Looking for Flexible Dirt Roads / Rivers

I’ve heard a few whispered rumors of people making roads and rivers out of silicone or caulking, but am having trouble finding examples of them done in a 28mm scale.  From what I hear, these roads are all super durable, can be painted (assuming you purchase “paintable” caulk), and look great.  The problem is that my Google foo doesn’t seem to come up with any examples at the scale I play at.

I can find a bunch of examples from other mini-wargamers that play 6mm or 15mm games.  Some of the more likely prospects include:

They all follow fairly similar methods.  Most of them use some sort of base because they claim that the roads like to “curl up” on them.  I’m guessing that this would only be more prevalent when scaled up to 28mm.

Right now, I use some felt cut out into road-like shapes, and it’s pretty ghetto.  I also went out and purchased two sets of GW’s “urban road” sets a while back.  They do look pretty perfect, but the problem is that they don’t seem to be at all uniform.  I would expect that they would come out with standardized lengths for each section of road, but from what I can tell it all seems to be almost random in length.  So, you can’t just cut them to 1′ or 2′ sections, because they won’t all line up.

I also happened into a bunch of molds for the FW road set that my friend went nutty making.  The problem with those is two fold though:  I don’t care to go through the effort to make them, and I would really need to make them out of rubber or something similar to ensure they would be flexible.

I want roads that are fairly uniform in length and width and can be repositioned in a variety of ways.  I also like to use hills and such, so it would be nice if the roads could adapt to the terrain.  For that reason, I think silicon roads are the way to go, so I figured I’d seek out advice before I just jump in and try to figure it out on my own.

Thanks in advance…



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