Ebay Auctions – 2018 Edition

This week I’ve finally dusted things off and posted up a number of auctions on Ebay.

It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t sold any 40k models on ebay since 2015.  If you go back, you’ll see that I did sell some X-Wing stuff back in 2017, but it’s been nearly three years since I’ve sold any 40k?

That can’t be good for my frugal spending goals (which I already know because it’s been negative for multiple years running).  Come to think of it, I’ve been pretty lax about updating that page too… but that’s for another post.

For now, suffice it to say that I just posted up 43 auctions on ebay.  I apologize in advance, but this week is prone to include a number of posts about the auctions in an attempt to drive a little traffic this way.

Most of the stuff fits one of the following categories:

  1. Space Marines (including an auction for 45 bikes, one for Grey Knights, one for Space Wolves, and a ton of 2nd edition stuff still sealed in the box)
  2. Age of Sigmar stuff (though it will always be Warhammer Fantasy Battles to me: namely Elves, Stormcast Eternals, Empire, Dwarves, and some old Dogs of War stuff)
  3. Ork stuff.  Includes some vehicles, boys, nobz, bikes, storm boyz, flash gits, etc.  Basically an entire Ork army and more.

Of course, those links are just a smattering of examples–there’s plenty more to go around.  There’s also some misc. stuff like War Machine and such, but I’m sure to talk about it more in future posts.

As with all of my auctions, I start everything at $.01 and let the market dictate the price.  So, you should definitely go check out the auctions and start watching anything that seems remotely interesting.  That way, if anyone is going to get a smoking deal on things, it might as well be my followers.

Check out my Ebay Auctions

Trading for Tyranids

I’m constantly on the lookout for a good deal.  It used to be that any deal that seemed reasonably good might be good enough, but anymore, unless I really want them, I tend to pass on anything that isn’t an absurdly good deal.

Just before our Apoc game, I had a friend from Seattle call me about some old models he had laying around.  He told me that he’d sell them to me for $100, and I bit.  In hindsight, I didn’t do a proper valuation on them, and though they were certainly worth it, it would’ve normally been the type of deal I’d pass on.  I mean, it wasn’t a bad deal at all, probably being valued in the $300 range if it were all brand new, but it was for an army I didn’t play (Khorne marines), nor did I immediately know of anyone looking to pick them up.

But he was a friend and I had a momentary lapse of reason (plus he secretly threw in delivery, which included a surprise appearance at said Apoc game as well, which was worth the $100 right there).

Well, flash forward to last month.  There was a guy selling some Tyranids on a local facebook group.  The models themselves looked pretty banged up and his prices were a little high for my likes–and lord knows I don’t need any more Tyranids.  Still, he had some models that I don’t currently own, so I pinged him and asked him if he was interested in anything in trade.  I have a ton of models languishing in my garage, so trading is a far easier pill to swallow.  When he said he wanted Chaos, I flashed him some pics of the chaos marines, and he was hooked.

We then worked out a trade that involved the marines for:

  • 2x Tyrannocytes (partially assembled)
  • 1x Tyrannocyte (mostly complete)
  • 6x Venomthropes
  • 2x Harpies (or maybe they’re Hive Crones…?)

I brokered the deal over facebook chat and wound up leaving the stuff on my doorstep to have him trade it out when I wasn’t around.  Some of the stuff was sight unseen, and it was in halfway rough shape.  For instance, the Tyrannocytes were missing quite a few pieces, and some of the bits on the Venomthropes were broken, but the price was right, and the guy seemed accommodating, so I didn’t buck the system.

Sadly, I don’t think I got any better shots than this of when they were dropped off.   He threw in a big bag of bits, which covered most of the parts required for the two Tyrannocytes, and the third one that he listed as “mostly complete” was actually only missing the tentacles.  With a little green stuff, that shouldn’t be an issue.

I find myself happy with the trade, but sad that I now have to go paint more Tyranids.  But before that, I have to go strip some figures…


Buying Armies, 2017 Style

I had a flashback yesterday that reminded me of a serial killer who had been on the straight-and-narrow for some time, but fell off the bandwagon. As I drove away from my latest conquest, some part of me felt like I’d had a momentary lapse of reason and–at least part of me–was feeling remorse.

You see, I had all but stopped buying armies–anymore. I had been doing so good.

But when I see someone selling a large lot of models, I’m always inclined to throw out a lowball offer and then suggest that they don’t sell to me. When that happens, I typically wind up buying the models. I don’t know why my killer sales pitch of “don’t sell to me, because I won’t pay you what they’re worth” seems to work with resounding success.

This trip worked out a little differently in that I wasn’t the one that spit out the number. I showed up and let him know that I didn’t want any of it, but would buy it all if the price was right. His initial price was $700, which I felt was a tad high. He wound up reserving the Tyranids and threw in some extra stuff and called it $500.

Frankly, that price seemed reasonable, but the lack of haggling involved made me feel unsatisfied. I felt compelled to ask for something extra, but couldn’t think of anything else to ask for. For the record, my haggling strategy is completely open, so I voiced all of this to him: “Yeah, that price is a pretty good deal, but I feel compelled to ask for a throw-in. Even though I’ll probably just take it at $500.”

He was originally asking $810 for the lot, so $500 was a reasonable discount for it all, plus he wound up throwing in some extras: a valkyrie, a realm of battle board, a FAT mat, some dreadnoughts, etc.

We shook hands and piled the stuff into the back of my SUV, so I could take it home and unload it on a table. And there it will undoubtedly stand for a while.

I should mention that most of the pictures came from his original selling post, and I know that my photos (the ones with everything in the trunk or sprawled out on a single folding table) don’t do much justice as to what’s all in there.  I should also mention that he took relatively good care of the stuff.  The tanks don’t have any weapons on them, but there’s an entire shoebox filled with sponsons and such for them.  I can’t say for certain that it’s all accounted for, but it looks fairly complete.

Really, I should put it up on Ebay, or at least catalog what all I got, so I can make some semblence of what value I’ll get out of the deal long term. Frankly, the only things I really could see myself keeping would be the game mat, and maybe some of the vehicles to use as scatter terrain (honestly, the scatter terrain aspect was what originally inspired me to check it out in the first place).

We’ll see if I ever get around to either of those though. For now, I’m content to have a bunch more crap in the garage that I could potentially make money on one day. And it helps that the guy I purchased them from seemed like a pretty cool dude–I gave him an open invite to game night and possibly an Apoc game in the future. We’ll see if that works out–if so, having fresh blood in the gaming group would be more beneficial than whatever profit I might make off of the models.

By the way, anyone want to buy some stuff?

Selling My Star Wars X-Wing

It’s been a while since I’ve sold stuff on Ebay–too long really–so I’ve decided to ease myself back into it with some Star Wars models up for grabs.

I wish I could tell you more about them, but I honestly don’t know that much about the models/game.  I bought these figures from a friend who was getting out of the hobby for far less than retail, and am just looking to turn them around to make a buck on them.  That way, I cover my costs, he gets some cash for his figures, and maybe I make a few dollars on it.  I’m told that the following models/kits/boxes are included in the auctions:

  • rebel-4-mediumX-Wing Starter Set
  • Force Awakens Set
  • Rebel Dial Upgrade Kits
  • Xwing Xtra Dice
  • Imperial Aces
  • Rebel Aces
  • Imperial Vets
  • X-Wing Exp
  • Tie Fighter Exp
  • Y-Wing Exp
  • imperial-3-mediumTie Advanced Exp
  • Millenium Falcon
  • Slave I
  • A-Wing Exp
  • Tie Interceptor
  • HWK-290
  • Lamba Shuttle
  • B-Wing
  • Tie Bomber
  • Z-95
  • Tie Defender
  • E-Wing
  • Tie Phantom
  • gozanti-2-mediumYT-2400
  • T-70
  • Tie/fo
  • Ghost Exp
  • Inq Tie
  • Gozanti Imp Assault Carrier
  • Imperial Raider

I know that they’d sell for more if I broke them up, but that doesn’t work for me based upon two factors:

  1. I don’t know what it is I have, so I wouldn’t have a clue how to break it up into smaller auctions.
  2. I’m only just now getting back into selling things, so I’m easing my way back into it

My loss is your gain though.  I’ve broken them into lots of Imperial & Scum, as well as a lot of Rebels.  My friend sorted them out for me to the best of his ability.  Feel free to check out the auctions, as they went up on Ebay last night.

As always, minimum bid is $.01 and I’ve set this up with free shipping.  Hopefully the market dictates a fair price, but I could certainly lose money on this one.  Maybe I shouldn’t be buying/selling things I know nothing about, eh?



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Free Money from Ebay

No, this isn’t another blatant advertisement for my auctions, but a legitimate offer for free money from eBay.

I find that Ebay periodically gives out some incentives for users to buy or sell products.  Most often, those seem to be pushes for “Free listing weekends,” that allow sellers to put auctions up without having to pay the origination fee for posting them.  I don’t follow up on those offers because they happen relatively frequently and because I have a sinking suspicion that those times are coinciding with times that other people aren’t listing on the site.  My theory is that if people aren’t listing at those times of the year (often on holiday weekends), you’re also probably not getting as much traffic for similar reasons as people aren’t listing, and that results in fewer buyers and lower final prices for me.  I’m not sure if my logic is at all sound, but that’s the reason why I don’t participate.

There are also a few holy grails that they throw out.  On rare occasions (no more than once per year), eBay will just send a voucher that says you can take $XX off a final listing price.  Generally it has conditions, like: $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more if you use it by a certain date.  Still, prices on eBay are usually comparable to those found on Amazon for the same item, and are not uncommonly even a bit cheaper, so that $10 off coupon is really just free money to me.  I can always find something I “need” by the end date.

But that’s not what this post is about.  This is really about more consistent (albeit smaller) savings throughout the year using “Ebay Bucks.”

Before I get too far, I should mention that I don’t get any credit for this.  There may be a referral program for this service, but if there is, I’m not aware of it and am not using it.  I’m just letting you know that there’s free money out there for you.

Of course you have to spend money to make money, and this is no exception.  The program basics are simple.

  1. Sign up
  2. Buy things
  3. Earn 2% back on “most items” (including any hobby related things, considering you’re coming to this blog, I assume your hobbies are similar to mine)
  4. After you earn $5, you get “Ebay Bucks” to spend

Really, it’s no different than most other rewards programs, except you’re not really giving up any personal information to do so.  When you sign up for such a card from your grocery store, you’re giving them the ability to track your purchases back to you so they can target you with ads, etc.  In this case, Ebay is already tracking that sort of information as it’s tied to your ebay ID, so signing up for this program doesn’t give them anything additional.  Essentially, it’s just an opt-in program to earn 2% back on Ebay Purchases.  If you’re skeptical, you can read the terms and conditions here.

I found out about the program late last year and I didn’t see any rewards until January.  It didn’t turn out to be a huge amount of savings (specifically $7.71), but that’s money I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

ebaybucksNow the shrewd observer will figure out that means I spent $385.50 on Ebay to get those savings.  That’s sort of accurate, and sort of not.  Ebay also periodically has 3x Ebay Buck deals that I always sign up for (but don’t always use).  The program lasts for a couple of days and if you buy something during that timeline, you earn three times the bucks for those purchases.  It’s a cute perk if you’re already buying something, but not something that will outright justify a purchase (I don’t even use it to sway me into purchases, but if it works out, why not?).  I’m guessing these are really targeted at folks with less self control who will feel that just because they got an offer they need to go search for something to buy, and the simple act of searching is suggestion enough to compel them to purchase.  Luckily, I have slightly more willpower than that, so this program turns into a plus for me.

I also wind up doing a fair number of purchases for my department at the office.  Sometimes the best price/value item I can find is on ebay, and since my company doesn’t have an ebay account, that means I get credit for the purchases on my personal account.  Again, it doesn’t amount to much, and certainly doesn’t influence my buying decision, but it’s a cute little perk that adds up over time.

To date, I’ve only saved $7.71 using the program, but considering all it took was a few mouse clicks, I think that was a good deal for me.  Depending upon who you are and how much willpower you have, it might prove likewise good for you.  Consider checking it out here.


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