Seafall Campaign: Game 11

Before we played game 11, we went back and discussed enmity distribution that happened in game 11 and lead me to believe I was relatively safe from my adversaries.

Oh man, how do I describe this game without spoilers? Since we opened up two chests in the previous game, there was naturally a big difference in how things happened to play out. With new unlocks around the board, particularly the one from the Octopus chest, strategies of players all changed a bit. As a result, I was able to settle back into my old strategy as nobody was deliberately trying to stop me.

My strategy was to play the roll of the explorer, and it was going reasonably well. I was able to pick up an upgrade that helped out, and also used the Navigator, who proved to be quite helpful in exploring. Sadly, through no fault of my own, one of my ships sank due to an event card. Even in hindsight, I don’t believe there was anything I could’ve done to prevent that. The harder part is that my other ship also wound up sinking. That one, however, could’ve been prevented. I played a calculated risk and it really didn’t pay off for me.

Sam turned out to have a good game though and took the win. His last turn, he might have been able to perform a major milestone unlock, but we were really pressed for time, so instead he attacked me for a few final extra points.

And though that’s fairly vague, I think that’s about all I can say without spoiling things.

Trust me, there’s going to be far more in the spoilers below…

My first ship sank because the event card turned up where the person with the highest secret society member of the explorers guild just had their Western-most ship sink. As we haven’t really interrogated that much of the deck, I had the only known advisor that fit that description–which caused my ship to sink.

My second ship sank because I attempted to explore a tomb–but discovered it was a raid endeavor tomb. I would’ve hoped I could’ve backed out at that point, but the rules don’t account for it (nor did I even bother trying). My explore was around 10 with extra bonuses from some relics, but my raid was only a 3–and I couldn’t hope to survive at that point. So my ship sank along with two relics on board.

My final turn, I had to repair my ships in order to put an upgrade on them, so I bought a treasure and an upgrade and called it–somewhere in the middle of the pack.

For sam’s last turn, he attacked my only active colony and stole it from me, causing an additional shift in victory points. That really felt like insult to injury from where I stood, as I’ve lost three relics/tablets in the last two games, and my ship just sunk–plus I was behind 10 points in each game.

I get that his mindset is that if anyone is going to catch up, someone has to keep attacking me. Getting multiple people to gang up on me, and even to kick me when I’m down isn’t much fun though. Not only do I have to play the game of the day, but I also have to do it while fighting off multiple people. That’s a disadvantage nobody else has.

I get that my lead in the campaign is large enough that it seems unlikely anyone would catch up and win the campaign if someone doesn’t specifically plan to fight me every game. I just question whether that’s something friends do to each other. Sure, everyone should each want to win, but attacking each other each game makes things less fun (at least for the person being attacked). It’s unlikely that anyone would win the campaign, but everyone has a chance to win each game–or to discover cool unlocks and twists/turns. All of those seem like fun ways to play the game without having to beat one player down.

I still feel like I’m handling it relatively well, but I’m also ready for the game to be over. I can’t say how much of it is the plotting against me, and how much of it is the game just running it’s natural course (we’ve been playing this for two months now–which isn’t that long, mind you, but I’m also playing ONLY seafall. My regular crew is largely sucked into this campaign and are avoiding the regular game night).

Oh well, hopefully it’s over soon. The final unlock is on the board, so we just have to figure out how to discover that last island.

I’ll leave off with some final thoughts on the unfolding secrets. In the last game we’ve gotten a chance to write down notes based upon interrogating people, so I’ve started coming up with thoughts/plans. It’s not in my best interest to write them here as others can read my strategies (don’t you go telling everyone, Albert). But here goes:

  1. One of the guys we interrogated said something about “their leaders.” I wonder if he’s talking about the leaders to the secret society, the point leader in the campgaign, or even the leaders of the guilds?
  2. Speaking of which, we have five players and five guilds–that can’t be a coincidence, can it? My guess is that we’re each somehow related to one of the them. The gray guild is clearly the soldier’s guild, but I don’t remember the theme for the rest. I wonder if this fits into the plot somehow?
  3. I would like to get the gal that lets you keep extra research cards. At this point, there is finally a stack there, and Derek unlocked a two sided map that gave him extra +sail. Getting that chick would help secure some sort of advantage for the future, I’d think. I guess this isn’t so much a plot device, as a strategy…
  4. Sean found something on the tomb map when he shone the light of truth on it. I suggested that maybe he should just shine it on the tomb he wants to raid, but he said the markings aren’t on the tombs. What could that mean? He didn’t read a number/passage or anything, so it can’t be secret tombs. He didn’t even pause anywhere on the page long enough to read anything–but it has to mean something, right? Maybe it’s a jumble of words on the page or an anagram that has to be solved?

And here are the questions we had from recent games:

  1. What happens when you score more points than the track allows?
  2. Is there a possibility of too many tombs?
  3. How did we run out of “fire” icons on the map?
  4. Are we supposed to be hiding ranks of secret society advisers?
  5. Does permanent enmity protect ships/colonies?
  6. Can we shine the light of truth on the tomb map all of the time, or only in games where we interrogate Capadonna (I don’t remember his title–he’s the guy that allows you to pay enmity for goods on islands)?

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