A Free Copy of Space Freaks: the Board Game

I listen to entirely too many podcasts.  Oddly enough, despite this being a largely 40k inspired blog, I listen to exactly zero 40k related podcasts.  That wasn’t always the case, mind you.  I used to listen to the Independent Characters and some others, I’m sure (though I have since forgotten even their names).

This isn’t because there isn’t good content available.  I’ve actually heard great things about Mob Rules and Glacial Geek (both of which are “local” to me)–I just can’t find the time to work them into my lineup.

In fact, most of the podcasts I listen to routinely aren’t gaming related at all.  Somewhere in my travels I turned into an adult and started listening to talk radio, so I feel like my podcast choices reflect that.  To give you an idea of what’s in my playlist, you’ll find:

  • RadioLab
  • More Perfect (is this going to start up again ever?)
  • Stay Tuned with Preet
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • This Week in Tech
  • Rough Translation
  • Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me
  • Houston: We Have a Podcast
  • You are Not So Smart
  • PM Podcast
  • Security Now
  • Drive to Work
  • the D6Generation

All of them have value, of course, or I wouldn’t listen to them.  Some of them exist there solely so I can stay up with the industry that I work in; others exist for continuing education credits required to maintain my certifications; and most are general knowledge/trivia kind of things because I just enjoy them.  If you look closely, you’ll see that I listen to two gaming specific podcasts: Drive to Work (which is a podcast by Magic’s lead designer), and the D6 Generation.

That’s a podcast I’ve listened to for years now.  I’ve gotten a lot of great advice about games to purchase, and taken great information from them.  They’re also “not too horrible,” as a form of entertainment, though the cast gets a tad long winded at times.  They’ve held a few contests over the years, and I’ve entered a few, but never won.  This blog post is about the latest such contest.

Latest is a loose term, because the contest was actually announced in October of 2017–19 episodes ago.  The requirements were that you had to come up with a radio ad for a new game from Stronghold Games.  I don’t think the game had been released at the time though, so it wasn’t clear what it was about or how it all worked.  All I really had to go on was a bit of a teaser from them, along with the name of the game: Space Freaks.

Normally, it wouldn’t have been the sort of contest that I’d jump out of my chair for.  Sure, I like board games as much as the next guy, and Stronghold has come up with some real winners (I’m a big fan of Space Cadets, and I’ve also heard good things about Terraforming Mars).  What I did find intriguing though was a combination of two factors:  This was an audio based contest, and Stronghold had agreed to pony up copies of the game for the best three entries.

Having been a listener to theD6g for years, I know that audio entries habitually have really low turnout.  I wasn’t sure exactly how many entries to expect, but I knew it would be low.  So low, in fact, that if I put any modicum of effort into it, I should be essentially guaranteed a copy of the game.  So, why not?

I made a note to work on a script of sorts, and then set a calendar reminder and promptly forgot it.  When the calendar reminder showed up, I sat down with a friend of mine and we recorded our lines, then I downloaded a copy of Audacity, plus a bunch of various sounds I pulled off the internet, created my entry and submitted it.

Months past by, and I sent occasional emails to the podcast to figure out what happened.  They apparently had recorded a session, then lost part of it, and then their hearts fell out of podcasting (which has resulted in them cancelling–or rather, morphing the show into some–yet to be determined–form).  Well, the last time I emailed them was about a month or two ago, and they let me know that they were scheduled to have Stephen Buonocore from Stronghold on again in their penultimate episode, which was finally released last week.

At minute 12:27 of the podcast, they started to talk about the content, and largely recap what I went over above.  It turns out that they only had five total entries, and rather than competing against them all, Stephen decided to give away a game to everyone who entered (which was quite generous).  I have to say though, my entry was good enough that it should’ve easily won one of the original three prizes–though I would be doubtful if mine would be considered the best (feel free to listen to them if you’d like–you can find it on Stitcher, or whatever your preferred podcast player is).

So, maybe I’ll go through the motions of reviewing that game.  I don’t do a lot of board game reviews, but then again, I don’t win many of them either.  I also owe a big thank you to Sam for helping out with the recording, and modifying the script to make it funnier.  Thanks a bunches, Sam–let’s get together and play this game when it comes in.

Image Credit: Thed6Generation logo is copyright them.  Space Freaks is the property of Stronghold games.





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