Knight Titan Blues

These knights are one of those projects that just keeps kicking.  Not that I’m actively working on them anymore: they’ve been “completed” for months, but they did take the better part of a month to get there, and I wound up taking a load of photos throughout the process.  The main reason I took so many pictures as compared to the rest of my projects was because I was trying to use these guys as inspiration to the rest of the crew.

We typically wind up painting up quite a few models for an impending Apocalypse game, but for this game, nobody seemed to be making progress.  My hope was that, by showing my friends my updates (via text) that might help inspire them.  It was largely ineffective, but at least now I have a bunch of photos to help write up these posts.

As I’d written in earlier posts, my goal was to paint these up in a House Terryn scheme, and to try to use similar colors to those in my Ultramarines.  Since they’re not specifically Ultramarines vehicles, I wanted them to look good with the army, but not to look specifically like they’re part of the greatest chapter of marines that have ever existed.

To accomplish this, I opted to go a little darker with the scheme overall.  This meant that I used the same colors, in effect, as I did with my marines; however, I wound up holding off on the super bright highlights, and instead with with darker shadows.  The highlights were simply a matter of pulling back before I added too much of the light blue into the mix, whereas the darker areas were created by…

Wait for it…

Adding black!

Yeah, not terribly surprising, but I think it came out alright.  Looking at the WIP photos, I think they’re coming out quite well.  Knowing what I do though, I think that not having some bright highlights eventually turned out to be a mistake (from a distance, they just don’t look as sharp on the table as their smaller brethren).

The contrast against the gold seems to make the blue pop, but clearly there ‘s a lot more progress required from this point on.

Most of the pics at this point are really focused on the feet and carapace.  That’s because they’re the ones that have the most contrasting colors already painted on them.  of course, I’ve painted the blue on the various pieces throughout, but it just looks better when you have some nearby color perspective to compare it to.

My next update on the subject will most cover some of the “whites,” including those used on the various shoulder pads and the like.



2 comments on “Knight Titan Blues

  1. Looking good with what I can see anyway.

    I’m often torn with highlights. Really bright makes sense for tabletop, it stands out. However, I tend to paint my stuff “realistic” with regards to shading, so the really bright highlights tend to ruin that idea. Just depends on the color that’s being highlighted I guess.

    • Like I said, these guys are “finished” (though, since the game I’ve received the transfers and still haven’t based them). I’m happy with how they look on their own–you may have seen some finished pics on twitter–but on the table, they look a little bland due to no extreme highlighting.

      On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 3:36 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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