Seafall Campaign: Games 2 & 3

This past weekend we wound up playing two more games of our Seafall campaign (actually, it’s the first two games, for those that are taking notes, as my first post was concerned entirely with “the prologue.”

I’ll start off with the basics and try to avoid any spoilers until after the break, but I will warn anyone who is going to play the game that there will be spoilers throughout this series, so you may want to skip this post (and future posts) altogether if you ever intend to play the game.

And, at this point, I strongly recommend you do.

Seafall is a legacy game, so our play through might wind up being significantly different than yours. Each exploration will result in a mini choose-your-own-adventure tale that, in turn, results in a different of sticker being added to an island–plus some small benefit. You also have some other decisions to make throughout the game which will affect how well your character/advisors are at certain actions, and it would appear that the goals of the game are non-linear, so you it’s possible you actually beat a mission without completing any of the goals (though that seems decidedly unlikely).

I took a comment of Raymond Matthews on my previous post to heart when he said “Plan your strategy for each game and be ruthless.” I’m not sure if he meant it the way I took it, but I did wind up doing just that in my game. For the first game, it served me well. Me and one other player split the mission objectives and I came away with first place and a few permanent upgrades. For the second game, I learned the disadvantage of winning (especially by a large margin) and wound up coming in second place (which was probably the worst place I could’ve come in) due to a pretty shrewd one turn jump of another player to get six glory and skyrocket past me at the last minute.

I’m not sure that I can say much more without spoilers, so prepare now for the jump.

Did you stop reading?

Do you want to see spoilers?

One part about this game that I’m not sure if we’re playing ideally is that we don’t read the “could have been” options. When presented with choices, we let players choose one of them and then move on. Maybe we’re missing out on more story that way, but maybe it gives it some replayability (yes, I know that we can’t reply this game, but I can always buy another copy. In fact, I really intend to do that so I can play it with my kids in a decade when they’re old enough.

For the first game, my strategy was to be peacable, and make my points off of exploration and achieving the mission objectives. That worked out well for me, but the objectives were far less peacable in the second game. I wound up picking an advisor that let me “buy” four goods from an island for two emnity tokens, and also wound up sinking another player’s ship who strayed out on his own (not to be a dick, but because there was a mission objective that required that). The problem was that I was already the prince, so that completely ran me out of enmity for the game, and nobody wanted to attack me. So, I was forced at that point to flip to peaceful status, and it just wasn’t super successful for me.

Ok, well, that’s not exactly fair. I was at least two victory points ahead of most people throughout the game, but Sam wound up buying a two point treasure, earning a two point mission objective, and completed an exploration to discover a new island–earning him six points for the turn–and he rocketed past me. Sadly, I’m still the holder of the title “the prince,” but I didn’t get to put any permanent upgrades on my board.

In the next game, I think I’m more likely to try to take a peaceful route, knowing that I have lower emnity than other people. I’ll push out to see and try to explore new islands and possibly work on trading. Maybe I can find a way to buy and sell goods while at sea without having to trek all of the way back to my home port?

My guess is that, based upon the advisor I kept from last game, that I won’t be able to keep the prince title next game. At least then I’ll get some sort of benefit for being down a game or two.

Questions I have at this point:

  1. When someone completes one of the mission objectives from the game, do we tear up the card? I assume that all of those objectives are one-shot items, and we should be tearing them/not putting them back into rotation. Not all cards say to tear them up, but then again, they don’t say to do anything else with them either…
  2. When selling four goods of one type at the same time, one of our players got an unlock to “put a sticker on the merchant section of his card denoting the type of good sold” (paraphrased). When we did that, we used one of the round stickers of that good that said it was a “merchant sticker” (or something like that). Did we do that right? We haven’t seen a need for those stickers yet, but recognize we could need them later.
  3. For anyone who has played the game–do the unlocks come so fast throughout the campaign? In our first two games, we’ve already unlocked/opened two chests. We have a TON of unnamed advisors, and so many “black” cards we haven’t yet opened. I have to assume this slows down, no? We already have two out of the five (or is it six?) chests open. It seems like the game is going too fast at this point. I can only hope we don’t unlock something new next game…

Anyone have answers to those?



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