Battle Report: IGuard vs. Daemons (1107pts)

Because I fell ill, I wasn’t able to get a game of 40k in this weekend, but luckily I did manage to get two games in last week.  Since I dragged my feet in creating the battle report, I’ll put that in for this weekend.

After, noticing I was 7-0-1 after my first 8 games and that I was predominately playing my Eldar & Ultramarines forces (because they were painted and I have traveling cases for each), I figured I’d mix things up a bit.  After talking some theory with a local Tzeentch Daemon player, I figured I’d give those models a shot.  (Of course, by “models, I meant “proxies,” since I don’t own any non-nurgle daemon units).

The idea was that I’d test out a few units that I’ve never played before, namely: flamers & screamers.  Mixed in with some good-old-fashion standbys (Soulgrinder, Plaguebearers, Greater Daemon of Khorne), we’d give Derek a run for his money.  Derek has several armies he could’ve brought (Marines, Eldar, IGuard, & Tau), but this time he brought his IGuard.  Fortunately for me, he didn’t bring any ordnance.  In celebration of selling his house, we played a 1104 point game—presumably because that’s when he bought the house? (actually, I think it was 1107, so maybe it’s when he got the offer?)

09-11-14 IGuard Army (Medium)    09-11-14 Demon Army (Medium)

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Battle Report: Chaos Demons vs. Chaos (1492pts)

The next impending holiday is Columbus day, so in observation, Matt came over and played a game to commemorate.  I guess in this adventure, he was the Native Americans, and I played the role of the great discoverer, deep-striking into unknown territory for King Kugath! Continue reading