Apocalypse Winter 2018: The Rules

Often I’ll work up some fluff to support an impending Apocalypse battle, and then drum up some interest in advance on the blog; however, this time I did none of that.  Last weekend, we experienced the first (and hopefully not the only) Apoc game of 2018, without all of the fanfare.

Truth be told, I wanted to have a game, but I didn’t want to commit all of the time and resources into creating it.  So, I wound up coasting on this one.  I’ve learned my lesson from the past though, and will get the details written up much faster this time.  Being our first Apoc game of 8th edition made it a little easier.  First, we didn’t know what kind of rules exceptions we needed to clarify or amend, but also, 8th is significantly streamlined.  As a result, the rules for army building (and for the day of the battle) are listed below:

Army Creation Rules:

All players were given these rules in advance to make their lists:

  • Please create 180 Power Level Lists (power level vs. points is just easier to make quick lists).  Please try not to abuse the power level system.  For those that are not familiar with power level, try to use units/upgrades that you would normally take in a points level list.
  • Scoring points will be awarded in three different ways:
    • Holding Objectives.  For the purposes of this game only units without the CHARACTER keyword can hold an objective.
    • Defending Objectives.  This largely means killing scoring units off of objectives.  Any unit can earn these points.
    • Titanic Destruction:  Per Apoc, at the end of the battle, each side receives victory points for each enemy TITANIC unit that has been destroyed
  • Matched Play: we’ll be using the rules for Matched play (I know base rules say Apoc is “open play” but that seems too abusable.  (Rulebook page 212)
  • Detachments: Please limit your force to up to 3 detachments for your army (Rulebook page 214)
  • Warmasters will be in effect (chapter approved 10) – “Slay the warmaster” will also be in effect
  • Timeclocks will be used.  Per usual.  Probably 4 hours per team.

Day of the Game Rules:

For the day of the game, we didn’t clarify terrain, have to set rules for deployment areas, outflanking, etc.  8th edition streamlined all of that for us.  Instead, we just added rules for how to score points:

  • Scoring Rules:
    • Objectives:
      • At the beginning of each side’s turns, roll a die.  On a 1-3 the Fortress of Redemption is your objective this turn.  On a 4-6, the objective is the large ammo dump building.
      • At the end of that side’s turn, objectives will be scored as follows:
        • +2 points for each of their non-character units within 3″ of the objective.
        • +1 point for each unit of their opponents’ that was destroyed who was within 3″ of the other objective (the one which was not rolled)
      • Points will only be scored by the active team at the end of their turns.
    • Titanic Destruction Clarification:
      • If a model with 20 or more wounds is destroyed during the game, an additional X points will be awarded to the opposing team where X is the total number of wounds the model started with, divided by 10 (rounded down).

In retrospect, these rules worked out relatively well.  Maybe we could’ve tweaked the number of points given for “titanic destruction” though.  In truth, that rule normally says you just get one point for killing a titan, so we had up to 5 points per titan in play.

In the next two posts, I’ll go over army lists and how the game played out.  I’ll also include some pictures from the actual game (in case the time stamp didn’t already clue you in, these photos are of previous apoc games).

2 comments on “Apocalypse Winter 2018: The Rules

  1. Looking good! It’s nice when you’re familiar enough with a game (or group) that you can just coast and hopefully enjoy yourself. Those look like thoroughly reasonable and playable rules for Apoc.

    • I was actually surprised at how little we needed to customize the rules. I was a little concerned that my half-ass approach would cause some sort of problem, but–aside from apparently inviting an uneven number of players, it didn’t. The rules were tight.

      On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 7:19 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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