’ll get over it.  For years now (since Mirrodin), I’ve been purchasing 4x common/uncommon sets from each set that comes out so that I’ll have tons of cards to make decks with at fairly reasonable prices.  In total, I spend about $100 per year (which is too much still), assuming they release three expansions and a core set, and occasionally I sell some of the more expensive uncommons (ie. my wastelands) for a huge profit, that helps fund the addiction in perpetuity…

So, the month looks like a collosal failure, but I have a feeling it will turn out to be a break-even proposition eventually (if not a bit profitable).

April Total: -$484.84
YTD Total: -$112.11


  • -$163.83 The Warstore (Tervigons x2, Ultramarine Paint, Lords of Waterdeep & Various MtG deck boxes)
  • -$40.60 – Amazing Magnets – 300 magnets (Various sizes)
  • -$46.20 – Hobbycraft (local) Tervigon

Another month that hasn’t started on the right foot.  I managed to avoid the Tervigons until now, but I’m a snowball sort of gamer.  I assembled my Adeptus Arbites this month, and wanted to go prime them.  Then I decided I might as well prime the Forgeworld bits I’d purchased last month, along with the reminents from the newly purchased Tyranid Army (in April).  Hell, if I’m going that far, I might as well do a complete Tyranid 2nd wave to include everything I could want to finish them up–and that meant buying Tervigons (for the record, I tried to buy them locally first to support the FLGS, but when they ran out, I happily skipped off to the War Store for the rest, plus some Ultramarine blue paint–in case I run out).  Of course, you can’t have Tervigons that aren’t magnetized, and I’d run out of the proper size magnets for that–so I had to place an order for more of those…. 

I’m sure by the time I finally get everything assembled, I’m going to need more primer too. >.<

I’ll refrain from putting monthly/YTD totals in here because the month is still young.  I could wind up selling (or buying) more stuff before the end.  Let’s hope for the former!