Seafall: Games 3 & 4

For our second week of Seafall, we got another two games in.   We got to test out a few new rules for this game–and honestly, I think it’s about all of the rules that are contained in the starting box. By this time, we have basically tried everything we could.

The first rule we tested was something I can discuss without spoilers because it’s in the base rulebook. One of our participants, Derek, called in sick to game day, which resulted in him being included in the game, only sort of. The rules state that you still set him up, give him ships, but do not give him gold or goods. So, we could raid him if we wanted to, but there really isn’t much (any?) benefit to doing so.

Now that I think about it, I guess you could burn down his fields for some money, but that’s about it. Maybe his holdover adviser could be pilfered as well?

Whatever the case, nobody bothered to mess with him as he didn’t have much bearing on the game. He wound up scoring one point less than the lowest scoring person (per the rule), which was bad, because we had a pretty poor performer during one game.

Since he started in dead last, it was inevitable that he would still be in last place when the game ended. We just didn’t know how far in last place he’d be (I think it’s 21 points behind the leader, who has roughly twice that many total points).

And, I’m the leader!

Out of four games, I won games 1 and 4, Sam won game 2, and Albert won game 3. The only real result that has happened in the standings has been that each game 2nd and 4th place keep flopping back and forth.  Well, this is excluding the prologue, which I counted for some reason in the first blog post.

I won my first game simply by completing the mission objectives. I was ahead in the second game, but Sam had a terrific round of exploration to pull ahead. Albert won, to the shock of everyone at the table (including Albert) by trying to put Sean’s trading nonsense into check. By doing so, he inadvertently wound up earning glory for thumping Sean and stealing his treasure. The fourth game I pulled out by well….

******* Spoilers Incoming… *******

Seriously, don’t read after the break unless you want to know what’s coming in the game.

I wound up winning game four by building colonies. Well, that wasn’t it, but that was the basis. By building two colonies, plus a little bid of raiding and a bunch of buying of upgrades and buildings, I managed to secure the win. For quite a while, I was well ahead of the group, but when they realized I was going to win the next turn, they wound up all exploring new islands and doing pretty great in scores.

I had opportunities to score some game objectives, but figured I’d hold off on them to be safe. The way I figured it, I was the only player with two colonies (one objective was to be the first to have three), and another was to have five buildings (again, I’m the only one that even has enough slots to pull this off–plus I’ve got the appellation, the starting advisor, and the history of being the only person who really builds buildings). The third objective I was set to win was an unlock, which involves discovering a mysterious island. During the game I wound up taking a few research cards (with the advisor who lets you keep extra) and lucked into the map that will unlock that island.

There’s also another objective that involves finding an ancient tomb, which we all assume means to explore one of the sites marked with a skull on an island. I’m not very good at exploring though, so I don’t expect I’ll get that one.

Still, heading into game five, I feel like I have a distinct advantage in three of the four objectives that exist. I don’t need to explore the island yet, because I assume there’s only one card that will unlock it. People don’t really build that many structures, so I feel like I can slow play that objective (not too slow, mind you, as Sean always has way too much money). So, my priority should probably be to build that third colony first and go on from there.

Of course, it really depends upon what my opponents do, eh?

I guess we’ll see next week…

Questions I had (And what we ruled on for the game):

  1. When you build a colony, it says you take a build action. Is that the same as a “build structure” action? From the card it’s pretty ambiguous. We ultimately ruled that it was the same because the rulebook refers to the action simply as “build”–different than the card.
  2. What benefits does an inactive colony produce? Again, we couldn’t find any clear rules about this. Our best guess is that inactive colonies only grant you ownership of the sea square. Any other benefits require the colony to be activated.
  3. When do colonies produce gold? We ruled that it’s during the harvest, so that you have to pay to activate a colony the turn before it actually produces gold for you.

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