Warhammer 39,999: The Logo – Revisted (Feedback Requested)

I often forget about just how long I’ve been maintaining this blog.  It doesn’t seem remotely reasonable that I would’ve started this whole shindig back in 2009, but I did.

As a result, how long ago changes were made to various things always come as a bit of a shock to me.  I’ve been toying around with the idea of having an official logo created for the blog for a while now.  Just how long, I can’t rightfully say, but since I last updated the logo of the blog back in 2012, you can safely assume that it’s been more than five years.  Frankly, I suspect that my aspirations of a blog specific logo go back as far as the blog itself.  The earliest inspiration I can think of was when I did up a few test banners for Maunderings of a 40k Gamer back in 2010 (a contest which I won, by the way, though never got my prize for!!!)

In all fairness, that’s because I was both a little too ambitious and a little too lazy to get things going.  It wasn’t through any fault of Dvernings.

Anywho, I started rekindling an interest in Magic: the Gathering over the past few years, and have been following a number of folks on Twitter related to that aspect.  One of the guys that I follow there is called “The Proxy Guy” who does some pretty fantastic renders of various magic cards.  Well, he happened to tweet out to someone letting them know that he’s also an artist available for commission work, so I shot him a message to talk pricing and availability, and we agreed to some terms.

That’s where you come in.  I gave him some baseline suggestions about what it was I wanted, and he came up with some ideas to work from.  My original content requests were:

The logo I had in mind was a play on GW’s old second edition logo.  Obviously having the 40,000 replaced with 39,999. But also aged. Cobwebs on it, cracks in it.  Maybe one end of it broken off.

From that, and a little banter back and forth, these are the options he came up with:

I’ve asked some friends for their opinions, and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what is the best solution.  From top to bottom, I’d number then 1-4.  Which one(s) do you like the best, and why?

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve them?  I’m going to forgo leaving any of my own personal thoughts on the matter (Short of saying that he is a pretty fantastic artist), so as not to taint your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!


17 comments on “Warhammer 39,999: The Logo – Revisted (Feedback Requested)

  1. My vote is #2.

    I like the weathered look, but I’d suggest a little more definition for the aquila heads. The singed look is cool, but I think it’s overall a bit too dark, and should be lightened up a little?

    • Actually, options 3 & 4 are merely lightened versions of #2 (well, lighter versions with cobwebs added). Does that affect your vote at all?

      As for definition in the Aquila heads, I pulled up a second edition logo and am having trouble understanding what you’re asking for on definition. Can you clarify?

      • Not trying for a Goldilocks impression here, but I think the singe on #3 and #4 is too light, and #2 is smidge too dark. I like the weathering/damage on #2 more so than the cobwebs that show on the latter two.

        As to the Aquila, if you look at the 2e box art, there’s more of a distinction to the curve under the beak, and the beak is thicker and more aggressive looking. It’s more than just the outlining that’s been done on the sample logos- the shadowing gives the eagle heads a lot more depth. The samples above have no real gap between the shoulder/wing and the beak, which makes the beak blend a bit too much. It may be the weathering damage as well? I’m not entirely sure, but it almost looks like the beaks have been clipped a bit.

  2. I like #4. I feel the weathering is too bold on #2, and on #4 it’s right where I’d like it. #1 is too clean, and #3 is between #2 and #4, so still a tad too dark for me.

    • I appreciate the feedback (And the retweet). Looks like popular consensus is between #2 and #4 (which is good, since my personal favorite is #4 as well). The weathered versions are more suited to grimdark, but 2nd edition (And my army) is all about bright/primary colors. I figured some wear to indicate that it’s “old school,” but still keep it relatively bright.

      On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 10:57 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  3. I like #4 as it balances well the worn look with being highly visible and easy to read – helpful as a logo. The cobwebs look like crease marks, like it’s an old card stuck in your wallet for too long.

  4. Long time no post!

    I like the first one the best, because it’s the clearest and most obvious. It’s a joke on the recognisable 2nd Ed. logo – and it doesn’t need to be dirty or broken to make the joke work. Indeed, I think making it dirty or broken detracts from it because it just looks a bit messy. I don’t feel like the griminess conveys a message or strengthens the them.

    My only other comment is to say that I would like the 39,999 to be clearer. As it is, it’s a bit hard to read. And because it’s such a striking and familiar image, it’s not necessarily obvious that you’re not looking at the original image. I think it’s a case of your brain makes you see what you’re expecting to see. So for people to see that it’s not the old 40K logo but a 39,999 logo they’re looking at, I think the number needs to be clearer.

    • Whoa, you live!

      Thanks for the feedback. I wound up purchasing the clean one and the “slightly dirty” one. I did have him tweak some of the settings (including the 39,999). I’m curious what you think of the final product now (it’s in the banner).

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