Dungeon Run 2 Expansion

My gaming group hasn’t been playing all that much 40k. This is because I try not to alienate folks who show up, and not everyone in the group actually plays 40k (plus, those of us that do, don’t always bring models, or aren’t always interested in playing).

So, that means that many weeks we aschew 40k in favor of board games. One of the old standards that we’ve been playing a lot is Dungeon Run by Plaid Hat Games (which is, apparently, out of print). It’s not a typical game that I would enjoy because, while it does have a level of strategy involved, who actually wins the game is seemingly random. It’s a semi-cooperative style board game wherein you explore a dungeon together, but then fight each other to escape. And when I say that it’s random who wins, I truly believe that. Sometimes it’s the person who gets all of the treasure, or sometimes it’s the person who spent the entirety of the game laying face down because they’ve been repeatedly killed by the wandering monsters.

Typically that’s not the sort of game that I enjoy, but this one sees the table more than most, and I always walk away with a smile. The down side is that there’s just not all that much meat to the game. The game is solid, but I find myself wanting a little more: diversity, length, options… something.

Well, as luck would have it, Plaid Hat announced an expansion to the game called, suitingly, Dungeon Run 2. Of course, this was more than six years ago, so hopefully you haven’t been holding your breath. If you read around forums online, it’s pretty clear that people aren’t expecting this to come out ever (which makes sense–why bother releasing an expansion to a game that isn’t even in print).

But then I got to thinking–why not? Granted, there’s no money for Plaid Hat to publish an expansion, but why couldn’t I create one of my own?

So that’s what I’m planning to do. I’m gonna whip together an expansion for the game, complete with new characters, items, bosses, encounters, and dungeon tiles. I won’t add any new card types, but I might play with some of the existing classes/structures. I plan on incorporating what I can from their planned expansion: they have already announced Demons as a monster type, voting mechanics, and changes to traps, so I’ll be sure to include all of those in my homebrew expansion.

I should be clear that I don’t intend to sell this–it’s for personal use–but I certainly won’t mind sharing it with anyone who might be interested.

My first step is to to create a spreadsheet, so I can come up with all of the various information in a consolidated location. Once I come up with enough ideas, I’ll break into templating. I’ll also create a search term for DungeonRun2 that you can use to follow the progress of this on my blog, should you be interested in it.

Wish me luck!

Image Credit: Plaid Hat and Dungeon Run Logos owned by Plaid Hat Games.


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