Baby Making Time – The Cult Must Survive!

kouzesbabyWhen I set to making a cult Magus with a little friend, I knew that I was inspired by another model I’d seen online somewhere, but when I turned to a Google search, I wasn’t able to locate it.  If you wind up searching for yourself, you’ll likely see that any combination of the search terms “Genestealer,” “Cult,” “Magus,” & “Baby” come up with no relevant hits.

Well, that’s not to say that they’re not relevant at all, but that you just don’t see anything resembling a cultist with a baby in it’s arms.  You’ll, of course, see a bunch of hits for various cult magi from around the net, but likely nothing immediately relevant.

At one point, that left me to wonder if I had made it all up.

Maybe I was just envisioning a model based upon the GW artwork so vividly that my mind had tricked me that it really did exist?

While anything is possible, my imagination just isn’t that impressive.  Luckily, I wound up saving the artwork on my home PC in an “inspiration folder” (which is a folder where I save various pictures of ideas that I want to steal from other people), so with a google image search, I was able to determine that I hadn’t made it up.

cultbaby-2The reason why Google is likely not providing me with the results that I want is because the artist who worked up this little baby is French, as is, naturally, his blog.  So, instead of looking for a Genestealer Cult Magus with a baby in his arms, I would have had to search for “d’un magos de Culte Genestealer tenant un bébé dans un bras.”  His conversion is really quite simple, but he pulled it off well, and it’s not hurt by his fantastic paint job.

The image of the painted figure in this blog post is of his model.  If you want to see more of this particular figure, or of his cult in general, I would encourage you to check out his blog–in particular, this post.

I wound up starting on the conversion from memory though, knowing that it basically involved an arm swap and a custom baby.  I started at first by looking for baby models online, because I had forgotten how he did his (though, now that I see, I’m going to steal that idea, though I will likely mix it up a bit).  On the arm though, he seems to have kept the upper arm in place and crafted a new sleeve.

I wound up going a different route here: I chopped off the arm at the shoulder (or at least as close to it as I could reasonably come without messing up the robes, and then measured out the arm length in a paper clip to determine where the elbow should be.  I scored the paperclip to show me where to bend it and then set to it with some pliers.  cultbaby-1The end result is that the bend is not actually in the right spot, and his upper arm as a result will be too long; however, I think that I’m going to leave it as is, so that he can comfortably cradle a larger baby inside it.

This is pretty great.  I somehow turned cutting off an arm and inserting a bent paperclip into it into an entire post!  Using that as a guide, I shouldn’t have to do any more projects except for this guy and I should have plenty of content for my blog for the next six months!

Nah, really, I’ll start posting real content again soon.  More important than the modicum of progress I’ve made here, I felt it was more important to get the word out about Les Kouzes’ blog.  Go check them out now:



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