Knight Titans – Shins & Shoulders

I will finish this series on my knight titans one day.  I’m fairly loathe to write these posts anymore, but I’ve already gone through the effort to take all of the WIP photos and even created skeletons for all of the posts, so I might as well push through and finish them all.

So here goes nothing…

When we last left off, I was working on the whites of the model.  I’ve also posted on the blues and golds as well, so at this point, it really became a matter of just repeating those techniques over the rest of the model.

The only other color I didn’t go over in depth is the red.  Just like the blues, I opted to go darker with the reds than I use on my typical Ultramarines.  Again, just like the blues, I achieved this effect by mixing in some black into the red scheme.  So yeah, nothing terribly fancy there.

For the Pegasus (or is that just a horse?) I wound up painting it in the classic blue-shaded style that I’ve painted much of my army in.  This let them stand out from the aged scheme I used on the checkboards and really helps pop.

Well, at least it does to me.

By the end, I’d worked on some of the scroll work as evidenced by the final photo in this post.  I should say that the order the photos appear in this post aren’t exactly the order in which they were painted in (for instance, I painted all of the gold on these bits at once, so the first photo should come closer to the end).

When I write these, I just lump the photos into an order that seems to appeal to the eye and go from there.

Well, that about does it for shoulders/shins.   At this point, I have three more WIP posts on these guys to go, plus some shots of the “finished” product.

I think I can… I think I can…



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