BFG and Epic for Sale

wh39kEpic&BFG (48) (Medium)With my frugal gaming goals still in the red for the year, I need to do something to bring me into the black–and fast.  I tend not to put up auctions over the Christmas holidays, figuring that less people will be spending for themselves at that time of year, so that only leaves a few weeks to cash in.  That’s where you come in…

Last week, I posted a question about the value of some Epic & Battlefleet gothic models.  I did get some helpful replies in identifying things (particularly from Lasgunpacker and from Angelic Despot–so I figured the least I could do is put up a link and potentially send a little traffic to their blogs (of course, Angelic Despot hasn’t got one of his own, despite years of prodding on my part).  Anywho, though I did get help identifying models, I really didn’t get much traction in figuring out what things are worth.  I also made a post on the oldhammer facebook group, and it drummed up a fair bit of interest, but again, not a lot of help in pricing (though one guy told me which sharks to stay away from, and that my stuff was potentially worth thousands).

wh39kEpic&BFG (29) (Medium)With no more to go on than that, I did what I always do:  turn to eBay.  Again, I put it all up with auctions starting at $.01 and I’ll let the market dictate the value.  Something I did differently this time was to remove the shipping fees entirely.   The thought process is that it will help entice people to buy any of the cheaper models for more total cost (rather than relying on those to sell to people using combined shipping).  The down side is that I could lose money on auctions if the bids don’t go high enough (hopefully that won’t be the case).

I think realistically, it will probably do about the same–except this time I’ll have this big fee from the post office and I won’t have any way to make myself feel better about it.  So, while I expect that the total might come out to be the same (or possibly a little higher) when offering free shipping, I suspect my personal feelings at the end will be negative.  Oh well, time will tell.

For goodies this week, it’s entirely Epic and Battlefleet related, including stuff from:

  • wh39kEpic&BFG (1) (Medium)Epic Orks
  • Epic Tyranids
  • Epic Imperials (both IG and Marines)
  • Epic Eldar
  • BFG Ordnance
  • BFG Chaos/Orks/Adeptus
  • etc.

Virtually everything is unassembled/unprimed and waiting for a new home.  Much of it is still on the sprue/in the blisters.  I’ve also got a fair number of extra blisters/boxes that I didn’t list (because they were duplicates), so if someone winds up winning one of those auctions, I’ll happily sell them extra boxes at the same price.  That includes:

  • wh39kEpic&BFG (22) (Medium)Imperial Baneblades
  • Imperial Thunderhawks
  • Tyranid Swarms

So, what are you waiting for, check out my auctions here.

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Price Check on Epic (Marines, Squats, Chaos, Eldar, & Bugs) and BFG (Orks, Chaos, & ???)

Ok, so I recently purchased a big lot of 40k stuff from a friend and hidden within it was a box of Epic (and a few Battlefleet Gothic Models)–which is coincidentally where I got most of the stuff from the Great Ebay Sell-off of Fall 2015.  The thing is that I’ve never played either game and realistically have zero interest in them.  So, obviously I’m looking to sell them. Continue reading

Fall 2015 Ebay Results

EbayBurstAnother round of eBay auctions have completed and, as always, I’m going to do a little wrap up for my record-keeping.  I had a total of 76 auctions available this round, all of them were Eldar related, all started at $.01 and all wound up selling (big surprise).

The best sellers really should come as no surprise: things that are great in the Eldar codex (jetbikes and tanks) and old Armorcast stuff that’s in great shape (I couldn’t believe that the falcon grav tank went for $76–nobody locally wanted to buy it at $25!).  Other things that I found fairly surprising were that old style guardians (From circa 1990) still sell relatively well–which isn’t so surprising, but their arms alone sell for more than the guardians do!

Things that didn’t do well include:

  • High quality painted models (they never do–at least not in this format)
  • Weapon platforms (all four auctions for 2-3 guns with full crew ended under $10 each)
  • An old school farseer sold for $15.27.  That same model with four extra warlocks attached to him sold for $17.50

What I wound up selling was:

  • 1 Bitzbox
  • 101 Guardians
  • 16 Rangers
  • 199 Aspect Warriors
  • 1 Heavy Weapon Sprue
  • 22 Wraithguard
  • 19 Weapon Platforms
  • 4 Warlocks
  • 36 Jetbikes
  • 2 Farseers
  • 10 Phoenix Lords
  • 3 Eldrads
  • 11 Vypers
  • 5 Warwalkers
  • 2 Avatars
  • 5 Wraithlords
  • 4 Falcons
  • 3 Armorcast Scorpions

Doing the math, that comes up to $4085.47 in retail cost.  My historical goal of selling is to get 60% of retail (but that’s probably not terribly realistic), so my “actual target” in the past has been more like 40% of retail value net.   So how did I actually do?  Not bad, but not quite that amount.  See the number below:

  •  ebay-logoEbay sales: $1915.52
  •  Auctions Paid: $1759.48
  •  Outstanding Auctions: $156.04
  •  Ebay Listing Fees: -$34.2
  •  Ebay Final Value Fees: -$256.94  (13.07%)
  •  Paypal Received: $2132.35
  •  Shipping Collected: $312
  •  Paypal Fees: -$74.45  (3.48%)
  •  Shipping Total: $275.66 + ??? (to be determined)

So the final auction price was 46.88% of retail, so it’s almost 50%.  I’m attributing the lower total this time to the excessive cost of Eldar models by GW.  Seriously, they’re asking almost $7 per aspect warrior combined with the fact that most of my models are the older style.  So, I’ll never make the 60% goal, but it’s possible I’ll be able to pull off the 40% MSRP net goal (as long as shipping comes in under $261.32).

[Edit: The first wave of shipping (for all auctions except four) came in at $249.08, so it’s unlikely that I’ll hit that total, but it’ll be close).]

By the way, if you’re doing the math on the numbers below, things won’t add up.  This is because not everyone has paid yet, so I’m extrapolating the outstanding unpaid auctions into the total.  (For the record though, after just one day, all but four people have paid in full, so that’s pretty great).

In total, I’d say it was a successful round of auctions though.  I didn’t do the math in advance to have a target in mind, but my initial rough estimate was that I’d pull in between $1000-1300 for this round, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it almost crack $2k.

So, I’ll be shipping out most of these tonight, and my goal is to try to bust my hump this weekend to put up another round of ebay auctions next week.  The goal?  Epic & Battlefleet!

Rogue Trader Era “Oldhammer” Eldar For Sale

Why am I selling my Eldar?

I’ve loved Eldar since 3rd edition because they’re such great specialists.  With the more recent editions, they’ve become more well-rounded and just overall better.  Frankly, they’d be an upgrade to either army that I have and use–but those armies are painted, and my goal when I play isn’t just to win.  Besides, I picked up a bunch of Eldar off a friend of mine, so I combined his models with what I had left of my own and put them up on ebay this week.

Ok, well not all of my models went up.  I am still holding on to some key models that I may wind up using for an Exodite force that I have been kicking around over the years (though that was in 2009 when I made the only concept models, so I should probably just let it go).

tempestAnywho, I figured I’d post some of the more unusual models that I’m selling this week in the hopes of drumming up some interest in the bids.  Today, I thought we’d look at some of the “oldhammer” models from the days of 2nd edition and beyond.

It’s worth noting that I’m not going to post links to all of the models that meet these qualifications.  After all, there are 200ish aspect warriors, almost all of which are from that era.  So, feel free to poke around and look at everything I have for sale here.

Perhaps the most unusual of the models I’m selling are some of the classic Armorcast tanks.  This includes not one, not two, but three “polyurethane resin model kits.”   For those of you who are unfamiliar with Armorcast, they (along with another company called Epicast) used to have a license to produce 40k IP from the “Epic” line of models for use in games of 40k.  This was before the days when GW really made many vehicles, and long before the days of Forge World.  The most sought after models are certainly the titans (of which I did actually have one each of the Reaver and the Phantom, but sold those to local friends).  What I have left are the three “Tempest Grav Tanks,” which are not in the game anymore.  I’m not sure what the official history is, but they seem to have been replaced with Forgeworld’s Scorpion Type II Heavy Grav Tank.  Both feature two giant linked cannons and a smaller pintle-mounted weapon.

falconAnother armorcast tank that I’m selling is the Falcon Grav tank.  Like all of the armorcast tanks, it is brand new, unassembled and has never seen paint or primer (which is fairly absurd to think about, seeing as they’re in excess of 20 years old).  Unlike the others, this one doesn’t have the original box.  It’s the classic style/shape, which is longer and skinnier than the more crescent shaped line that’s currently in production.  By the way, I also have a bunch of Epic versions of these models if someone is looking to pick those up (in fact, I have a bunch of Epic Tyranids, Squats, Chaos, Eldar, & Imperials that I’m currently taking photos of for the next round of Ebay).  Of course, there are plenty of newer style models for those of you who are into that too, including three primed (but unassembled) falcon grav tanks.

Otherwise, I have two Harlequin Jet Bikes from yesteryear.  These guys have seen better days though.  The good news is that their canopies are in great shape, but I sadly can’t say that about the rest of the models.

I also have a couple of select auctions for really old style guardians, including one lot of 10 and another lot of 20.  Both lots come with anti-grav platforms that I think might be the oldest variety ever produced.  The vast majority of these models are unpainted/unprimed, and a good number of them are still in their original blisters (although, to be fair, the blisters are from 2nd edition).  GuardiansThere’s even a few blisters/sprues of extra arms and weapons for Eldar from back then (actually if these interest you, I also have an entire bits box of these weapons–though they’re missing all of the powerfists and chainswords).

And though not Rogue Trader era, I figured I’d also point out that there are a good number of older models from over the years that are still in their blisters, including Wraithguard and Dark Reapers.

In other news, I’m officially at the break-even price for these auctions as of this morning, so now I’m at the point where I’m no longer losing any money on the auctions (well, assuming I estimated the shipping costs correctly).  This morning, the auctions were up to a total of $127.44, and the break-even price is officially $123.52 (based upon a 15% ebay/paypal fee estimate).  So, I’m sitting on a pretty $3.32.  That’s almost enough for me to make a run for the border!

If you would like to fund my ill-advised, pseudo Mexican fast food habit, you can:

Check out my auctions here!

The Great Eldar Sell-off of 2015!

It’s that time of year again, when the garage is overflowing with stuff and I have to move things.  Enter eBay, and yet another mass exodus of models from my garage.

This time, the auctions are all Eldar related (at least for now).  The auctions all went live last night and includes a ton of models, including:

  •  AvatarPainted (1) (Medium)35+ Jetbikes (most with Scatter Lasers or Shuriken Cannons)
  • 15+ Vyper Jetbikes
  • 200+ Aspect Warriors
  • 100+ Guardians
  • 15+ Weapon Platforms
  • 25x Wraithguard
  • 3x Eldar Falcons
  • Assorted Characters (at least one of each Phoenix Lord, etc.)
  • 4x Armorcast Tanks (Tempest/Scorpions & Falcon)

I’m having a hard time thinking of what isn’t included.  There are Wraithlords and War walkers, Warlocks & Farseers–just about everything you could possibly want.  There are a bunch of old rogue-trader era Guardians, Harlequin Jetbikes, new in the blister stuff, multiple Eldrads, and more.  HawkAutarch (1) (Medium)Off the top of my head, I know I don’t have any Fire Prisms or the Support Weapon Batteries included, but everything else you could want.  Seriously, go check it out.

As always, I’ve started all auctions at $.01 and will let the market dictate what things are worth.  I expect that the prices will mostly be reasonable at the end, but every time I do this, there’s always at least one auction that goes for pennies on the dollar–so if you’re at all interested, feel free to make a crazy low-ball bid.  Someone’s bound to win something at those prices.

The pictures in this article are of some of the better painted models I’m selling (ok, they’re the two best painted models).  These are some of those that I know will likely wind up going far to cheaply at the end.

Also, if you keep watching, I need to do a couple more of these mass auctions before the end of the year.  Still to come?  I need to sell of a bunch of marines, IG, skaven, WHFB chaos, Epic, and more.  If there’s anything specific you’re looking to pick up from that stuff, ping me and I’ll let you know if I have it.

Thanks for dropping by!

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