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Apocalypse: The Armies of Tartarus VII


We held an Apocalypse game sometime last Summer, but I never bothered to do a proper write-up on it (or really, any write-up at all). Part of that was because I wasn’t in the mood and because I hadn’t collected all of the various army lists and such (though, I’m pretty sure the guys turned them in–and I’ve since lost them). Procrastination got the better of me, and now I’m here, more than six months later and trying to cobble together things from memory. What I can say for certain is that we all had four-thousand points to build lists with, and

I don’t recall what we called the teams, or even how we picked them. My guess is that we divided things up as evenly as possible ahead of time with pre-chosen teams (but folks didn’t know). This would split apart those folks that habitually play with each other, and then take those people that don’t often win, and spread them around to ensure that at least half of them would count as winning.

But at least I remember who played! That was Dan, Sam, Albert, Simon, Mitch, Tim, Kurt, and yours truly. The teams looked a little something like this…

Team 1: The Victors

(I’m not saying we won, but I’m on the team, so why not just give it a cool name, right?)

Dan’s Imperial Guard

Dan has a bunch of different armies he can field, but I’d say he most often plays his IG–followed by Tau. His list consisted of a ton of guns that could help shoot stuff out of the sky.

Rob’s Ultramar PDF:

In 7th (and earlier) editions of the game, I was reluctant to play Apoc with my Tyranids. This is because D weapons just made monstrous creatures evaporate and there was really nothing to do about it. If I’m going to sink that many points into a unit, I’d like it to get some sort of save. So, this being the last Apoc game of 7th edition, I fielded my Imperials “one more time.”

I also wound up painting up my Knights for this game, so of course I was going to field them…

Albert’s Forces of Nurgle (Approximate)

While I’m sure that Albert gave me a copy of his army list, I seem to have misplaced it. I have a photo of what he fielded, so the list above is fairly representative (though it doesn’t take into account specific wargear, or formations). I know he likes to run the formation with the Hellbrute and cultists, so I’m almost positive that’s what they were doing there. The rest of the units? Well, who knows…

Sam’s Adeptus Astartes (Approximate)

Sam is pretty good about fielding Space Marines in as many drop pods as humanly possible each Apoc game. Oh, and knights.

He didn’t disappoint.

Team 2: The Spoilers

Again, no comments about who won the game (that’ll come in the next post), but if we’ve the victors, it’s only natural that they should try to play the Spoilers!

Kurt’s Fenrisian 14th Kaerl Defense Force

Kurt’s fantastic about giving his armies colorful unit names and flavor. He also recently purchased this army off of another local gamer, and it looked fantastic on the table-top. Sadly, I don’t seem to have taken a photo of his models before the game (which is weird, because he actually left them over a full day in advance). I suspect this is because he kept them in their case for ease of deployment.

Simon’s Forces of Chaos (Approximate)

Again, I may be a tad off on the units in this list. Simon’s is one of two that I don’t seem to have copies of (well, technically I didn’t have a copy of Mitch’s complete list either).

Do you think it’s coincidence that none of the three chaos players provided a full list (or at least not one I still have access to)? Clearly, the warp must’ve eaten their homework.

Tim’s Eldar:

Between Simon, Kurt, & Tim, it’s clear which side had a better looking army. Those guys really know how to paint.

Tim didn’t bring his “usual” eldar and instead went with some spawn of Forgeworld List for Pirates. That meant that most things were units or models that I’d never heard of before, but luckily he provided a detailed breakdown of what it all was, so I’m sure this is pretty accurate.

Mitchell’s Forces of Chaos

Mitchell’s goal was clearly to bring as few models as possible for this game. His list consisted of 3000 points of stuff that was included, and then was missing 1000 points. My guess is those points were taken up by Scabby and a Bloodthirster. Those have to be reasonably good guesses because that’s what’s in the photo!


As I’ve done with previous Apoc games, future posts will cover the missions & the actual battle report (again, to the best of my ability).