Seafall Campaign: Game 7

We postponed a week in the Seafall campaign due to a funeral, but we picked up where we left off this past weekend.

As always, I’m going to try to eliminate spoilers from this post (at least before the jump), so bear with me if things are a little vague.

In my last post, I had mentioned that we had discovered a new unlock. I won’t go into details about what it was, but I will say that my interacting with it, wound up with me earning 9 glory in a single turn. This was because I got 4 (effectively 5) for interacting with it because I passed the test, and then another 4 for completing one of the board state objectives. That made it difficult for others to keep up with me, and lead to me winning the game.

Sean pointed out that the games won to date are:

  1. Rob
  2. Sam
  3. Albert (surprise from behind)
  4. Rob
  5. Sam
  6. Albert (surprise from behind)
  7. Rob

So clearly, it’s Sam’s turn to win next week. Typically we’ve been trying to play two games per day, but we didn’t get in a second one because someone had to leave early. Them’s the breaks though, so that’s not a big deal.

Speaking of Sam, I mentioned last time that he attacked me in order to try to keep my in check. It didn’t have much success, but I figured that I was bound to face more of that this time, but it surprisingly never happened. I can’t say as to whether that was a fluke or not though. I guess we’ll find out next week?

I did find myself thinking, for the first time, this week about what it will be like to end the campaign. Don’t get me wrong: I’m definitely enjoying this, but I’m ok with it ending as well. That’s kind of an unusual stance for me, as I normally want to extend things out past when they’re fun. Something about this game is different though.

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s the game, or the fact that playing it so routinely has basically killed the friday night games. I’m sure that plays into it as well.

Ok, on to the spoiler stuff!

Stop here if you don’t want any spoilers.

So, the unlock that wound up scoring 9 points for me in a single turn (and certainly giving me the win) was that I was the first to explore a tomb of the ancients. They’re all named in a normal fashion and I feel like you can sort of tell what’s going to happen by reading their subtitles. “All that glitters” is obviously about gold (well, I assume so, at least). Some make references to fighting, which seem to be in line with raiders. I found myself looking at them and trying to figure out which one would best align with my play style.

The problem is, I don’t have a playstyle.

Sam is definitely an explorer; Sean is undoubtedly the merchant/trader of the lot; and, until recently, Albert was our resident raider. Derek doesn’t really seem to have a strategy, and that’s hurting him in points (by the way, I’ve decided to take him under my wing and try to help him put together a cohesive strategy–not telling him what to do, but to give him some reasonable options).

I, like Derek, don’t have a consistent strategy. I billed myself as a trader in the first games, then a raider, then (when I ran out of enmity after sinking Sean), I turned to exploring. Practically speaking, I go for whatever unlocks are available during a game. I figure that I can do a little of everything, and if I focus on the unlocks, I’ll be able to get big jumps in points. To date, I’ve accomplished six of the twelve milestones, and I’m out to a sizable lead, so it seems to be working.

And even more importantly than those extra VP’s is the ability to earn consistent advantages.  By completing milestones, I seem to get to put a sticker on my board.  This translates to an advantage in future games each time.  For example, I now have three colonies and three different upgrade/building spots on my board that each give +1 glory.  That means that I can spend 18 gold to get +3 VP each game (colonies) and another 30 gold to get +6 more (base upgrade +1 for each).  So, if I just earn 48 gold during the game, and we go through at least one winter, I’m pretty certain to at least earn a reasonable amount of points.

I would love to dedicate to a specific venture: exploring really seems good to me. The problem is, as the prince, I always get the dregs from what the others don’t want as advisors. To make things a little more difficult, one of the players chose to keep a level 2 advisor last week, so I don’t start with one at all this time. Without being able to depend on a good advisor, I feel like I have to play the opportunist. If there’s a good explorer available at the start, maybe I go that way.

That’s what happened last game. I really wanted to go to the tomb, but I was fourth and was going to have to watch all of the others raid it. To my surprise, nobody went for it. So, I moseyed on over casually to the tomb and dabbled in it first. Granted, it help that I was able to keep an explore +4 guy at the start.

Tombs, by the way, seem really good. We’ve only explored the one tomb twice, and both were successful. But in each instance, we earned 4 extra glory. That’s huge to get 5 glory in a turn. Granted, we have a small sample size, so maybe not every tomb gives you +4 glory each time. In fact, I’m sure they don’t all do that. But maybe some give more! Frankly, that seems too good to me. At the end of our game, Albert opened another Tomb, so I expect that the others will all flock to that and I won’t get a chance this time.

My strategy for the next game? I don’t really have one. I’d like to be an explorer, so I suspect that I’ll build a building first turn (the one where I can clear out the advisory panel) and try to get a good advisory early. Nobody’s really ever done that, so I figure it’s worth a shot.



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