Apocalypse: The Battle for Tartarus VII

A planet once rich in natural resources, Tartarus VII was long hailed as the gem of the sector.  But it had been millennia since those days.

Now, the planet resembled more of a wasteland prison.  Gone were the days when the manufactorums pumped out standard template constructs for the mighty Adeptus Mechanicus.  Now, these disheveled factories fill the air with soot while churning out bastardized creations: mere shells of what they used to be.

When the taint of the cult had infected the planet, all protection from the Imperium had been lost.  Though the inhabitants had managed to squelch the alien uprising long before the arrival of the Imperial fleet, the army of man can never be too careful…

Those who somehow managed to survive the virus bombing lay dormant for years underground.   When the air was no longer putrefied and life crept back onto the planet, they crawled out from their shelters and tried to cobble together some semblance of their former greatness.  Unfortunately, they no longer had the protection or resources of the Imperium–nor could they reach out to request aid, for fear that they would come back and “finish the job.”

Despite their efforts to begin terraforming the planet again, the inhabitants knew life could never be the same.  Their once great planet now consisted of a large battleground where disparate forces could come wage war in such a fashion so as not to harm their own planets.  Lumbering behemoths and champions from every race across the multiverse came here to do battle and further destroy the landscape.

The ground shook quietly beneath their feet; a new band of challengers had arrived…..

The below rules will be used for our upcoming Apocalypse game on June 3rd.  The base rules were taken from last Apoc game, those indicated are new for this specific game.

  1. Army composition:
    1. We will be utilizing the seventh edition ruleset; regardless if 8th edition has come out by game day or not.
    2. Player should make an army that comprises of no more than 4,000 points using the most current edition of seventh edition rules available for each respective unit.
    3. Players should bring copies of the rules for all units in their list (PDF, Print-Out, digital copies, are all valid—just so we can reference them if need be).
    4. Units, formations, and detachments from GW (including Forgeworld) are allowed. Home grown units/formations are not. There is no limit to the number of detachments or formations that may be included in an army.
    5. If a formation is duplicated in two sources, you must chose which detachment rules you will be using. For example, if you bring a space marine battle company, you must chose either the battle company rules from codex:space marines or the apocalypse company formation from the apocalypse rulebook.
    6. All players should be aware that both Kill Points and traditional objectives will be used in some capacity to determine the winners of the event.
  2. Rules for the psychic phase during a multiplayer game:
    1. Determining available Warp Charge:
    2. During the psychic phase, each team will roll a single die to determine the amount of extra warp charge.
    3. Each player on the team will generate warp charge per the number of levels of psychic mastery in his/her army.
    4. Each player will then add an additional amount of dice as dictated by the roll at the start of the phase to their total to determine their final amount of warp dice.
    5. Deny the Witch
      1. Each player will have their own set of dice with which to attempt to deny psychic powers.
      2. Only one attempt may be made to deny each casting of a psychic power. Teams are expected to collaborate as to who will attempt to deny each power.
      3. Players can only benefit from modifiers to their dice roll if they are the target of the spell. If attempting to nullify a spell that is affecting another friendly unit, you would need a 6 to deny—regardless of whether that friendly unit had any bonuses.
      4. Excepting above, players can combine dice to attempt to deny psychic powers. If different rolls are required by different players, please make note of that before any dice are rolled.
  3. Rules for Flyers:
    • The “Death from the Skies” ruleset will be utilized for this game.
  4. Rules for painted models:
    • There are no special rules for painted models this game.  Previous iterations of these games have encouraged this, but doing so tends to add arbitrary rules which are largely forgotten throughout the game.  Instead, all players are encouraged to bring fully painted models/armies to the game.
  5. Time Tracking:
    1. Please plan to play an eight hour game (not including setup, deployment, tear-down, etc.)
    2. Chess clocks will be used for the game, each team will be configured to have 4 hours of play time.
    3. When time runs out for the first team, the other team will have the option of calling it or having one more player turn for their side.
  6. Extras:
    1. Food & Drink:
      1. I have been told these things work best when they function as a pot luck.  People can bring a dish to share with everyone (crock pots work great for this)
      2. We won’t have an official break in the game for eating, just eat when you feel like it.  That way, we can keep the game play continuous and get out as early as possible.
    2. Miscellaneous:
      1. We’ll need at least one additional table, and if anyone has a spare grass matt (or suitable table covering) that would also be appreciated.
      2. I can provide six chairs, but it would be best if someone could bring an additional two folding chairs.
      3. We’ll be playing on a cement floor, so please wear comfortable shoes.  Standing for 8+ hours can be hard on your feet.

Titan image, “Holy Melta” from Joazzz2 over at Deviant Art

18 comments on “Apocalypse: The Battle for Tartarus VII

    • My take is that I’m going to bring whatever it is I’m interested in painting up. I like to use these games as inspiration for hobby progress, so I’ll survey the available models and see what I can make some progress on–and that’s likely what I’ll field.

    • We don’t really have the luxury of coordinating a themed game like that because we have a fairly fixed group of gamers and each has their own preferred army/armies. The only time we’ve ever had success in such a themed game was when Blaine and Cole were both here and we managed to put out enough Tyranid players. Otherwise, it’s really going to be an all-on-all thing.

      That’s why the (admittedly weak) fluff I wrote for the event allowed for multiple factions to come and war on this particular planet. I don’t know what armies we’ll see… so, bring whatever you’d like.

  1. I’m done for going again. Not sure which army I’ll bring yet. Is fully painted a requirement? Looking forward to playing 40k again.

    • Roger that.

      As for painting–I’m not enforcing it as a hard and fast requirement because I couldn’t think of a good way to balance it with some sort of special rule. It does go a long way to have things painted for a game, and it certainly detracts from the experience when you look across and see a sea of grey plastic, so I’d encourage you to bring painted models. Does that make sense?

  2. The Warmaster rallies his loyal soldiers, hand-picking those most deadly and dedicated to the cause of destroying the Imperium, ready to give a killing blow to all that oppose him! Or probably more likely fail in some spectacularly embarrassing fashion in one last desperate battle of redemption from two editions worth of soul-crushing defeat.

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