Knight Titan – Working on Whites

The title of this email makes me feel uncomfortable.  Trust me when I say that I really only mean that it concerns working on painting white within my knight titan.  I don’t mean anything nefarious.

I’m sure that nobody thought I did, and now I’ve made it awkward…

I’ve been a little remiss on my blog posts as of late.  That’s not for lack of content, but rather lack of interest.  I really haven’t played 40k in a few months.  That, coupled with increased duties at work, a conference and a family vacation, plus a new hobby interest in a campaign of Seafall (posts on that coming one day), I just haven’t been interested in writing.  I do have a dozen or more post ideas queued up (many, if not most, of those are about my Knight Titans), but I just can’t be bothered to write about them.

I’m still not particularly interested in 40k (which is probably obvious, given my complete avoidance of talking about the particular project), but there’s no better way to delve into it than to just start working on something.

So, after I had wrapped up the blues on my titans, I switched over to a new formula for white.  If you recall, I wanted the colors to be similar to my Ultramarine armies, but not necessarily identical.  After all, knights are allied with my boys in blue, but aren’t necessarily from Ultramar.  Of course, I could paint them completely differently, but I do want my army to look at least somewhat cohesive.

So, instead of shading my white with a blue wash, I opted to revert to an older scheme that I used to use a dozen or more years ago.  This scheme involves painting the entire area white and shading it with bleached bone (or rather, a suitable generic replacement).  I then wash it with an older ink (chestnut, I believe?) that is very watered down around the edges.

The end result is a scheme that looks more worn–almost like an aged parchment of sorts.  In fact, this isn’t far off from the way that I wind up painting parchment (ie. scroll work & purity seals).

At this point, they’re far from finished, but you can start to see some colors coming into place.  The next step is to work on blocking in some checkers and other banding.  You can see a pic below that gives some idea of where I’m heading on this.  The vast majority of these accents I plan to do with the white, though I can foresee possibly throwing a stripe or two on the other areas as well.

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